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August 30, 2015

dic entertainment

What the heck is Dance Dance Revolution?

by Bob Sassone, posted May 14th 2006 6:12PM
Should I know what this Dance Dance Revolution thing is? I mean, I feel really out of touch. I mean, the Wikipedia page for it is bigger than the one for poker.

And now CBS has announced that they are making a TV series out of it. It will air on Saturday mornings, so I'm assuming it's a kids show? It's going to be part of the network's "Saturday Morning Secret Slumber Party," which, to be honest, sounds kinda creepy to me.

[via Boing Boing]

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Hey kids! It's Warren Buffett!

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 9th 2006 8:53AM
warren buffett cartoonBillionaire investor Warren Buffett has some financial advice... for kids. He is going to provide the voice for a kids' cartoon series that provides basic lessons about finances and economics. Thirteen episodes of the cartoon, called The Secret Millionaire's Club, are already in production. The premise of the show is about a group of kids in Omaha who find a box of sports memorabilia that turns out to be very valuable. After making millions on the sale, the kids each become secret millionaires, investing their money based on advice from Warren Buffet. The company behind the project is DIC Entertainment and they're not sure yet if the cartoons will go directly to DVD or if someone will actually want to air them on television.

I'm not sure what age of kids these cartoons are supposed to target. One of the creators said it's important for kids to understand basic finance so, when they graduate high school, they don't make the mistake of getting a bunch of pre-approved credit cards. I agree. But, do kids watch this kind of stuff? Really?

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