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October 10, 2015

expedition impossible

Cops and Firemen Battle to Avoid Elimination on 'Expedition: Impossible' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 1st 2011 1:53AM
'Expedition: Impossible'The Cops and New York Firemen haven't been as dominant on 'Expedition: Impossible' (Thu., 9PM ET on ABC). As the only teams made up of co-workers, and representing public servants nationwide, they're going to need to step up their game if they want to survive these next few weeks.


After coming in 10th and 8th out of 12 teams last week, they failed to improve their standings. In fact, at the end of this stage they were battling it out with one other team to avoid elimination.

But the boys pulled it off, as the New York Firemen came in 10th, followed by The Cops in 11th, leaving Mom's Army as the second eliminated team. While the other teams have shifted placements these first two weeks, friends team The Gypsies found themselves in 1st place again. Can they keep this streak alive?

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'Expedition Impossible' Explores Morocco, Sends Home Its First Team (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 24th 2011 3:06AM
'Expedition Impossible'To succeed in a team-based competition like the new reality series 'Expedition Impossible' (Thu., 9PM ET on ABC), you must work together. Teamwork is key, and with three people on each group in this show, it's even more important to make sure everyone is working together and toward the same goals.

While it's normal for stress and exhaustion to cause friction as the series progresses, the team called Latin Persuasion were bickering almost from the moment the competition began. Even when they fell into last place, they kept at it.

During a challenge where they had to find water in the Moroccan desert using the traditional methods of the local people, Raven Garcia finally laid into Mai Reyes for doing a lot of standing around so far in the game and not much else.

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Doing the Math on TV: Our Handy Equations for Summer's New Shows

by AOL TV Staff, posted Jun 20th 2011 2:00PM
There are a lot of new shows on this summer and, let's face it, they're not all winners. But how do you know? You see a billboard, see a preview, read what TV people like us tell you to watch, but sometimes you need something more concrete.

Enter our handy-dandy mathematical equations for this week's new summer shows!

Expedition Impossible

OK, you're probably thinking that math and TV don't mix, but you're sorely mistaken. One show you love (+) another show you love (+) actors you adore = awesome. A show you kind of like (-) the parts you like = pass. Simple as that.

Here, we've done the math on five new shows premiering this week -- 'Combat Hospital,' 'Commercial Kings,' 'Expedition Impossible,' 'Suits' and '101 Ways to Leave a Game Show' -- so put away your calculator and set your DVRs ... or not.

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What to Watch: TV Picks for June 20 - 26

by Stephanie Earp, posted Jun 20th 2011 2:30AM
The Marriage Ref - Sunday June 26, 10 PM ET/PT, Citytv/NBC

The second season of Jerry Seinfeld's comedy roundtable debuts to much consternation, since it was generally agreed that the show was a flop. To be honest, I'm really happy about it. I thought the first season was pretty funny and at least it's not another singing competition. Julianne Moore and Ricky Gervais join Jerry on the panel and Tom Papa is back to referee.

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'Expedition Impossible': Watch the First 15 Minutes of ABC's New Reality Competition

by Jean Bentley, posted Jun 17th 2011 4:20PM
Expedition Impossible'Expedition Impossible,' Mark Burnett's latest reality show, follows teams racing against each other as they trek through Morocco.

ABC posted 15 minutes of the premiere online today, and the show seems kind of like 'The Amazing Race' meets an Iron Man challenge during a desert season of 'Survivor.' Which is to say it looks interesting, though not entirely original.

There are plenty of reality TV tropes to be found -- there's the redneck team, the spicy latina team, the ex-NFL players who talk exclusively in football metaphors, the guy overcoming adversity, the excruciatingly long pauses before critical moments -- but all in all, it looks like a fun show for the summer. That said, if it were ever up against 'TAR,' Phil Keoghan would win every time.

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AOL TV's Guide to Summer Reality Competitions

by Jean Bentley, posted May 26th 2011 9:00AM
Big BrotherIt's no secret that the networks pad their summer schedules with cheap-to-produce reality fare. And we're fine with that -- who wants to spend the summer indoors glued to the TV waiting for the next suspenseful episode of 'The Good Wife,' anyway? Instead we can come back from the pool/beach/watering hole of your choice and turn on some fun, mindless reality competition series.

One problem -- with a wealth of shows to choose from, how do we decide which ones to add to the DVR queue? From wannabe dance divas to house-bound roommates, here's a guide to the reality competition series vying for your viewership during the summer months. Which ones will you watch?

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