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October 10, 2015


Big Love: The Happiest Girl

by Jen Creer, posted Aug 14th 2007 9:39AM
Alby and Nicki(S02E10) I'm going to go out on a limb here and argue that Bill has essentially not changed since the beginning of the show. Oh, sure, he is still acting and behaving-- but I don't think there is anything inherently different about the way he is behaving. He is still ambitious, still thinks he is right, and he is a salesman: He thinks he can talk his way into or out of any situation. However, I bet that was cold comfort at the end of tonight's episode, considering who he ended up in bed with...

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My Name Is Earl: Buried Treasure

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Jan 12th 2007 12:20AM

my name is earl jason lee(S02E12) Ahhh, a return to Earl crossing something off his list and continuing his quest for karma. However, things were a little different this go-round, and it made for very interesting viewing.

After describing the premise of number 52 on his list, Earl takes us back to when he, Joy, and Randy stole the historic silverware from the Camden County Library/Museum and eventually decided to bury it until they could figure out a way to make money from it. We see Earl describe his methods of trying to get the $2,000 the silverware is worth, and his luck at not being caught after Dotty the Librarian made the money drop in the outdoor waste basket. In addition, we see an exploding bush and it looks like Earl escapes from being caught. He describes it as karma being mad at him.

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The Prisoner: A Change of Mind

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Aug 9th 2006 5:41PM

Number 6 plots his next move(S01E11) Say what you will, but Number 6 is a tough son of a bitch. He's been subjected to all sorts of tactics by the Village leaders in order to get him to talk about his resignation, but he has not cracked -- not even a little bit.

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The Prisoner: It's Your Funeral

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Aug 2nd 2006 1:50PM

New plot twists in store for Number 6(S01E10) Although the "landlords" at the Village have thwarted Number 6's numerous attempts to escape, they still haven't broken him down psychologically enough to make him reveal the reasons why he resigned. This episode centers around assassination, espionage, conspiracy, and "the truth", in whatever form it turns out to be in the Village.

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The Prisoner: Schizoid Man

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Jul 19th 2006 10:20AM

(S01E08) This time around we get to see what lengths the powers-that-be at The Village will go through to get Number 6 to tell them why he resigned. After engaging in a mind-reading exercise with an attractive fellow resident, Number 6 is removed from his quarters while asleep. We then see him wake up with a moustache and darker hair--or, at least we think that's Number 6. It appears that the new Number 2 is leading a plot whereby an exact replica of Number 6 (Number 12) has been surgically altered to look like our hero Number 6. Got that so far?

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The Prisoner: Checkmate

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Jun 21st 2006 6:31PM

(S01E04) "Checkmate" is probably my favorite single episode of The Prisoner. It's a very tight story about how Number 6 thinks he has gained the upper hand on his captors in the Village but ends up being double-crossed by those he thought he could trust.

The chess game using humans as pieces with instructions being shouted out by "the masters" carries with it quite a few allegories, doesn't it? I guess that if you don't have the power, you're just a pawn in their game. (Listen to Bob Dylan's song for that.)

Number 6 still is planning his escape from the Village, and he is on the prowl searching for others to join him. After being persuaded to function as a pawn in the giant chess game, he makes contact with the Queen who, in response to his questions, attempts to steer him to concentrate on the game. Afterwards, they both discuss escape, but he doesn't seem to trust her.

Later on we see the Rook being "treated" at the hospital and he and Number 6 make plans for their escape. The Rook is an electronics expert, so he would be a a natural ally for Number 6. However, as one might have suspected, the Queen is hypnotized to fall in love with Number 6 and is given a locket that also serves as a tracking device.

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The Prisoner: Dance of the Dead

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Jun 14th 2006 6:41PM

Number 6 in his (S01E03) "Music, dance, and happiness--by order."

This episode pits Number 6 versus the new Number 2, a pixie-ish woman with a demonic laugh, in a battle over who can control who. Number 2 persuades Number 6 to join in the carnival festivities, but Number 6 wants no part of it, being that he does not want to be a member of the village and is constantly plotting to escape. He also is being observed by an attractive woman who seems not to enjoy her job, but she has no problem reporting on his activities and scheming to get him to supply Number 2 with information.

As Number 6 contemplates another escape, he comes across a dead body on the beach, where he finds a wallet and a radio on him and takes them with him after he hides the body in a cave. As time passes on, Number 2 continues "by hook or by crook" to get Number 6 to assimilate more into the Village, but his anger at being there and his plans for escape are his prime motivation.

When watching this show, it's amazing to see how many psychological devices are used to get prisoners to talk. Electric shock treatment, the administering of powerful drugs, and mind control techniques are just a few of the ways that the powers-that-be use to get what they want. I bring it up only because even though British television in the 60s certainly allowed more "adult" or "controversial" material to be broadcasted than the FCC would in America, but it's pretty strong stuff just the same.

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American Idol twins arrested

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 19th 2006 1:59PM
Damn. I really liked these two. Terrell and Derrell Brittenum, 28, are accused of stealing a man's identity to buy a 2005 Dodge Magnum last June in Georgia. Terrell has been sitting in jail since January 10, and Derrell is expected to turn himself in soon on charges of forgery, theft by deception, and financial identity fraud. Wow. That's serious stuff. The brothers are from Memphis but they auditioned in Chicago last September. I wonder if they drove that stolen Magnum up for the occasion?

Such a waste of a good talent. Both of these guys sounded spectacular in their auditions on Tuesday night. And, what I really liked about them was that they "got it". That is, they auditioned together, as twins, but they also belted out separate songs to show off their individuality. The Brittenum boys understood that the twin gimmick wouldn't get them very far in the auditions process. They even told Seacrest that they didn't want to perform together, but against each other. I was really looking forward to a twin face-off.

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