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October 7, 2015


Dexter: Our Father (season premiere)

by Debra McDuffee, posted Sep 28th 2008 10:02PM
Dexter giving a dad's day talk to Cody's class
(S03E01) Some changes are in the air for Dexter and its crew this season, judging by the happenings in the first episode. Batista is promoted to sergeant -- yay for him -- and he seems to be taking his new position very seriously. Will this responsible cop deal last? I like Batista and hope that it will, but the set-up makes me wonder.

Deb has turned over a new leaf: no drinking, no men and no smokes -- at least she still swears like a truck driver because I'd sure miss that. She sports a short, sassy new haircut to go with her no-nonsense new 'tude. She may be able to stick with the no smoking, but will she succumb to the men or booze first?

What are they going to do with Rita's pregnancy? No good can come of this, I assure you. Dexter as a dad only works part-time for me; I can't picture him without his bachelor pad, his privacy, his little haven complete with research laptop and hidden slides of blood.

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Dexter's Angel Batista interviewed by Hispanic Business

by Debra McDuffee, posted Aug 30th 2008 9:02AM
david zayasDexter's got it all: murder, mystery, mayhem, even romance and humor. My excitement barometer has started to rise, what with the hype surrounding the new season, premiering on September 28 on Showtime.

Man, I wish the creators of Dexter could package and sell their formula, although I'd be a very busy woman if all shows were this good. In fact, a show this good rarely comes around, with top-notch writing and incredible acting talent coming together.

Speaking of which, Hispanic Business has a quality interview up with the actor who plays Angel Batista on Dexter, David Zayas.

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