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October 6, 2015

david hewlett

David Hewlett on 'Stargate Universe' and the Future of the Sci-Fi Franchise

by Mike Moody, posted Apr 4th 2011 4:00PM
david hewlett stargate universeSmart, geeky, passionate and verbose -- not only could that description suit 'Stargate Atlantis''s science wiz Rodney McKay, it also fits the actor who played him, nerd-for-hire David Hewlett.

Two years after viewers waved goodbye to McKay and Hewlett in the 'Atlantis' series finale, the fan-friendly genre actor is resurrecting his most famous role tonight with a guest spot on Syfy's 'Stargate Universe' (Mon., April 4, 10PM ET).

We got a chance to chat with Hewlett about bringing McKay back to 'Stargate,' a franchise that's in danger of disappearing from the TV landscape after the recent cancellation of 'SGU.'

Hewlett, who blogs about his work and life for Syfy's Blastr site, offered his thoughts about the future of 'Stargate' and what it was like playing McKay on 'SGU,' a show he said exists in "a different world when compared to the other 'Stargate's." The actor also briefed us on the status of his in-the-works pet TV project, 'Starcrossed,' which he described as 'Galaxy Quest' meets '30 Rock.'

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TV Squad Ten: TV celebs worth following on Twitter

by Mike Moody, posted Dec 17th 2008 3:05PM
john hodgman twitter daily show

Yep, I got a Twitter. It's part of my plan to plaster the Internet with links to my must-read blog posts about '90s indie rock and that handsome bastard Neil Patrick Harris (don't ask). Fortunately for you, some clever TV stars also use Twitter for fun and shameless self-promotion.

Here are ten fan-friendly TV celebs worth stalking on Twitter. Unlike that fake Stephen Colbert, these guys are all one-hundred percent, real-life paparazzo magnets.

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Dave Foley and Bill Nye visit Stargate Atlantis this week

by Mike Moody, posted Nov 19th 2008 10:02AM
Dave Foley David Hewlett Stargate AtlantisDo you know what a dilithium crystal is? Ever use the term "cosplay" when discussing your weekend plans? Own more than two non-Star Wars action figures? If you answered "Affirmative!" to any of these questions, then you'll be staying home this Friday night, because you're a nerd. It's cool. That means you'll be able to catch this week's ep of Stargate Atlantis, with guest stars Dave Foley, Bill Nye the Science Guy and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. All nerds, by the way.

Kids in the Hall vet Foley plays a professional rival of Dr. McKay (David Hewlett), who invents an anti-global warming device that, instead of ending global warming, almost kills everybody at a swanky party, including Nye and DeGrasse Tyson. Not intrigued? Gateworld says there might be a scene with Jewel Staite stuck in a giant freezer. I know. It's a good show.

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Stargate Atlantis: The Queen

by Brett Love, posted Sep 13th 2008 10:36AM

Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate Atlantis
(S05E08) On paper, "The Queen" looked to have a lot of potential. The team was back together and off on an adventure. Even better, this wasn't some standalone excursion to an unknown planet that we wouldn't be seeing again. The story was set to tie the research that was recently discovered in Michael's lab in with the ongoing story of Todd. For the most part, all of that added up to a very good episode.

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Stargate Atlantis: The Shrine

by Brett Love, posted Aug 23rd 2008 10:18AM
David Hewlett - Stargate Atlantis
(S05E06) The folks over at Atlantis had quite a week, even before we got to the new episode. Knowing that the countdown to the end of the series has now begun made it feel just a little different tuning in on Friday night. The plans for a movie lessen the gravity of the news, as the show won't have to build to its final climactic moment, but there is still something to knowing its all ending. To take our minds off of that news, the crew checks in with a solid stand-alone episode that really stood out thanks to the performance of David Hewlett.

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Stargate Atlantis canceled, kind of

by Brett Love, posted Aug 21st 2008 9:22AM
David Hewlett, Robert Picardo, Joe Flanigan - Stargate AtlantisWell, this is just all kinds of disappointing, and a little surprising. Season five of Stargate Atlantis will be the end of its run on Sci Fi. That's a surprising bit of news considering that ratings are actually up for season five, compared to season four. Unfortunately, the economics of making the show are catching up with it. As the show goes beyond season five, salaries go up, and the exchange rate bonus of shooting in Canada isn't what it once was.

It might mark the end of the series, but we will hear more from our friends in Atlantis. The network has ordered a two hour movie and says the show will live on as a network franchise. I'm not sure if that means they hope to do more movies, or they are just confirming that they will continue to fill out the schedule with copious SG-1 and Atlantis reruns. The movie will be written by Atlantis showrunners, Joe Mallozzi and Paul Mullie. As you would expect, there are no details about casting or the story at this point.

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Stargate Atlantis: Ghost In The Machine

by Brett Love, posted Aug 16th 2008 7:32AM

Michelle Morgan - Stargate Atlantis
(S05E05) It's a strange week for Stargate Atlantis. Normally we talk about the episodes of various shows, be they good or bad, based on what was on the screen that week. Behind the scenes goings on occasionally come into play, but rarely to the extent that they do for "Ghost In The Machine." There's a lot of back story to this one, and now that I've seen it I find myself thinking as much about what could have been, as what it is we actually saw. And really, I'm not sure whether or not that's a good thing.

