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October 10, 2015

erica hill

Gayle King's OWN Show Canceled, Host Joins Charlie Rose and Erica Hill on CBS

by Chris Harnick, posted Nov 15th 2011 3:20PM
Gayle King 'The Gayle King Show' will come to an end as the host joins Charlie Rose and Erica Hill on CBS's revamped morning program.

"We are so happy for Gayle's opportunity of a lifetime," OWN said in a statement. "Although her show will not continue on OWN, we look forward to her joining us from time to time as her schedule allows."

The plans had been rumored for weeks, but CBS officially announced the new series on Tues., Nov. 15. The new show will launch Mon., Jan.9, 2012 and air from 7-9AM. CBS has named Chris Licht as executive producer of the broadcast. John Miller will serve as senior correspondent, Rebecca Jarvis will be the business and economics correspondent and Jeff Glor will be the program's special correspondent.

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Charlie Rose and Gayle King to Host 'The Early Show'

by Catherine Lawson, posted Nov 11th 2011 7:40AM
Gayle KingLast December there was a veritable bloodbath over at CBS when 'The Early Show' axed anchors Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez, plus meteorologist Dave Price, in a major reshuffle of CBS News on-air talent. Now it's been reported that early 2012 will see the show receive another makeover including a new set, maybe a new name, and two new hosts: PBS veteran Charlie Rose and Oprah's BFF Gayle King.

According to 'The New York Times' CBS will announce the planned revamp in New York on Tuesday. The network is expected to reveal a shift in direction away from the coffee klatch feel of most morning talk shows and towards a focus on hard news with the panel format of shows like MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' and ABC's 'The View.'

Current co-host Chris Wragge will reportedly lose his job in the reshuffle, but Erica Hill and Jeff Glor will keep theirs. Hill -- who was promoted when Smith et al. were fired -- will anchor the 7-8AM hour with '60 Minutes' contributor Rose. Meanwhile King will take on the 8--9AM slot with the aid of featured correspondents and contributors.

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'Sesame Street' Introduces New Muppet Lily For Child Poverty Special (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Oct 7th 2011 2:30PM
The upcoming 'Sesame Street' special 'Growing Hope Against Hunger' is introducing a new Muppet character to talk about the growing national child poverty rate. Her name is Lily, and she dropped by 'Early' (weekdays, 9AM ET on CBS) to talk about the issue.

"One of the most important things for me was not feeling like I was alone," Lily said. "The more I got involved with my community, the more I felt like I was helping other families." In the episode, Lily and Elmo will volunteer at a food pantry. "A lot of the time people don't talk about it, but once you do, you realize you just feel better, and people can find comfort in each other."

'Growing Hope Against Hunger' airs Sun., Oct. 9 at 7PM ET on PBS.

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Worker Falls in Green-Colored White House Fountain (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Mar 17th 2011 11:30AM
Worker Falls in Green-Colored White House FountainNothing says St. Patrick's Day like a pratfall! 'The Early Show' (weekdays, 7AM ET on CBS) marked the holiday with video of a worker falling in a White House fountain while dyeing the water green.

In the video, the worker is in the process of exiting the fountain when he falls flat on his face several times and sinks beneath the emerald-tinted water.

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Chris Wragge Shoots Portraits of His Co-Anchors on 'The Early Show' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Feb 2nd 2011 12:30PM
Chris Wragge takes photographic portraits of his co-anchors on 'The Early Show' (weekdays, 7AM ET on CBS) after receiving guidance from photographer Mark Seliger.

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Erica Hill Learns to Blow Glass on 'The Early Show' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Feb 1st 2011 11:45AM
With the help of master glass sculptor Dale Chihuly, anchor Erica Hill learns to blow glass in a segment called "I've Always Wanted To ... " on 'The Early Show' (weekdays, 7AM ET on CBS).

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Larry King Serenades 'Early Show' Anchor, Dedicates Song to Her 'Beautiful Brown Eyes' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Dec 21st 2010 11:30AM
Of all the things 'Early Show' (weekdays, 7AM ET on CBS) anchor Erica Hill wants for Christmas, we're willing to bet a serenade from Larry King isn't one of them. And yet, King regaled Hill with a song dedicated to her "beautiful brown eyes" during an exclusive interview.

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Craig Ferguson Introduces the New 'Early Show' Team, Complete With Awkward Pauses (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Dec 14th 2010 9:01AM
Craig Ferguson Introduces the New 'Early Show' Team, Complete With Awkward Pauses Well, tomorrow is another day. Unless you're the hosts of 'The Early Show,' that is. Two weeks ago, CBS fired every single member of the perennially-last-place morning talk show. 'Early Show' hosts Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez are out. CBS even fired weatherman Dave Price. (Which seems a little unfair to us. What did the weatherman do wrong? Did he miss predicting a tsunami or something?)

