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October 9, 2015

drew barrymore

TV's Top 5!: Mother Nature watches the Super Bowl

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Feb 5th 2007 2:27PM

Prince bringing on the Purple Rain Is Prince God? Did he have a deal with Mother Nature or something? Does CBS have that much money to be able to be able to influence meteorology?

Obviously the only explanation of the situation is that Mother Nature loves Prince and watches The Super Bowl. She was hell bent on not making the Kevin Federline the top news of the Super Bowl, and wanted to provide her man Prince with some ethereal stage props.

How many of you were wondering if he would even play "Purple Rain?" How many of you even doubted it after he played his crazy rendition of the Foo Fighters' "Best of You?"

How many of you were still holding onto hope he would play "1999?" I was pretty pleased with his performance and less impressed with his random and particularly unattractive dancers.

But forgive me Mother Nature if you should strike me with lightning for actually liking...

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Family Guy: Prick Up Your Ears

by Brett Love, posted Nov 20th 2006 8:32AM
Family Guy, Stewie and Brian(S05E06) The story for this week's episode was more involved, which is a good thing. A little plot goes a long way. When the plot gets too thin everything rides on the gags, and it is hard to pull off an episode with just gags. While the sex-ed story has been told many times, I liked the Family Guy take on it.

It gave them a good reason to bring out slutty Lois, and slutty Lois is usually pretty funny, like when she was trying to explain the wonders of sex to Meg. Or showing up for role-playing night dressed as Grimace? Good stuff.

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Family Guy: Whistle While Your Wife Works

by Brett Love, posted Nov 13th 2006 10:31AM
Family Guy(S05E05) I'm beginning to think of this as the Brian & Stewie show. Again this week, their story was much better than the Peter story. With Peter's injured hand, the setup was good, but it kind of headed downhill from there. The opening with Quagmire smuggling the fireworks into the country ("Yeah, that's just as fun."), Chris playing David Koresh and the heavy handed FBI agent, and Stewie ignoring Peter's missing fingers while asking for more juice was great. Finally something for Meg to do too.

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