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October 4, 2015


Colbert Loves the Idea of Tagging Name Brand Products on Facebook (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted May 19th 2011 5:32AM
Stephen Colbert, 'The Colbert Report'Stephen Colbert is very excited about the possibilities in the new Facebook policy allowing you to tag brand-named products in your photographs. On 'The Colbert Report' (Weeknights, 11:30PM ET on Comedy Central) he laid out how you could turn this into a lucrative side business.

Of course, first you'd have to get the brand-holders on board. But if you had enough friends, imagine being able to charge a premium to Coca-Cola to tag a picture of you holding their product.

"Think of all the windfall you could reap from dropping products into your most precious life moments like weddings, births and funerals," he said while showing blatant product placement in sample photos.

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TV Squad Is on Facebook -- Celebrate With Free Snuggies!

by Chris Harnick, posted Feb 14th 2011 12:00PM
TV Squad SnuggieHappy Valentine's Day! To spread the love, we're going to let you guys in on a little secret -- TV Squad has launched a new Facebook page! A few savvy readers have found the page, but we're now ready to announce it to the world.

To celebrate the launch of our new page, we're giving away 20 TV Squad Snuggies at random to loyal readers who join us on Facebook.

Want to win one of these handsome pieces of fashion genius? Read on!

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Michelle Obama Doesn't Want Sasha and Malia on Facebook ... Yet (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Feb 9th 2011 1:25PM
First lady Michelle Obama Facebook Today ShowMichelle Obama talked about her daughters and Facebook this morning on 'Today' (Weekdays, 7AM on NBC), reporting that neither Sasha, who is 9, nor Malia, 12, are on the popular social networking site.

Matt Lauer asked her what her reasoning was for keeping her kids off Facebook. "I'm not a big fan of young kids having Facebook," said Obama. "It's not something they need. It's not necessary right now."

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Jimmy Kimmel Rallies Support for Tomorrow's 'National Unfriend Day' on 'GMA' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 16th 2010 1:50PM
Jimmy Kimmel, 'Good Morning America'With the growing popularity of Facebook, Jimmy Kimmel has decided to take a stand. He's declared Wednesday, November 17th to be National Unfriend Day. He went on 'Good Morning America' (Weekdays, 7AM on ABC) to talk about why he feels such a holiday is necessary in this age of social networking.

People are "spending an inordinate amount of time on Facebook," Kimmel explained. "And I wondered what could possibly be so interesting, and how you could have 900 friends. I mean, no one has 900 friends!"

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Jimmy Kimmel Champions National UnFriend Day on November 17th (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Nov 11th 2010 4:41AM
Jimmy Kimmel Champions National UnFriend Day on November 17thTen years ago, there was no "Facebook." There were no updates about what a random high school pal had for lunch today, no updates about how a second cousin's virtual "farm" was doing. Now, thanks to the magic of Facebook, you can get this info. But Jimmy Kimmel thinks this may not be a good thing.

On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (weeknights, 12AM ET on ABC), the host discussed his latest project: "National UnFriend Day," which is a holiday set for November 17th. Although the average Facebook user has 120 "friends," many Facebook users have lists going into the thousands.

Kimmel has had enough, and he's taking a stand against the debasement of the word "friend."

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Facebook on the Small Screen: Our Favorite Social Networking Moments on TV

by Jean Bentley, posted Oct 2nd 2010 2:00PM
'30 Rock'Facebook might be getting its due at the movies this weekend with the opening of 'The Social Network,' but the site (and some other fictional social networks) have been celebrated on TV for years. From Jim's oh-so-clever Halloween costume on 'The Office' or the up-and-coming NBC acquisition YouFace on '30 Rock,' we came up with a list of some of the greatest social networking tributes on television.

YouFace, '30 Rock'
Jack reconnected with his high school flame, played by Julianne Moore, via NBC's "up-and-coming social networking site," YouFace. Users post their "PhoLo" -- "a contraction for Photo and Hello" -- and "FingerTag" -- contact -- their friends. In a relationship? Describe your status to the world using convenient terms like "Weirdsies" and "Working On It."

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Aaron Sorkin: Facebook Is "Pushing Us Farther Apart" (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 29th 2010 1:27PM
Aaron Sorkin, 'The View'No one can dispute the size and power of the Facebook movement online. What is in dispute, perhaps, is its impact on us. While most people would agree that its intention was to allow us to be even more connected with our friends, some would disagree.

While talking about 'The Social Network,' his movie about Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, on 'The View' (Weekdays, Syndicated on ABC), Barbara Walters asked Aaron Sorkin what he thinks "Facebook has done to people's lives."

While he thinks Zuckerberg had the best intentions when creating the application; to bring people closer together; Sorkin believes it has done the exact opposite. "I think that socializing on the Internet is to socializing what reality TV is to reality," he argued.

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Betty White Sings on 'Saturday Night Live' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted May 9th 2010 10:50PM
Betty White Sings on 'Saturday Night Live'Well, it finally happened. Due to an enormous Facebook-based campaign, Betty White got to be the host of 'Saturday Night Live' (Sat., 11:30PM ET on NBC). On the show, old and new cast members tried to demonstrate their appreciation for the 88-year-old actress by singing their version of 'Thank You for Being a Friend' -- the theme song from White's hit sitcom 'The Golden Girls.' Which was really a very sweet gesture.

But then, White struck back by singing her own version of the song. It turned out to be a little more ... hardcore than what the cast members did. Sometimes, mere words can fail to accurately describe an experience. In this case, only by listening to the song itself can you truly feel the awesome power of Betty White.

