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September 1, 2015

dancing with the stars 11

'Dancing With the Stars' Producers Defend Tonioli's Criticism of Bolton

by Catherine Lawson, posted Sep 30th 2010 7:00AM
Michael Bolton and Chelsie HightowerSo this week on 'Dancing With the Stars' we've already had the controversy that was "Boo-Gate," and now "Bolton-Gate" is hotting up even further as the acrimony surrounding Michael Bolton's exit shows no signs of abating.

In dismissing Bolton's performance Monday night, judge Bruno Tonioli said the singer had danced "really, really badly," and said he'd offered up "the worst jive in 11 seasons." In an interview on 'Good Morning America,' Bolton called Tonioli's remarks "inappropriate" and "disrespectful" and demanded an apology: "I think he should apologize publicly and be reprimanded for it."

Just don't hold your breath waiting for that apology, Michael. ... As reported by 'People' magazine, the show's producers are backing Tonioli. In a statement Wednesday they said that "Bruno's role as a judge is to give his honest opinions on the quality of the dances he's judging, which is what he did in this case." Ouch.

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Michael Bolton: 'Dancing With the Stars' Judge Should Apologize (VIDEO)

by Michael Maloney, posted Sep 29th 2010 2:00PM
Michael BoltonIt didn't come as a big surprise that Michael Bolton got the boot on 'Dancing With the Stars' last night. The singer and his dance partner Chelsie Hightower scored a mere 12 points doing a jive on Monday night.

Host Tom Bergeron gave judge Bruno Tonioli an opportunity to amend, apologize for or even retract the harsh comment he gave Bolton on Monday's show (he called their jive "the worst ... in 11 seasons"). Instead, Tonioli held his ground.

Bolton called the judge's remarks "inappropriate" and "disrespectful."

On 'Good Morning America,' Bolton demanded an apology from Tonioli. "You heard the tone. Even Len [Goodman] stopped him and said, 'That's inappropriate,'" he said. "I think he should apologize publicly and be reprimanded for it."

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'Dancing With the Stars' Results: Who Got Kicked Off in Week 2?

by Sharon Knolle, posted Sep 29th 2010 5:08AM
Who was the second celebrity to follow David Hasselhoff off the dance floor on this week's 'Dancing With the Stars?'

Keep reading to find out who went home ...

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'Dancing With the Stars' Season 11, Episode 2 Recap

by Michael Pascua, posted Sep 22nd 2010 6:10AM
David and Kym wait for their results.['Dancing With the Stars' - 'Week 1 Elimination']

When did 'Dancing with the Stars' become "The Carlos Santana Hour"? While Santana was amazing, even Tom Bergeron noted that he had to fill an hour with eliminations. Tom tried his hardest to emphasize a shocking elimination, and he exclaimed that even he and the producers were shocked when they heard the news.

Frankly, the only shocking elimination would have been if Jennifer Grey or Brandy was sent home, and since that didn't happen we weren't shocked.

A message for Brandy: You're good, stop being nervous. She looked so tense that she could probably crush Maks's head with her hands. If we were the producers, we'd have made her suffer and be part of the "not low scores" bottom two. Then there'd be guaranteed tears next week.

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'Dancing With the Stars' Season 11, Episode 1 (Season Premiere) Recap

by Michael Pascua, posted Sep 21st 2010 6:45AM
Derek Hough and Jennifer Grey practice their foxtrot.['Dancing With the Stars' - 'Week 1 Performances']

After having had mixed feelings on 'So You Think You Can Dance', I was excited that 'Dancing with the Stars' had finally returned. The band, the flashy lights and the ballroom floor were just enough to get me excited. The premiere episode didn't disappoint.

Sadly, there were no real train wreck performances. Even The Situation's five-day Cha-Cha showed potential. The first few weeks boil down to viewer support. If Kate Gosselin could survive the first few weeks with scores in the 15-16 range then anyone with a solid voting block can do the same.

As the stars walked down the even-flashier stairs, Margaret Cho tried her best to bring a fierce model face and tripped on a stair. Whether it was part of her act or an unintentional fall, we'll never know, but it was certainly a harbinger of her performance. It was interesting watching Ray-J, Jamie Lee Curtis and Vera Wang sitting in the audience and either supporting the stars or hawking their goods. Sadly, there was no Snooki.

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'Dancing With the Stars' Premiere: Who's Dancing What?

by Catherine Lawson, posted Sep 20th 2010 7:55AM
Tom Bergeron and Brooke BurkeSo how is 'Dancing With the Stars' going to measure up to last season? In an interview with TvGuide.com, hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke admitted that they're already feeling the pressure ahead of tonight's premiere.

Last season, the series held its own against the previously unassailable 'American Idol' in the ratings, and Bergeron said "I think it surprised even us how strong we came out the gate last season and how well it held. ... We hit No. 1 a few times, which was the story of the season. ... [Season 11] had to deal with the long shadow that that one cast, and given that, I think we met the challenge."

After last season's pre-season front-runner, Nicole Scherzinger, walked away with the contest, producers mixed up the casting process for season 11, tapping celebrities with no dance backgrounds.

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