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October 10, 2015

eva la rue

CSI: Miami - Backstabbers

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Dec 12th 2006 11:46AM

Wolfe, being filmed.(S05E11) This was a follow-up to that absolutely ridiculous episode from a few weeks ago. Remember the one where the guy and his family got kidnapped, it was somehow tied to a terrorist plot, and then it ended with Horatio blowing up a truck with his sniper rifle? That one? Terrible episode. That sort of bugs me now because this one was pretty decent.

It picks up with the trial of the female terrorist who was behind the plot to blow up with nuclear power plot at Turkey Point. Her name is Sonya Barak if you recall and her sleazy lawyer was able to get her off on bail much to the dismay of the father of the family she had a hand in kidnapping. Thus led to a good old fashioned cat and mouse chase and a bunch of corny, and hilarious, one-liners from Horatio.

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CSI: Miami - Come As You Are

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Nov 28th 2006 10:16AM

Alexx autopsies a dead soldier.(S05E10) Did this episode seem weird to anyone else? Weird as in something that shouldn't have even been tackled by Horatio and his team? One character even pointed it out during his interrogation: "Isn't Iraq a little bit out of your jurisdiction?" My thoughts exactly. Maybe it's just me, but damn near everything in this episode seemed like a bit of a stretch.

If anything, I appreciated that the writers for this show were willing to take on a tough subject like the war in Iraq but I think they handled it the wrong way. The episode had a clear negative view on the war (which was great) but I didn't agree 100% with the way they negatively portrayed the Marines and their recruiters. They made everyone seem so devious and two-faced which came across as disrespectful if you ask me. Although it is only one interpretation of what's going on and as I said, you have to at least give them a pat on the back for going near the topic.

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CSI: Miami - Going, Going, Gone

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Nov 21st 2006 7:47AM

CSI: Miami(S05E09) I really do love this show and understand that you have to take it with a grain of salt to truly enjoy it, but c'mon. This episode was ridiculous! How did we go from a charity auction with gorgeous females to a terrorist plot to blow up the Turkey Point nuclear power plant? Only on this show.

I was glad they brought back Jake Berkley, Calleigh's old love interest. We haven't seen him in a few episodes. Now that he's left the ATF and joined the Miami-Dade police department, it'll be interesting to see if their romance continues. I'm thinking yes, or else why bother bringing him back at all? Speaking of Calleigh's love interests, whatever happened to Peter from the treasury department? I thought things were on the up and up for those two after last year's season finale and I'm only now realizing that we haven't seen him in some time.

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CSI: Miami - Darkroom

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Nov 14th 2006 12:17AM

Tripp and Wolfe(S05E08) After last week's episode, I read a decent chunk of comments about how viewers weren't too excited about Boa Vista and all the screen time she's been getting as the newest member of the team. As one commenter put it, "It seems the producers are trying to get us to like the Boa Vista character by making her the center of Season 5."

Well, I don't think most people realized it (unless they read it somewhere beforehand as I did), but this episode was based partly on a true story. Eva LaRue, who plays Natalia, went through a similar ordeal in real life with her sister Nikka. So I think in this case we can cut Boa Vista some slack.

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CSI: Miami - High Octane

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Nov 7th 2006 7:04AM

Boa Vista and Wolfe examine a car.(S05E07) This show is so bad and that's why I love it. It's a full hour of garbage every week and I can't help but watch it. I love that about CSI: Miami.

So imagine my surprise after this episode. It was actually so bad, that it was, well... bad. First episode all season that I didn't like and I've got a whole laundry list of reasons that began with the very first scene. Underground car racing? Really? Haven't we had enough of this Fast and the Furious junk? Sure the first film wasn't that bad, although I liked it better the first time I saw it when it was called Point Break. Second one wasn't necessary, then they went to Tokyo, and now it's invading my beloved CSI: Miami. Damn you Vin Diesel.

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CSI: Miami - Curse of the Coffin

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Oct 24th 2006 10:49AM
Horatio Caine(S05E06) Has CSI: Miami ever had a Halloween themed episode before? I don't think they have. Good for us because they saved all the cheesy stuff for this one. What a great episode. Sort of creepy, completely laughable and it was chock full of hilarious lines. Take that picture to the right? Anyone else remember what Horatio mumbled as he was casually strolling away from the exploding car? "Burn baby, burn." Stuff like that? Another reason to love this show.

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CSI: Miami - Death Eminent

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Oct 17th 2006 10:06AM

Horatio Caine with a gun pointed at him.

(S05E05) This was an interesting episode. It wasn't great... just interesting. The use of eminent domain as the focus for the primary case was an odd choice I thought. Not because it isn't a big issue in Florida. It is. I just thought the way they adapted it to this particular episode was a little self-serving and far-fetched. I mean, the city of Miami snatching up a whole neighborhood near the water to make strip-malls or whatever? Of course, it was all the result of dirty politics. All good reasons for Horatio to cock his head and say something brilliant.

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CSI: Miami - If Looks Could Kill

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Oct 10th 2006 11:37AM
CSI: Miami(S05E04) People love to badmouth this show! "It's cheesy!" "It's so campy!" "A corpse could act better than David Caruso!" All of that may be true, but if people are badmouthing CSI: Miami, that means something else too. We're all watching it! That's got to count for something. Well I still think it's good, and despite the slow start to this episode, I think it turned into one of the best Miami eps yet.

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CSI: Miami - Death Pool 100

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Oct 3rd 2006 10:16AM

Delko puts his diving expertise to use in CSI: Miami's 100th episode.

(S05E03) 100 episodes... quite the milestone for any show. And how does CSI: Miami celebrate? By having Omar Gooding guest star. If that doesn't say milestone, I don't know what does.

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CSI: Miami - Going Under

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Sep 26th 2006 11:23AM

Calleigh takes down one of the bikers.(S05E02) One of the things I always found interesting about CSI: Miami was that out of the three shows in the franchise, Miami is the only one that really played up the specialties of it's cast. You know what I'm talking about. Delko is an expert recovery diver, Calleigh has expertise in firearms and ballistics, and Speedle (great character) had a skill too but I forget what. Not sure what Wolfe does but I think Boa Vista is good with DNA or something like that.

Anyway, my whole point here is that the show is unique because it does that. It's like some sort of super team and it looks like we're finally going to get some backstory this season on where everyone honed their skills. First up? Calleigh.

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CSI: Miami - One of Our Own (finale)

by Jonathan Toomey, posted May 23rd 2006 10:46AM

CSI Miami; Horatio Caine and Marisol Delko(S04E25) Well this was easily the best of the three CSI season finales this year. It answered all the lingering questions (mainly, the mole) and it was coupled with one pretty intense case (finding the jerk who ordered the hit on Marisol). On top of that, it had so many twists and turns that I'll be impressed with myself if I remember them all as I write this up.

It's been at least a few weeks since last week's episode ended. Marisol has been buried and Horatio, with the help of Delko, continues to search for Antonio Riaz. They finally get a break when about half a dozen Mala Noche gang members are found brutally shot. Unfortunately, Riaz wasn't one of them. While investigating the scene, Jessop triggered a grenade wired inside of a barbeque grill. The blast launched him nearly to the other side of the swimming pool. Alexx pronounced him minutes later. I'm really not sure what the point of killing Jessop was, other than shock value. Well... I was shocked.

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