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'Glee' and the Barbra Streisand Connection

by Allison Waldman, posted Apr 29th 2010 2:02PM
barbra_streisand_high_school_yearbookEver since 'Glee' began, there's been a thread running through it that's always reminded me of Barbra Streisand. In last Tuesday's episode, the thread was more like a rope, as four characters did the medley "One Less Bell/A House Is Not A Home," just like Streisand did in the 1971 Burt Bacharach TV special.

Apparently, others have picked up on this connection, too. This review in New York magazine suggested that the 'Glee' should really do a Barbra Streisand episode -- like the Madonna show -- because Barbra is 'the patron saint' of 'Glee' kids.

Whether they do an all-Streisand show or not, the writer made a great point about how the kids in New Directions are more akin to Brooklyn Barbra than almost any other performer. Before she graduated Erasmus Hall High School in 1959, Barbra Streisand was in glee club. (So was Neil Diamond!) But Streisand wasn't the star of Choral Club. The director, Mr. De Pietto, preferred blonde soprano,Trudy Wallace, and gave her all the solos. Streisand was put in the back, in the alto section.

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Facebook on 'South Park' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Apr 8th 2010 1:00AM
Facebook on 'South Park'Facebook! It's trendy! It's hot! (Or not.) But do you have enough Facebook friends? Is your virtual farm doing okay? Have you been "Poked" lately? Have you been "SuperPoked"? Do you even know what these terms mean? The latest episode of the always topical 'South Park' (Wed., 10PM ET on Comedy Central) discusses all these important issues, and more.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Zach Braff Tells Facebook Fans That 'Scrubs' is Done

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 24th 2010 12:27PM
'Scrubs' season nine cast
If you're a fan of 'Scrubs' and were holding out hope that the show was going to return... well, you weren't paying attention to the signs. ABC burned off the final two episodes unannounced this month; the season finale aired before a night of Wednesday comedy reruns. Then a number of show writers and producers took to their Twitter and Facebook feeds to mention that last week's episode was the "series finale" and not the season finale.

But if you need to find an "official" word that the show is done, you pretty much can't get any more official than Zach Braff himself. He told his Facebook fans that "it appears that "New Scrubs", "Scrubs 2.0", "Scrubs with new kids", "Scrubbier", "Scrubs without JD" is no more. It was worth a try, but alas... it didn't work."

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You Win, Internet: Betty White To Host 'Saturday Night Live'

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 8th 2010 3:00PM
Betty WhiteFacebook fans, your plan has worked: Betty White has confirmed that she's going to host 'Saturday Night Live.'

There's no word yet on when she will host or under what circumstances, but White tells People that she is indeed going to host the show. She says she "doesn't know why or how, but it's been wonderful."

There was talk that because of her age (she's 88), she would be a part of a "Women of Comedy" episode of 'SNL,' but producer Lorne Michaels says that's not true.

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Valerie Bertinelli Sitcom (with Betty White!) is a Go at TV Land

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 2nd 2010 1:02PM
Betty WhiteBetty White has always been beloved by TV fans, but now she has reached a level of attention she probably never had before. She has hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook who want her to host 'Saturday Night Live,' she's a guest on '30 Rock,' and she made a cameo last night on Leno's first night back behind the 'Tonight Show' desk. And now it looks like she might be back on TV on a regular basis.

TheWrap.com says that TV Land has said yes to a new original sitcom titled 'Hot in Cleveland.' It stars Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick, and Jane Leeves as three Los Angeles career women who decide to move to Cleveland and live in a big house (no idea why it has that title though - perhaps global warming has done something to Ohio in the future?). White plays the caretaker of the house in the pilot. Though she hasn't been signed beyond that, you can bet that they'll try to get her to make appearances in later episodes too.

That's a great cast, and it's good to see TV Land doing something besides another season of 'High School Reunion.' They also added 'Bewitched' to their daily lineup and 'Everybody Loves Raymond' is coming soon, so maybe things are getting better there.

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Costas Closes Olympics with "the Always Enjoyable Giant Inflatable Beaver"

by Danny Gallagher, posted Mar 1st 2010 8:30PM
Bob Costas is a broadcasting legend and rightfully so. He has a commanding presence and an intellectual curiosity that can never be fed. He has conducted probing and thoughtful interviews with just about everyone who ever meant anything to the news and sports world. But now, he will be forever remembered for uttering a phrase that united the world.

Costas uttered this now immortal phrase during the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics last night, and it set the Internet afire with its "beaver" and "inflatable" Google keyword alerts. It not only appeared all over Twitter, but it now has its own Facebook page with 1,500 members and growing. Someone out there, a lucky businessman, is putting it on a T-shirt, and the world will become just a little bit better for it.

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Looks Like Betty White Might Host 'Saturday Night Live' After All

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 22nd 2010 10:30AM
Betty WhiteWho says that internet campaigns don't work? Remember that Facebook campaign to get Betty White to host 'Saturday Night Live?' You thought it was just one of those goofy things that wouldn't lead anywhere, but it looks like it might happen after all (though there's a twist...).

White has said she wants to do the show, and now Michael Ausliello over at Entertainment Weekly is reporting that negotiations are underway for White to host the show later this season. But she wouldn't host it alone. The episode would be a "Women of Comedy" episode, with people like Molly Shannon on board and possibly Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Seems like they might not want White - who is 88 years old - to have to host the entire live show herself.

This could still be a great show anyway. But if they're getting White, why not get some other classic female TV personalities? Wouldn't it be great to have, say, Mary Tyler Moore, Rue McClanahan, and Cloris Leachman join White on the show? I'm sure we could think of other women from TV history that could co-host with White.

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