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September 2, 2015

denis ohare

Will Arnett Joins NBC Comedy Pilot, 'Veronica Mars' Actress Heads to 'Bones' and More Casting News

by Chris Harnick, posted Mar 31st 2011 10:00AM
Will ArnettYou can cancel his shows, but you can't keep Will Arnett off TV. The 'Arrested Development' and 'Running Wilde' veteran has signed on to star opposite Christina Applegate in an untitled NBC comedy pilot.

Applegate. Arnett. Sounds pretty cool, right? It gets better! The pilot comes from 'Parks and Recreation' writer Emily Spivey and producer Lorne Michaels. Also on board to star is 'Saturday Night Live' veteran Maya Rudolph.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Arnett will play stay-at-home husband to Applegate's sarcastic working wife/mom. Does this mean Arnett won't be taking over 'The Office'? Probably!

In other casting news ...

'Veronica Mars' actress Tina Majorino is heading to 'Bones.' Majorino will play Special Agent Genny Shaw. Her character will work alongside Booth in his hunt for the vigilante sniper. Her episode is scheduled for May 12. [TV Guide]

'Justified' star Margo Martindale is replacing S. Epatha Merkerson in a CBS medical drama pilot opposite Patrick Wilson. Martindale will play sassy assistant to Wilson's lead doctor character who gets guidance from his ex-wife from beyond the grave. [Deadline]

'True Blood' and 'The Good Wife' actor Denis O'Hare has been cast in FX's 'American Horror Story.' O'Hare will costar opposite Connie Britton in the new pilot from 'Glee' and 'Nip/Tuck' masterminds Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. O'Hare will play a mysterious burn victim they call "Larry the Burn Guy." [THR]

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'True Blood' - Eric Finally Gets Revenge on Russell (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Aug 30th 2010 2:40AM
'True Blood' - Eric Finally Gets Revenge on RussellIt's been a long time coming. But then, vampires are essentially immortal, so "a long time" is kind of relative in this situation. Tonight on 'True Blood' (Sun., 9PM ET on HBO), Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) finally has a chance to get back at Russell -- for real, this time around. And hey, it only took him a thousand years or so. Clearly, Eric is a man who doesn't like to rush these things.

Ten centuries ago, Vampire King Russell (Denis O'Hare) slaughtered Eric's entire family. That's a pretty traumatic event. Eric still isn't over it, for obvious reasons. In addition, the vampire Authority has ordered him to kill Russell -- although Eric would be willing to do that no matter what. Now, Eric figures out a way to murder his nemesis.

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'True Blood' - Eric and the Authority Are Trying to Kill Russell (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Aug 16th 2010 1:45AM
'True Blood' - Eric and the Authority Are Trying to Kill RussellFamiliarity can breed discontent. The vampires on 'True Blood' live for a long time, and so they've had a lot of arguments with each other. And over a thousand-year-period, it's easy to see how simple fighting could ratchet up -- into something much worse. Like the desire to commit murder, for instance.

[Spoiler alert.]

Russell and Eric are having a bit of a feud. It seems that Russell (Denis O'Hare) slaughtered Eric's family a thousand years ago. Well, we can understand how someone could still be angry about that. As revenge, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) killed Russell's gay lover. So now they're both pretty upset.

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'True Blood': The Vampire King Tries to Take a Queen (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jul 26th 2010 1:15AM
'True Blood': The Vampire King Tries to Take a QueenA king and a queen belong together, right? That makes sense, doesn't it? But can the Vampire King of Mississippi (Denis O'Hare) and the Vampire Queen of Louisiana (Evan Rachel Wood) ever find real love? That's the question on 'True Blood' (Sun., 10PM ET on HBO).

[Spoiler alert.]

On the latest episode, the King makes a pitch to Sophie-Anne. She's the Queen, and he wants her to be his blushing bride. Unfortunately, things don't go that well. "I've turned you down countless times, why would I accept now?" she says to him.

Which is about the point at which the King threatens Sophie-Annie with blackmail and jail. Then he has one of his minions physically assault her. At which point Sophie seems to reluctantly agree to the whole thing.

Violence and blackmail; this is the worst marriage pitch we've ever seen. But it is very evil vampire-y. So, there's that.

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'True Blood's' Sookie Shines With an Inner Light (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jul 19th 2010 3:00AM
'True Blood's' Sookie Shines With an Inner LightIt's always nice to see star-crossed lovers get reunited again. Of course, since this is 'True Blood' (Sun., 9PM ET on HBO), there's inevitably going to be some sort of wrench in the works.

[Spoiler alert.]

Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) have been separated ever since the last season of the show. Now, they finally catch up with each other, meeting up in Jackson, Mississippi. The lovers gets to hug and talk for all of about 30 seconds ... and then the Vampire King of Mississippi shows up.

The Vampire King (Denis O'Hare) attacks with his combined vampire/werewolf minions. Bill and Alcide (Joe Manganiello) are quickly defeated, but that's when Sookie strikes back! She uses her magical light "zappy" powers that we've only seen once before, and sends a werewolf flying across the room.

You'd think that the Vampire King would be annoyed by this. Instead, he's delighted. "Fantastic!" he says, while laughing with maniacal glee. Hmm. Why is the King so pleased? And what is the exact nature of Sookie's new power, anyway? Hopefully, all will be revealed in the next episode.

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That Guy! Denis O'Hare

by Allyssa Lee, posted Jun 13th 2010 12:00PM
He's worked with a galaxy of stars, including Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks and Sean Penn; and he's been in so many projects that while you immediately recognize the face it's hard to pinpoint what he's actually been in.

You know, that guy. The one who plays the no-nonsense boss or campaign manager or stuffy suit; who can be kind of a jerk; and hasn't he been on 'Law & Order'?

His name is Denis O'Hare. And unbeknownst to those outside of the Great White Way, the Michigan-raised, Northwestern-educated character actor is well known on Broadway as an acclaimed theater actor. A Tony award winner for his featured role in 2003's 'Take Me Out,' O'Hare was nominated for another Tony for his role in 'Assassins' a year later. He garnered a Drama Desk Award when he starred opposite Christina Applegate in the Broadway revival of 'Sweet Charity' in 2005.

And O'Hare is on the cusp of breaking out of his uptight suit niche with his latest role, as the undead and loving it Russell Edgington, the 2,800-year-old Vampire King of Mississippi, on season 3 of HBO's 'True Blood,' which premieres this Sunday.

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'True Blood' Casting News and Season 3 Spoilers

by Jane Boursaw, posted Dec 3rd 2009 7:22PM
True Blood: Season 3 SpoilersWe're super-psyched for 'True Blood' season 3 to start -- right now! But we'll have to wait a while -- probably June -- for that to happen. We'll do the math for you: it's seven long months away.

We reported a few days ago that two 'Prison Break' alumnus had joined the cast: Marshall Allman as Sam's younger brother Tommy and Shannon Lucio as Bill's wife (in flashbacks). Now comes word of two more casting notes:

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Helen Hunt May Replace Maura Tierney on 'Parenthood' & More TV News

by Andrew Scott, posted Sep 15th 2009 11:45AM
Helen Hunt Parenthood'Parenthood' may swap Maura Tierney for Helen Hunt, Patrick Swayze passes away, Tina Fey, Simon Baker and others to present at the Emmys and more of today's top TV headlines.

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