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October 13, 2015

denise sherwood

You like Army Wives. You really like it.

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 10th 2008 10:03AM
Catherine BellIsn't it interesting how in the days of waning network ratings year after year we keep getting reports of basic cable shows setting new ratings records. This time, Army Wives second season premiere set a new series high with 4.5 million viewers. I'll give kudos to Lifetime for really knowing how to support a season premiere; major networks take notes. The day before the premiere, which was this past Sunday, they marathoned the last ten episodes of the first season. They've also made the entire season available online, with ad support.

Is it because more and more of us have these channels than ever before? Or maybe we're just spreading out across the dial more than ever before? At the same time, though, there's more freedom off the network channels to show more edgy fare. Shows like The Shield and Mad Men are a bit too strong in content for the likes of ABC, and sometimes the sheer intensity and quality of the storytelling eclipses much of free TV fare. Or maybe it's just because Catherine Bell is so freaking hot ... sometimes. Seriously, sometimes she looks like that up there, and other times she looks like a boy who's been lost in the woods for a few weeks. Still, at even a 50/50 shot I think it'd be worth the chance.

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