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August 31, 2015


So You Think You Can Dance: NYC and Denver Auditions

by Michael Pascua, posted May 22nd 2009 12:25AM
One excited auditioner on So You Think You Can Dance?
"Your metal rod is showing" – Sonya Tayeh

(S05E01) Screams and potential contestants wailing to the cameras start off our show. What did I get myself into? Cat Deeley preps us that we have thousands of dancers, six cities, lots of tears, and one obsessively screaming judge. I guess we don't get an explanation as to what happened to Joshua, other than making it to the opening credits. Whatever did happen to Step Up 3D? Let's hope it doesn't go straight to DVD.

We started the night with New York City's auditions, specifically in Brooklyn. Cat does the Brooklyn Dance while more people dance for the camera. Our judges today are Nigel, Mary, and Tabitha & Napoleon, our favorite lyrical hip-hop choreographers. The dancers still have the same process for auditions: win (straight to Vegas), lose (rejection) or draw (choreography round where the judges will make their decisions).

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The Daily Show: August 29, 2008 - VIDEOS

by Annie Wu, posted Aug 30th 2008 12:24PM
Anderson Cooper and TDS
"The Heart of Hopeness": Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech the other night, to a stadium full of insanely excited Democrats. John Oliver filed a report live from the site of Obama's speech. Man, John has really been putting himself on the line this week, being incredibly annoying in front of so many overexcited people. I mean, chanting "Osama!" at a massive crowd of Obama lovers is almost a sure to bring about a beating, but he totally lucked out with some relatively mild verbal confrontation. Other great moments included dancing to Jeremiah Wright's "white friends" song and making his move on hot strangers. As we would see later in the episode, it seems like the Democratic National Convention brought out the friskiness in the correspondents.

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The Daily Show: August 27, 2008 - VIDEOS

by Annie Wu, posted Aug 28th 2008 9:42AM
Jon Stewart"Guess Who's Coming to Denver?": Man, I wish it were the Democratic National Convention all day, every day because it seems like it's providing endless, wondrous material for the show. Not only did they make me spend a good three minutes just laughing at Jon's crazy eyes while reacting to Governor Mark Warner's terrible speech (watch his eyes almost fall off his face when Jon says, "His speech suuucks"), but they've once again reminded me that Dennis Kucinich can do absolutely no jumping around without looking like an over-excited leprechaun. And he has a super-hot wife to make him feel better about any stupid, mean thing that I may say, so it's okay.

Speaking of spouses, that uncomfortably long footage of Bill Clinton looking slack-jawed and slightly baffled also sent me into a spin of uncontrollable laughter. Mouth-breathers are never not funny. In other, more eloquent words: This episode brought the lulz.

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Obama's acceptance speech has been supersized

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 9th 2008 9:03AM
Crowd with ObamaNow that the Democratic party has decided to present the final night of their convention from Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium in Denver before as many as 80,000 enthusiastic voters -- a venue that will underscore Senator Barack Obama's skill as a speaker -- the networks are deciding how they want to cover the event. Will the big three give the Democrats the entire night? One hour, two hours?

Will ABC and CBS be compelled to cover the night, when NBC and Fox have the option of using their cable outlets and keep entertainment on the broadcast side?

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First new episode of Jericho will answer a lot of questions

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 28th 2007 1:39PM

JerichoWhen Jericho returns on February 21 after its hiatus (I actually thought it was coming back at the end of this month but there's still another month to wait), several questions will (might?) be answered.

The first episode will show what happened 36 hours before the bombs dropped, in Jericho, Denver, and Washington, D.C. Maybe we'll finally get a hint as to who Hawkins really is and what exactly Jake was doing.

This has been one of the big surprises of the season for me. I really thought that it would be one of those science fiction-ish dramas that would go up against a powerhouse show on another network and either being canceled quickly and put on "hiatus" permanently. But this show has surprised with its ratings (it actually isn't doing too badly) and it's quality. There's a lot going on in this town, and I have to say that I'm more interested in what's going on in the town of Jericho than on that island over on ABC, at least for now.

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Why doesn't Jericho have an online storyline?

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 4th 2006 3:16PM

JerichoWhen Jericho debuted on CBS earlier this fall, one of the big selling points was the plan to have a separate storyline on the network's web site. It would be actual scenes shot with the cast but shown online only, and they would beef up the subplots. This hasn't happened yet. There is a lot of online-only content at the site (including video about what would happen if a real attack happened, interviews, etc), but the additional storyline idea was canceled.

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Party at the Real World house in Denver

by Julia Ward, posted Dec 1st 2006 7:05PM
Real World DenverDevelopers in Denver are turning the Real World house at 1920 Market Street into a nightclub, scheduled to open next summer. They'll be retaining over 50% of MTV's interiors including the Jeep Wrangler-turned-bar in a somewhat dubious effort to keep things "classy." The basketball court/hot tub patio will be turned into a outdoor bar, and the second floor will be transformed into office space, which considering the activity that went on inside that house doesn't seem entirely square. It would be more in keeping with the spirit of the show to turn the upstairs into a massage parlor offering happy endings from Girls Gone Wild cast-offs.