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Stargate Atlantis: The Daedalus Variations

by Brett Love, posted Aug 2nd 2008 9:37AM

Stargate Atlantis
(S05E04) Big things are on the horizon for our friends in Atlantis. Episode five brings with it a big picture episode that will take us back to a host of things that happened in season four. With a slot to fill before that, it was time for another stand alone episode. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Some of my favorite Atlantis episodes have been of the stand alone variety. And luckily for us, this is another of the really good stand alone entries.

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Stargate Atlantis: Broken Ties

by Brett Love, posted Jul 26th 2008 9:26AM

Mark Dacascos - Stargate Atlantis
(S05E03) I have to admit, when I saw in the previews last week that we were getting a Ronon episode, I wasn't exactly excited. I figured it would be another stand alone episode, probably ok, but I don't usually think of Ronon as a character to carry the big load. Having now watched "Broken Ties," I'll say I was pleasantly surprised. Jason Momoa took advantage of being given the A-story and delivered his best performance to date. And along the way we got a little more background on Woolsey, and some answers to Teyla's burning question.

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Stargate Atlantis: The Seed

by Brett Love, posted Jul 19th 2008 2:07AM

Robert Picardo - Stargate Atlantis
(S05E02) And with that, season five has begun. I've really been looking forward to this episode for the simple fact that it would give us our first look at just what kind of leader Woolsey is going to be. There are certainly a lot of things coming in season five, but that one, more than any other, has the ability to really affect how the season is ultimately received. We got that first look, and it was an interesting one. Along the way, we also caught up with our old friend Dr. Beckett. And Dr. Keller got to step out of the background (and climb into bed) for a pretty big story of her own. We'll get to all that, after the jump.


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Stargate Atlantis: Search and Rescue

by Brett Love, posted Jul 11th 2008 11:47PM

Leela Savasta - Stargate Atlantis
(S05E01) "What do you like, Duff Beer, or Oprah Ale?" - John Sheppard

And just like that, our old friends from Atlantis are back... for a little while. I continue to be baffled by the scheduling department over at Sci Fi. My best guess is that all programming is set in place at the whim of a 16 year old intern suffering from a mind boggling case of unmedicated ADD. He's followed up the senseless Battlestar break by promising an equally annoying split in the Atlantis season. I never understood it when they were doing it to Farscape, and I still don't get it. Whatever the case, our half of a season kicked off by tying up those loose ends from the season four finale, and dropping the bomb that launches season five.


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Stargate Atlantis season five - An early look

by Brett Love, posted Jul 2nd 2008 3:19PM

Stargate Atlantis cast
I was pretty excited when our friendly neighborhood FedEx guy dropped off the envelope with the promo package for season five of Atlantis. And I remained so even after my DVD player balked at reading the disk. It just served as a fine example as to why it's not geeky to have a computer connected to your television, it's just handy.

As the disk started up I was thinking it would be a good idea to do an early look post about where things look to be heading in season five. Unfortunately, Sci Fi only sent out the first episode of the season, and it's not telling us much of anything about season five, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The episode plays like S04E21 right up to the last scene, where season five begins to take over. Given where we last left our friends in Atlantis, that was probably to be expected. More, including some minor spoilers, after the jump.

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Stargate Atlantis: Harmony

by Brett Love, posted Jan 26th 2008 12:31PM

Stargate Atlantis - McKay, Sheppard, and Harmony

(S04E14) Well now, wasn't that interesting? The fine folks over at Stargate HQ decided to follow up an episode that took place entirely in Atlantis with one that never sets foot in the city. It's actually a tough sell as far as episodes go. For one, most of the team is absent, so you run the risk of annoying anyone with a favorite character that didn't get to come out and play. It also gets counted in the 'filler episode' column, something that always draws its own brand of ire. And finally, it heavily features a child actor, which is just asking for trouble.


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Stargate Atlantis: This Mortal Coil

by Brett Love, posted Dec 8th 2007 10:30AM
David Hewlett;Torri Higginson;Jason Momoa - Stargate Atlantis
(S04E10) We've all been waiting for it since October, and this week we got the return of Dr. Weir. Kind of. If that wasn't enough to capture your interest, the SciFi channel was also running promos all week letting you know that this was the last episode of 2007. Surely they wouldn't go into the break without a big episode, right? Kind of.

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Stargate Atlantis: Travelers

by Brett Love, posted Oct 27th 2007 11:00AM
jill wagner and joe flanigan - stargate: atlantis
(S04E05) The folks over at Stargate HQ are having a good week. First, Atlantis gets picked up for a twenty episode season five, and then they finish it off by heading into their weekend with another very good episode. It was, for the most part, another stand-alone offering, but we did get some hints at a couple things in the future. If that wasn't enough for you, they also had the good sense to hire Jill Wagner for a guest spot. My TV is better with more Jill Wagner on it.

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