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October 13, 2015

episode order

Goodbye Eastwick (and hello The Forgotten, for now)

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 10th 2009 12:01AM
I don't want to say that I'm psychic or anything (I'm not, though I can bend spoons), but I had a feeling that Eastwick wouldn't last beyond one season after I saw the new shows at the ABC upfront. I don't know why or how I thought that, probably a combination of the plot, the time slot, the network it was on, and how programming on the networks is these days, but I just didn't think it would last.

And now it looks like it won't. ABC has declined to order more episodes of the series. This isn't an official "cancellation" but it's a very bad sign for the show.

There's more news coming from ABC too, and this is actually surprising: they've ordered 5 more episodes of The Forgotten. That's a show I thought would be gone quick too. It still could be, since ratings aren't great (though better than Eastwick's) and it hasn't exactly been critically-acclaimed.

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CBS adds to NCIS and subtracts from Numb3rs

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 5th 2009 8:10AM
Numb3rsMichael Ausiello is reporting that CBS has reduced the number of episodes of Numb3rs for this season from 22 to only 16. What does this mean for the show? Well, it means that sometimes numbers aren't good even on Numb3rs. It also means that this pretty much guarantees that this will be the last season for the show. Ausiello thinks that CBS will put Flashpoint in the time slot when the episodes run out.

So, are all of you people who tried to save Southland going to mount a similar campaign for this show? I didn't think so.

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Honestly, why are they even bothering with another Cupid?

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 4th 2009 2:04PM
CupidBack when I was a kid, besides walking several miles in the snow to school, we never heard the insider-ish, behind the scenes details of what was going on behind the scenes of a TV show. We hardly knew that shows were even coming up, not until we got the super-duper fall preview issue of TV Guide. We didn't have any preconceived notions of the shows, we didn't know about any episode orders or set tension or anything like that. Shows just premiered, they stayed on or they didn't, and then we moved on.

That's not the case nowadays, of course. TV fans on the web (thanks to sites like, well, this one) know just about everything about a TV show months before it airs. And here's another little bit of information about a show before it airs: ABC has again dropped the number of episodes it wants for the Rob Thomas remake of Cupid.

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Ugly Betty: Swag

by Julia Ward, posted Jan 5th 2007 7:02AM
Ugly Betty SWAG(S01E11... or, is it 04?) Why? Why do networks do this? "Swag" was originally supposed to air as the fourth episode of Ugly Betty. Instead, ABC pushed it into the number eleven position. Brilliant strategy. Take a show that's part telenovela and air it out of sequence. The result was a poorly edited version of an otherwise entertaining episode. The tags that were filmed later with Betty, Christina and the janitor, along with the occasional "remember when such and such was happening" voice-overs, were clumsy and unnecessary.

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Buster the Bunny not backing down

by Julia Ward, posted Dec 18th 2006 7:01PM
Postcards from BusterBuster the Bunny has taken a lot of crap from the religious right. Star of Postcards from Buster, the animated rabbit was at the center of a well-publicized, anti-PBS flare-up in 2005. The controversy concerned an episode of the show entitled "Sugartime," which introduced kids to a family working in Vermont's maple sugaring industry. That family was famously helmed by two moms. Cue upset Bush administration officials and conservative Christian organizations - neither of which wanted their children exposed to "that lifestyle." The episode was pulled by a number of PBS stations. Buster was abandoned by its sponsors, and a second season of the show was thrown into question.

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More Studio 60 episodes ordered

by Julia Ward, posted Nov 9th 2006 3:54PM
Studio 60 at the Sunset StripGood news for Studio 60 fans. Despite persistent rumors of the show's forthcoming cancellation by NBC, a "back nine" has been ordered - meaning that nine more episodes will be produced to finish out the season. Whether the show makes it past a first season remains to be seen, but it will be given a shot to build an audience.

While I appreciate a literate show and Mr. Sorkin's banterfests, I think a handful of problems persist over at Studio 60. Starting with, does anyone really care about the Harriet-Matt relationship? I'd much rather see "Josh Lyman" and "the guy from Friends" at the core of the show. They've got better chemistry, and the show is much more fun when they're on the screen together.

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