This isn't the first time a Real World house has been transformed into a eatery post-shooting. The Real World: Austin house became a Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant. Isn't it good to know that you can get trashed in the same spot where Brooke and Jenn made out or scarf down a chalupa in the spot where Rachel diagnosed her housemate's ulcer by looking at his feces? Good times.

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Jericho: Vox Populi

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 29th 2006 9:18PM

Jericho(S01E11) So Gracie the store owner is dead, stabbed by an unknown assailant, and you just know five minutes into the show that the person who is suspected of the crime, is not the guilty party. And when Mitchell comes back into town, injured, saying that Jonah "confessed" to the crime and then ran off, you know that Jonah didn't do it. But Gray and the townspeople form a posse to go get Jonah anyway. He's hiding at Emily's house, and Jake finds him there, bleeding to death.

Dale finds guilty about the way he quit the job at Gracie's store, but Gail has some shocking news for him: Gracie left the store to him in her will.

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The Five: Signs I'm getting too old for The Real World

by Julia Ward, posted Nov 29th 2006 11:16AM
Real World DenverThe Real World entered its 18th season last week with an extra-slutty, Denver-based debut. Over the years, The Real World has grown more codified, silly and porny. Its stars are extremely aware of the camera and the show's conventions. They know that a spectacular run could result in thousands of dollars in post-Real World, Gauntlet engagements.

As the show grows older, so do I. I'm keenly aware of my inner curmudgeon. I grouse whenever I hear text messaging abbreviations used in face-to-face conversations. I scoff when yet another YouTube star is born, and I hold my head in disgrace for America's youth every time I watch The Real World. The Denver debut threw me for a real loop with these five "you've got to be kidding me" moments:

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Jericho: Red Flag

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 22nd 2006 9:33PM

Gerald McRaney(S01E10) Great to see that even an episode of a series about nuclear war and small town isolation can have a Thanksgiving episode! But it's not a "Very Special Episode" of Jericho, where everyone has a bake sale and learn a valuable lesson about...I don't know, bake sales or something, it's actually a rather fascinating episode about what the people of Jericho should do when boxes and boxes of food, medicine, fuel, and supplies are dropped from airplanes. Do you trust them? Are they poisoned? Is everything safe to touch? Confusing matters more is that the labels are in Chinese, and the planes were Russian.

At first I thought, yay, Chinese Food! That's what everyone eats when they're alone on the holidays, right? But then you have to think about who sent it (if they really did) and why.

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Jericho: Crossroads

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 15th 2006 9:16PM

Jericho(S01E09) Right now, this show is better than Lost. Yeah, I said it.

While Lost seems to be, well, lost because they've suddenly turned into a show about a prison and a love triangle, this show is doing almost everything right. Yeah, I know, that might not be fair, because this is only the ninth episode of Jericho and Lost is in the middle of its third season. But I sense good things to come from Jericho, and this season of Lost has only showed me that the very structure of the show that I loved that first season and a half has now become a giant weight that's starting to sink the show. But that's a whole other rant for another day.

Ravenwood finds out Eric's address from his jacket and comes to town...

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Jericho: Rogue River

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 8th 2006 9:09PM

Jericho - Hawkins(S01E08) A question for all you mothers and wives out there: if your husband was dying and needed medicine, would you send your only children out to the unknown, where they could be killed or lost or made sick? I would think that since you might lose your husband, you'd at least want one of your kids to stay behind. Maybe send out one of your sons and someone else from the town.

I ask this because Gail sends both Jake and Eric to Rogue River to get the medicine he needs or he'll die in 12 hours...

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Jericho: Long Live The Mayor

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 1st 2006 9:10PM
So, it's Halloween in Jericho. You would think that every person would be scared enough already with, you know, the world possibly coming to an end, especially after Gray makes it back into town with the news that Washington, D.C. is no more. But nope, there seems to be quite a celebration, with all the kids in costumes and plenty of candy to go around.

But Jonah is also coming to town, and he wants to get Mitch out of jail.

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Jericho: 9:02

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 25th 2006 9:44PM

Jericho logo(S01E06) Well, well, well...so Hawkins has been gone from his family for the past four years, eh? Just like Jake. Hmmmm...

That was the most interesting revelation in tonight's episode. It was mostly a mix of tedious scenes and a few plot developments we had to have to move the plot along and set up future events

Oh, and horses. Lots and lots of horses.

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Jericho: Federal Response

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 18th 2006 9:16PM

Skeet Ulrich(S01E05) You know how NBC's Heroes does endings really well? Actually, they do everything really well, but their episode endings are particularly cool and intriguing.

Jericho is like that with their openings.

The power comes back on, and not only does an "Emergency Alert" sign come up on all televisions, but every home and business in Jericho gets a phone call from the Department of Homeland Security. It's a recording, telling them to stay where they are, help is on the way. This is an amazingly creepy, effective scene. You wonder if that's how it will be if anything like this really happens.

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