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August 30, 2015


Is Your DVR Full This Summer?

by Rich Keller, posted Jun 23rd 2010 3:00PM
Is Your DVR running out of space?While viewing the current state of our family's DVR queue, I noticed something interesting: the unit contains more recordings now than it ever did during the fall television season.

Oh, every so often we would reach the 80 percent capacity mark if we were particularly busy, but lately it seems that we're constantly breaking the 85 percent or even 90 percent limit on a daily basis! And, no matter how much we watch, the queue never goes down as more recordings are added.

I have to wonder if this is happening in your household as well, and for what reason.

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Viewers at 10PM Would Rather Watch DVR Shows Than 'Jay Leno' -- or Anything Else

by Gary Susman, posted Nov 30th 2009 2:10PM
The Jay Leno Show premiereDon't blame Jay Leno. NBC's risky experiment, gutting its 10PM drama slate to air Leno's low-budget variety hour five nights a week, may not have paid off in ratings, and the move may have made NBC an easy target for scorn and ridicule. But Nielsen ratings numbers suggest that no one could have slowed the slide during the final hour of primetime.

According to the Associated Press, the 10PM hour has become the time when viewers catch up with the shows on their DVR queues. So viewership of first-run shows at 10PM is down at all of the big three broadcast networks.

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Do you love commercials or are you just lazy?

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 2nd 2009 6:31PM
freecreditreport.com band
Here's an interesting factoid: 46% of people who record TV shows don't fast forward through the commercials.

Now, I'm a natural skeptic when it comes to studies like this. I always wonder how the question was asked, the specifics, is the respondent lying or over/understating something, etc, but I often find myself not fast forwarding through ads because I'm doing something else at the time (writing an episode review, for example). How about you?

Do you fast forward through commercials?
Always. Commercials suck!501 (59.1%)
Not always. It depends on what I'm doing.333 (39.3%)
Never. I wish I lived in a TV commercial!13 (1.5%)

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People who watch TV are older than ever

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 29th 2009 5:00PM
TVWhen I first saw the headline of this Variety piece, "TV Audiences Are Growing Older," I thought, of course they're growing older. What, are there people that actually get younger as the years go by?

A new study shows that the average age of TV viewers of ABC, CBS, NBC is now 51 (FOX's is a bit younger but they're growing older too). CBS' average age has been 50 or over for quite some time (no surprise there, with the type of shows they have), but now ABC and NBC's age has jumped quite a bit in the past several years. The CW is the youngest.

That's interesting because just ten years ago the average age of a TV viewer was 43. Part of the jump is because of the introduction of the web and DVRs. The age of the people who use those are much younger than those who watch television. The Variety article breaks down all of the numbers.

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Once upon a time, people missed their favorite shows

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 22nd 2009 7:05PM
VCR adDo you remember a long time ago when you had no options to watch a TV show if you didn't see it when it aired (you had to wait for a repeat)? Of course you don't, you people with your Twitters and your iPhones and your space-age Saran Wrap. But there was a time when if you wanted to watch, say, The Magician, you had to stay home and watch it. No iTunes, no Hulu, no YouTube, no DVDs.

Then came the VCR, and everything changed. Only $1000! (Full-sized ad here.) Notice the fine print at the bottom: "Caution: The unauthorized recording of television programs and other materials may infringe the rights of others."

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A burning question about your TiVo that just might save your life (not really)

by Danny Gallagher, posted May 15th 2009 12:03PM
TiVo logoYour TV is filled with burning debates that demand a serious answer.

Could the Dick York "Darren" kick the ass of the Dick Sargent "Darren," or vice versa, and without Samantha's help? Could KITT beat the car from My Mother, the Car if Top Gear's James May was driving him? Does anyone watch The Cougar and if so, is TV Land holding them hostage?

So here's another flaming question to throw on the mystery pyre: do you actually let your TiVo play its trademark sound effects?

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Adam Lambert did not sing Tears For Fears' "Mad World" last night - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 8th 2009 2:25PM
Adam LambertI swore to myself that I wasn't going to watch American Idol this year or do any posts about it. I've stuck with the former promise but here I am writing a post about American Idol, so obviously I have no consistency or integrity.

I've been reading the controversy (so-called) of the show running late last night and DVRs not recording Adam Lambert's performance of Tears For Fears' "Mad World," a song released in the year he was born (1982 - I guess this was the theme of the night). So I watched the video at Ryan Seacrest's site, and you know what? Lambert didn't perform a song from the year he was born.

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Why did Amercian Idol run so long last night?

by Allison Waldman, posted Apr 8th 2009 10:01AM
Adam Lambert IdolLast night at 8:56 PM, EST, I was watching American Idol. Host Ryan Seacrest went to a commercial, saying that coming up next would be Adam Lambert, the last performer of the night. Again, I looked at the time. How on earth was Fox going to get this show done by 9:01 as planned?

Well, the answer is that they didn't. In fact, people recording American Idol on DVRs are ticked off this morning.

For those who relied on the DVR and missed those last six minutes, you missed a lot. Kona, who's no Adam Lambert fan, was even impressed with his performance of Tears for Fears' "Mad World."

