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October 6, 2015


People Who Have Only Seen One Episode of 'Lost' Will Never Understand It

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 5th 2010 3:06PM
LostEaster is one of those in-between holidays, at least in my house. Definitely more important than Arbor Day but not nearly as important as Thanksgiving. So several family members didn't come to Easter dinner yesterday, which means I got to talk to a couple of people a lot instead of several people just a little. Since I work for The Most Awesome TV Blog in the Universe (TM), the conversation turned to television, specifically to 'Lost.'

I don't remember exactly how the conversation went (I wish I had a tape recorder running), but it was very close to this:

Sister: Oh, you watch 'Lost?'
Me: Yeah, it's great!

Sister: So what's going on on it?
Me: _______?

I mean, the last time I saw it they were on an island. That guy who was on 'The Practice' was there.
Me: Michael Emerson. He's a great actor.

So what has happened since then?

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What's On Tonight: '60 Minutes,' 'Ultimate Recipe Showdown,' 'The Pacific'

by TV Squad Editors, posted Apr 4th 2010 12:00PM
ATHFHere's tonight's TV lineup (all times Eastern).

  • At 7, CBS has a new '60 Minutes,' followed by new episodes of 'The Amazing Race,' 'Undercover Boss,' and 'Cold Case.'
  • NBC has a new 'Dateline' at 7, then new episodes of 'Minute To Win It' and 'Celebrity Apprentice.'
  • At 7:30, FOX has a new 'Til Death.'
  • At 8, ABC has a new, two-hour 'Extreme Makeover.'
  • PBS has a new 'Nature' at 8, followed by a new 'Masterpiece Classic.'
  • Discovery has two new episodes of 'Life' at 8.
  • Food Network has new episodes of 'Challenge,' 'Ultimate Recipe Showdown,' and 'Iron Chef America.'
  • Also at 8: ESPN2 has the Yankees/Red Sox season opener.
  • At 9, A&E has a new 'Gene Simmons' Family Jewels,' then a new 'Kirstie Alley's Big Life.'
  • At 9:30, FOX has a new 'Sons of Tucson.'
  • At 10, AMC has a new 'Breaking Bad.'
  • HBO has a new episode of 'The Pacific' at 9, followed by a new 'How To Make It In America.'
  • History Channel has a new 'Ax Men' at 10.
  • At midnight, Cartoon Network has a new 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force.'
  • At 12:30AM, Cartoon Network has a new 'Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job.'

Check your local TV listings for more.

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'Glee' Cast Goes to Washington

by Chris Harnick, posted Feb 22nd 2010 5:00PM
GleeLike so many of us, Michelle Obama seems to be having a hard time waiting until April 13 for the new episodes of 'Glee' to start.

According to the Ausiello Files, the First Lady has reportedly asked the cast of the Golden Globe-winning comedy to perform at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, which will take place April 5 on the White House lawn. The cast, of course, said yes.

Mrs. O and daughters Sasha and Malia are said to be fans of the show, according to the report.

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Thoughts on the Doctor Who Easter special

by Brad Trechak, posted Apr 13th 2009 2:01PM
Doctor WhoDespite living in the U.S., I was able to catch the BBC Easter Special for Doctor Who titled "Planet of the Dead". My thoughts on it are as follows:

It wasn't the best special broadcast thus far (I enjoyed the 2008 Christmas special more), but it was on par with the better episodes of the show. The Doctor seems to fight two general categories of alien menaces: intentional threats or forces of nature (or the first taking advantage of the second). This was one of those "forces of nature" enemies (and I'm not referring to the fly-headed creatures seen in the previews).

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South Park: Fantastic Easter Special

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 4th 2007 11:36PM

south park(S11E05) When this episode began, I figured eventually there would be some explanation as to why it is we color Easter eggs and why a rabbit hides them, some kind of explanation of these traditions and their pagan roots. However, by the end I was glad the story went where it did, because this was both the "worst" episode of South Park this season, and incredibly funny. I say "worst" because of all the horrible gags, like "The Hare Club for Men," and William Donahue's "double cross" that had me simultaneously cracking up and saying, "my god, that was a terrible joke."

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Big Love: Easter

by Michael Sciannamea, posted May 1st 2006 12:28PM

Sarah Henrickson(S01E08) If anyone has ever had famliy over for an extended stay, sooner or later tensions will arise and there will be many uncomfortable situations to navigate. But how many guests in your home have urinated in your kitchen sink, borrowed your spouse's car and put a huge scratch in it, or undermine your plans for a holiday dinner with their own menu ideas?

Frank Henrickson (as played by Bruce Dern) was especially obnoxious this week, as witnessed by his tendency to use alternate means of going to the bathroom. In addition, there is no love lost between his sons Bill and Joey. He has some grduging respect for Bill, since he is a businessman and, more importantly, has money. However, he especially taunts Joey about his past football failures, and the time will come where either Joey or his wife Wanda will take severe umbrage with Frank.

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It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown on ABC tonight

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 11th 2006 2:02PM
easter beagleI have a very deeply ingrained love for Charles Schulz and his Peanuts creation. If I were so inclined, I could bore you to tears right now with all the reasons I admire it so much, but I won't. I did want to let you know, however, that It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown will air on ABC this evening at 7p.m. CST. This particular Peanuts special doesn't quite stand up to It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and  A Charlie Brown Christmas, but it's still a fun special with lots of great gags, especially the one involving Marcie trying to make Easter eggs and having no idea how to do it. She tries frying them, boiling the yolks, and at one point cracks some eggs into the toaster. The plot is similar to Great Pumpkin, except this time Linus tries to convince everyone the Easter Beagle is coming to give eggs to all the children. There's also a subplot in which Snoopy tries to build a new home for Woodstock. Not as much of a "must see" as Pumpkin and Christmas, but still worth checking out if you're a fan of such specials.

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