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October 8, 2015


New TV on DVD for April 13: 'Dallas,' 'Emergency!' and More

by Scott Harris, posted Apr 13th 2010 3:00PM
If you're a fan of classic television, then you're in luck this week, as some of the biggest hits of the 1970's are the subjects of new DVD releases this week. And at the top of that list is one of the greatest prime time hits of all time: 'Dallas.'

Of course, by the time 'Dallas: The Complete Thirteenth Season' finished up, it was actually the 1990's and we had already learned who shot J.R. and that whole "shower sequence dream vision" thingy was well in the rear view mirror, but no matter what date is listed in the credits, as long as it says 'Dallas' on the box, you know this set is worth it's weight in Texas Tea.

Also coming out of the classic 70's vault this week: 'Emergency!: Season Six.' For those of you too young to remember this series, 'Emergency!' was a lot like the recently canceled NBC show 'Trauma,' except popular. Strange but true.

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Arnold Stang, voice of Top Cat, dead at 91

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 23rd 2009 7:01PM
Arnold StangWhen I was a kid, I loved the cartoon Top Cat. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the cool music or the fact it was set in New York City. I also really loved Top Cat's voice.

Arnold Stang, the voice of the clever feline, died earlier this week at the age of 91. Stang was in 75 gazillion TV shows and movies over the years (you'd know the face and/or the voice even if you couldn't place the name), including The Jonathan Winters Show, Broadside, Batman, Bonanza, The Red Skelton Show, December Bride, The Steve Allen Show, The Milton Berle Show, Emergency, and Mathnet.

He was also in several movies, including Hercules in New York, Dennis The Menace, and It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. He was also the original voice of Buzz Bee in Honey-Nut Cheerios commercials.

After the jump, an episode of Top Cat.

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 19th 2009 6:07PM
MoonlightHere are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

Today's the day Moonlight fans go crazy. A complete series set! I'm surprised I haven't bought any of the Rockford Files DVDs since it was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid, but it's just something I haven't gotten around to yet.

As for The Girls of Little House on the Prairie, well, that sounds kinda dirty.

  • Criss Angel Mindfreak - Season 4
  • Emergency - Season 5
  • George Wallace - Special Edition Miniseries
  • Jonathan Creek - Season 3
  • The Last Detective - Complete Collection
  • Little House on the Prairie - The Girls Of, Vols. 1 and 2
  • MI-5 - Vol. 6
  • MonsterQuest - Season 2
  • Moonlight - Complete Series
  • My Three Sons - Season 1, Vol. 2
  • The Powerpuff Girls - Complete Collector's Set
  • The Rockford Files - Season 6
  • This American Life - Season 2 (Borders stores only)

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What is the Retro Television Network, and how do I get it?

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 9th 2008 3:02PM
RTN logoI don't get RTN (Retro Television Network) where I live. If you go to their web site and scroll down, you'll see that the network isn't in every state yet. But it's something I'd like to see on my local cable system.

RTN is a channel that shows a lot of old TV shows. It's sort of what TV Land used to be, a long time ago, before they started to get into reality shows, movies, and Extreme Makeover.

The channel is still at a time in their history where they have the freedom to not only air cult-yet-mainstream shows like the original Battlestar Galactica, The Incredible Hulk, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Leave It To Beaver, and Magnum, P.i., they're also airing such shows as Delvecchio (!), It Takes A Thief (!), Kate and Allie (!), the original 50s version of Mike Hammer (!), Run For Your Life (!), and The Bold Ones (!). As you can see, this is one eclectic network. They also have original programming such as talk shows, RTN Mystery Theater, and Offbeat Cinema. Robin Leach is going to host a show on the network, too.

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NBC to stream classic series

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 20th 2008 10:28AM
MiamiViceIf you're really into watching classic TV on the web, like AOL's fare at In2TV, you're going to be thrilled to hear that NBC today unfurled a line-up of oldies-but-goodies to stream on their entertainment sites -- NBC.com, SCIFI.com, ChillerTV.com and SleuthChannel.com. NBC is providing full episodes, people, streaming and waiting to be viewed, beginning this month. It's quite a variety of shows too (including some crossovers from one site to the other). "These are the kinds of titles we get requests for all the time at the network, and now we're able to give our viewers a new way to watch their favorite classic shows and share them with their friends," said Craig Engler, Senior Vice President, SCIFI.com.

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 28th 2008 6:13PM

ChancerHere are the new TV DVDs in stores tomorrow.

  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Vol. 5
  • Chancer - Series 2
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 6
  • Damages - Season 1
  • Emergency - Season 4
  • Hannah Montana - One in a Million
  • Jackie Gleason: Genius At Work
  • JAG - Season 5
  • Masterpiece - Mansfield Park
  • Pioneers of Television - Complete Series
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - To Love A Patty
  • This American Life - Season 1 (Border's Books and Music only)
  • Twitches Too (TV Movie)

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 12th 2007 7:55PM

Beauty and the BeastHere are the new TV DVDs in stores tomorrow.

  • All in the Family - Season 6
  • Beauty and the Beast - Season 1
  • Cobra - Complete Series
  • Emergency - Season 3
  • The Golden Girls - Season 7
  • Grosse Pointe - Complete Series
  • The Hills - Season 1
  • Hustle - Season 2
  • Masters of Horror - Pelts (Argento)
  • Men Behaving Badly - Complete Series
  • Reno 911- Most Wanted Uncensored
  • Zoey 101 - Season 1

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