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September 3, 2015


Oscars 2011: James Franco Takes Stage in Drag, Anne Hathaway Sings to Hugh Jackman (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 27th 2011 10:43PM
Anne Hathaway and James Franco in drag at 'The 83rd Annual Academy Awards' Oscars 2011We're not sure if Anne Hathaway ever truly planned a musical number with Hugh Jackman for 'The 83rd Annual Academy Awards' (Sun., 8:30PM on ABC), or if she just decided to give him grief about not doing one for no particular reason, but her impromptu song did set up James Franco's most memorable outfit of the night.

Hathaway sang her number in a very nicely tailored tuxedo, so Franco decided to continue the gender bending by coming out in a rather ill-fitting pink dress.

"Oh wow!" Hathaway said when Franco came out. Her reaction was so genuine we suspect this may have been a surprise for her as well. Or maybe ... acting!

"You got to wear a tuxedo, so I wore this," Franco explained. "The weird part is I just got a text message from Charlie Sheen."

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The Facts of Life: The Lost Episode

by Julia Ward, posted Mar 14th 2007 11:07AM
Facts of Life DragAll those girls living in one house for so long. You knew they were up to nothing good. In Jamie Morris' stage version of The Facts of Life: The Lost Episode, Eastland is short on funds and looking to axe Mrs. Garrett. Natalie, Tootie, Jo and Blair will do anything to raise enough money to keep her on staff. Anything.

This campy stage production, making its New York City debut later this Spring, features five drag performers enacting Facts' fictional lost episode "The Best Little Whorehouse in Peekskill." If you're visiting New York this Spring, skip Broadway and head downtown. It's just a hunch, but I'm betting you won't see Eastland the same way again. (Not that you thought Natalie or Jo were 100% straight anyway.)

[Via Lady Bunny's Blog]

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Blockbuster: "Mouse"

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 4th 2007 6:50PM

This is my favorite ad so far. Of course, we're only 15 minutes into the game.

A mouse - a real, live mouse - is pressed and dragged by two other animals because they heard that if you use a mouse you can get online to get Blockbuster's Total Access service. This is a sequel of sorts to other Blockbuster ads from Super Bowls past, and it's quite cute. They click the mouse, drag it, and then the punch line has them saying "it's not plugged in!" Though the punchline should have just been the mouse's face looking worried, not the mouse telling the others off.

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Tyra Banks as drag king

by Julia Ward, posted Nov 1st 2006 7:30PM
Tyra BanksWhile Tyra has been looking a bit drag queen-y these days, you're far more likely to catch her playing a drag king. Following up on last year's vapid Tyra-in-a-fat-suit episode of The Tyra Banks Show, Ms. Banks became a Mister in order to infiltrate rapper Chingy's posse.

Set to air on November 13th, Tyra underwent five hours of prep to achieve the gender transformation and donned a suit that gave her pecs and a six-pack. Apparently Tyra isn't going undercover as a guy unless he's cut. Her guise was enough to fool most of Chingy's entourage, but her voice was a dead give-away. The only person she really pulled one over on was a Chingy groupie who kissed Tyra-as-man to get closer to the rap star. Does that qualify as hot lesbian action or not?

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American Idol, meet Barry Bonds

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 1st 2006 8:03AM
barry bonds paula abdulMaybe Barry Bonds had the song, "Opposites Attract" in his head when he decided to dress up like Paula Abdul for a recent publicity stunt. If anything, Barry Bonds is the Simon Cowell of baseball.

Why was Barry Bonds all dressed up like Paula Abdul, you ask? He was judging a mock singing contest for a charity event in Arizona. Nobody expected Bonds to dress in drag, so he got quite a response from fans and his teammates.

Said Bonds, "I'll never tell my wife to hurry up anymore, because it took me forever to get ready. I couldn't get the hair right."

I think he looks more like Star Jones.

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