In place of the former team, CBS brought in an entirely new crew. Shockingly, they are a bunch of good-looking young people -- the guys wear suits, the women wear short skirts. (Unexpected!) But who are these young kids? On 'The Late Late Show' (weeknights, 12:37AM ET on CBS), Craig Ferguson tried to figure it all out.

They are: Erica Hill, co-anchor; Marysol Castro, weather anchor; Jeff Glor, news-reader; and Chris Ragge, co-anchor. Nifty! Next, Craig tries to puzzle out how this actually changes anything for the show. "So what new stuff is gonna be happening?" he asks. "Are you gonna have new weather?"

, says Marysol. "Somewhere, it's be gonna sunny; and somewhere, it's gonna be ... not sunny." Fantastic. Please, say no more.

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'The Early Show' Exec Producer: Why Smith, Rodriguez and Price Had to Go

by Catherine Lawson, posted Dec 1st 2010 8:00AM
'The Early Show'Yesterday we heard that anchors Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez, plus meteorologist Dave Price, had been axed from 'The Early Show' in a major reshuffle of CBS News on-air talent.

Now, executive producer David Friedman has been explaining the reasons behind the sweeping -- and, to many, unexpected -- changes. He told The Hollywood Reporter that although the shakeup came after a lot of careful consideration, "it feels sudden because there are multiple people and it feels like a big deal."

The change of hosts has allegedly been a topic of discussion at CBS News for some time, according to sources, and it reinforces the critical importance of chemistry in morning television. Announcing the new anchors -- Erica Hill and Chris Wragge -- CBS News President Sean McManus said "This new team brings vibrancy, intelligence and warmth that I think America will grow to love."

Echoing that sentiment, Friedman said: "These shows are about the team ... It's about finding the right team."

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Erica Hill Insults Dave Price on 'The Early Show' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Jun 21st 2010 12:30PM
Generally, the endless ribbings the 'Early Show' (weekdays, 7AM ET on CBS) anchors give weatherman Dave Price are in good fun, but this just seems downright mean.

After an introduction for an upcoming segment on recipes designed to keep people "slim and sexy," anchor Erica Hill declares Price anything but. "I'd love to call you slim and sexy, Dave, but I can't," she said.

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Harry Smith Dances Like an Old Man (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Jun 11th 2010 12:30PM
Could this be any more awkward? Julie Chen tries to convince Harry Smith to try his hand on hip-hop "bounce" dancing on 'The Early Show' (weekdays, 7AM ET on CBS).

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'Early Show' Is (Finally!) Going HD

by Jane Boursaw, posted Apr 21st 2010 7:34AM
The Early Show 'The Early Show' is finally going HD, according to a new report from Media Bistro. It seems a little odd that it's taken the show so long to switch, especially considering that its morning show rivals, 'Today' and 'Good Morning America,' already broadcast in HD.

Perhaps this is CBS' attempt to boost ratings and skew to a younger audience, which was nudged along a couple of years ago when it re-launched the show with a colorful new widescreen set. According to Media Life, the show averaged a measly 2.52 million viewers during the first three months of 2010, putting it in third place among the network morning news programs.

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Richard Simmons visits Anderson Cooper 360

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 19th 2009 3:25PM
Have you ever noticed that whenever Richard Simmons visits a talk show, he makes everyone feel uncomfortable? Last night he visited Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill to talk about his new health initiative, and he started to dance around the studio, which made the two hosts laugh. He wanted Anderson to dance, but we all know that he doesn't dance! I think Simmons is a little too old for the tank top and shorty-shorts, don't you?

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Maxim's top ten sexiest news anchors - VIDEO

by Brett Love, posted Sep 21st 2006 7:28PM
Melissa Theuriau - hot news anchorThey are at it again over at Maxim. This time, counting down the ten sexiest news anchors. And given that this is Maxim and not Pulitzer, their definition of 'news' is somewhat generous. But who am I to complain? They have put together a pretty good list.

The lovely woman pictured here is French newscaster Melissa Theuriau. She made the list, but you'll have to head over to their site to see what place she finished in. But before you do that, check out a compilation video of her work after the jump.

As with every list of this sort, it's just as much fun listing off who was overlooked. My favorite news anchor that missed the Maxim cut, CNN's Erica Hill. Who is your favorite?

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