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You are watching more TV than ever

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 25th 2008 3:14PM
tvYup, it looks like Americans are watching more TV than ever. Which must really tick off the makers of My Own Worst Enemy, The Ex-List, and Dirty Sexy Money.

How much is more than ever? The average American - Joe TV, if you will - watches 142 hours a television a month, according to a new study from Nielsen Media. That's four or five hours a day for each of us (and if that number is accurate, then I watch about 320 hours of TV a month). As for watching shows at another time, whether via DVRs or online, that's up 50% from last year. We Americans love our TV, though as The L.A. Times says maybe more people were watching this year because of the election and The Olympics.

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Madchen mad about My Own Worst Enemy cancellation

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 24th 2008 5:35PM
Madchen AmickUsually when a show is canceled, you don't hear about it from the stars. Once in a while you do (like Kelsey Grammer when Back To You was canned), but it's usually the producers and/or critics who make the most fuss about a show being canceled. My Own Worst Enemy star Madchen Amick is speaking out about the cancellation of the NBC show (one of several she is currently on).

She says that the show actually was a hit, especially if you include DVR/Tivo/online viewers. She thinks that the show's high budget is what made NBC cancel it. If it didn't have a big budget and still got fair ratings, it could have survived a little longer. She's frustrated by the experience.

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NBC really, really believes in Chuck - in 3-D

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 10th 2008 3:26PM
Chuck smileHere at TV Squad, we often bemoan the quick cancellation of a show that deserves a chance to evolve. We've chronicled the demise of a fan favorite like Moonlight, and empathized with our readers. There have been times when we've agreed that networks spend so much time and talent developing a show that it seems a down-right shame when the plug is pulled after a half-dozen episodes.

So, knowing all that, we have to acknowledge when a network does something right. NBC is bending over backwards to see to it that Chuck becomes a ratings hit, to go along with its already established and growing fan base. Creator Josh Schwartz expressed his thanks to NBC for the post- Super Bowl Chuck episode. The Super Bowl is Sunday, February 1.

"They were doing this big promotion inside of the Super Bowl and handing out 150 million 3-D glasses, so we are the beneficiaries of that. ...Chuck seemed like the best fit for that type of thing."

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Relationship trouble? DVRs to the rescue!

by Brad Trechak, posted Sep 3rd 2008 1:00PM
DVR ScreenAccording to a study performed by NDS, the makers of DVR technology, DVRs within households actually save relationships. 79% of the users polled said the technology has improved their love lives. There are several reasons I find this interesting.

First, the study is done by the manufacturers of the product. While I have no doubt the study is genuine, it is somewhat suspicious that such a favorable report is produced by those who profit from it.

Second, the article does not state exactly how the DVRs help relationships. There could be several reasons, of course. DVRs in the house could lead to a lack of squabbling over the recording of favorite television shows. Since you could watch the shows whenever you want, it could make for couple-bonding time in front of a TV with a DVR.

Most importantly, it could lead to a lack of actual conversation between the couple which means it's less likely that something will be said incorrectly by one party or skeletons will come flying out of the closet to ruin the relationship.

Ain't technology grand?

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CBS wants to send you e-mails about football

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 20th 2007 3:12PM

CBS eyeYou know how CBS Sunday football games often run long and it delays the start of 60 Minutes and Cold Case and Without A Trace and other shows that rhyme with "ace?" CBS feels your pain.

They're starting a new service called CBS Eye-Alert. You can sign up to be notified by text message or e-mail when football games are going to run long. This would supposedly help people who set their DVRs for those shows. Though I don't really see how. You can't go in and reset your DVR for another time (like you can with a VCR), can you? Or do I not understand the technical capabilities of DVRs? CBS is working with TiVo to see if the company can reprogram their customer's boxes if games run long.

No word on whether or not FOX is going to do this too.

[via TV Tattle]

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What did you watch at 9pm last night?

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 6th 2007 8:41AM

Two and a Half MenMonday nights at 9 has become one of the major time slots on the networks these days. On NBC you have the megahit Heroes. Over on CBS there's the comedy smash Two and a Half Men, and FOX has 24. What do you watch?

The Los Angeles Times has a piece about the battle for viewers in the time slot, and they say that over 45 million people are watching the three shows at that time. The paper wonders if one of the networks will blink next season and move one of the shows to let it breathe a little bit. Though no one is planning that as of yet.

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The Five: What Bob is thankful for

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 20th 2006 4:29PM

Studio 60So here we are at the start of Thanksgiving week, that time of year that we give thanks to everything we have in our lives. While most of us will, of course, be thankful for having our family and friends in our lives, we also can't forget about television!

1. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip getting a full season. Come on, you read this site, so you know this would be number one for me. I think it's a really good show, no matter what some people say. And kudos to NBC for actually giving the show (and Friday Night Lights, too) a full season even though the ratings weren't spectacular. Imagine, a network that didn't cancel a show quickly, instead having a strategy to move it to a new night! Who knows if the show will get a second season, it at least gets a whole first season, and that makes me happy.

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