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August 30, 2015


Betty White May Host 'SNL'

by Scott Harris, posted Feb 22nd 2010 10:30AM
When it comes to the internet, there's no denying the power of Facebook, as the countless millions of Farmville requests in your inbox show on a daily basis. But now there's proof that Facebook is more than just a forum for people to reveal that they enjoy pickles more than Nickelback. The unlikely avatar of Facebook's influence? Betty White.

Yes, according to Entertainment Weekly, 'Saturday Night Live' is close to signing the octogenarian comedian to host an upcoming episode, a move that comes in the wake of a highly publicized push by Facebook users urging 'SNL' producer Lorne Michaels to consider the 'Golden Girls' star.

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Actor Who Played "Boner" on 'Growing Pains' Is Missing

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 21st 2010 1:30PM
Andrew KoenigLike a lot of people nowadays, I seem to hear all of my breaking news reports on Twitter, and that's how I found out that actor and activist Josh Andrew Koenig is missing. If the name doesn't ring a bell, he's the son of actor Walter Koenig ('Star Trek') and played Boner on the 80s sitcom 'Growing Pains.'

Koenig was last seen in Vancouver last week. He was supposed to fly back home on February 16 but did not board the flight and no one has heard from him since. Those familiar with the writing of Harlan Ellison know that the story "Jeffty is Five" was inspired by Koenig.

Koenig has been a political activist for quite some time and is also a camera operator on Never Not Funny. Several celebrities, including VH-1's Doug Benson, Jimmy Pardo (Koenig's brother-in-law), Sarah Silverman, Alyssa Milano, and 'How I Met Your Mother' star Alyson Hannigan have been tweeting about his disappearance and a Facebook page has been started. If you have any information about Koenig at all, please contact the Vancouver Police Department at 604-717-2534.

Update: Koenig's parents tell TMZ that he was suffering from depression and that the last time they heard from him was on February 9.

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Facebook Group Wants Betty White to Host 'SNL'

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 5th 2010 10:31AM
Betty WhiteNow here's a Facebook group I can get behind. Close to 10,000 people have joined the Betty White To Host 'SNL' (please?) group at the networking site. There's been no talks with NBC about White hosting the show, this is just something that fans cooked up and want to happen.

This is one of those things where you say to yourself, "hey, why not?" White is a TV icon, and even though she's 88 years old she's still spry, and I bet she could handle an hour or so of sketches. Besides, if the show can have people like Charles Barkley, Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, and Ellen Page host, why not White? She's been around for several decades, is one of those TV stars who is known to both people in their 50s (if they even watch 'SNL') and also people in their 20s ('The Golden Girls' is actually quite popular on college campuses). She was even on '30 Rock' this season.

Lorne Michaels, your move.

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Top TV Stories of 2009: Celebs who use Twitter

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 14th 2009 9:02AM
TwitterI'll admit that I wasn't swayed by the allure of Twitter at first. As someone who tried Facebook for three weeks a couple of years ago and then quickly canceled the account, I didn't want to get on a social networking site that was like Facebook but only had status updates. Why would I want to do that? But then I started using Twitter and then I got it. I got why it's so great (note: I'm on Facebook again, but only because Facebook is the new phone book - even if you don't use it that much, it's good to be listed).

Twitter haters always say the same thing when they explain why they're not on it: "Why would I care when someone's eating a sandwich?" It's so much more than that. I even think it has evolved into something the creators of Twitter could never have imagined. Sure, it's social networking, but not social networking in the sense that Facebook is. It's a whole different thing. It's like getting a stream of e-mails or IMs or breaking news posts throughout the day from people you're actually interested in hearing from.

And that list of people just might include TV personalities.

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Aaron Sorkin returning to television

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 18th 2009 4:29PM
Aaron SorkinIn last week's TV Squad Podcast, I mentioned how I liked Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It was a show with a ton of flaws, but it was also well-written and had a ton of potential. After it ended, Sorkin fans (even the ones who didn't like the show) were wondering "what will he do on TV next?" Well, we might have our answer.

Over at TV Guide magazine, Sorkin says that his next show will once again (like Studio 60 and Sports Night) be set in the world of television, a behind-the-scenes look at...something. He doesn't say what the show will be, but when Studio 60 ended there was talk that he would do a show set at a fictional cable news channel. Considering that all of Sorkin's shows have had some sort of news and/or political side, this seems like a natural. He'll be able to talk about all of the things he wants to talk about in a setting like that.

Sorkin says that he will start working on the show when filming of The Social Network, the big screen movie about the start of Facebook, is over. I can't wait.

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Something "crazy" is going to happen on Shep Smith's show today

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 26th 2009 1:29PM
Shep SmithShep Smith is one of my favorite people on TV, and I never miss his show at 3 PM each day. Today we might want to make a special effort to watch.

On Facebook last night, Smith promised that "something crazy" was going to happen on the show. Now, I'm assuming it's on the show because he says it's going to happen "right here," and I assume he means the show and not on his Facebook page. Check out the video and see for yourself.

Any guesses? He has a new site but, jeez, I hope that's not all it is.

[via TV Newser]

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ABC's sneaks Modern Family to exclusive audience

by Allison Waldman, posted Aug 15th 2009 2:00PM
How would you promote a new TV show if you were a network executive whose career might be riding on the success of that show? Okay, maybe not your career, but at least a chance to keep your job? Well, at NBC, the brains marketing Community have turned to Facebook. ABC has a similar, but different, plan in mind for Modern Family. ABC's Inner Circle will get exclusive viewing of Modern Family.

The ABC Inner Circle is comprised of 20,000 consumers who have be recruited or volunteered to the online fan base. ABC marketing is counting on those people then spreading the word via Facebook, Twitter and other social networking programs.

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NBC turns to Facebook to preview Community

by Allison Waldman, posted Aug 13th 2009 9:02AM
chevy_chase_community_NBCI've been pretty down on a lot of the stuff NBC has done about the new fall season, especially the Jay Leno experiment. But here's something that strikes me as a smart move. NBC is streaming the pilot of Community on Facebook. It's sans commercials and free for anyone who's a Facebook user who's willing to become a fan of Community. Or they can send a link from the fan page to friends, or place it on their Facebook profile.

Marketing-wise, this makes a lot of sense. The demographic NBC is targeting is the Facebook generation. And just the idea of seeing something before it previews anywhere else -- on your laptop for free just by going on Facebook -- is easy as pie.

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Gary Coleman wants to tell you your Fry Cup Fortune

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 12th 2009 11:38AM
Coleman coupon

You're never quite sure where Gary Coleman is going to pop up next. He could be doing a TV commercial here, a Penn & Teller appearance there, a court appearance there. Now he's doing a promotion for New York Fries, a Canadian French fry chain. That page also has a link to a Facebook app where Gary will tell you your "Fry Cup Fortune."

Before today I never really thought I'd be writing a post about Gary Coleman, French fries, and fortune telling.

[via Adrants]

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Stephen Colbert takes on Facebook and "death panels"

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 11th 2009 5:00PM
The big debate right now regarding the healthcare plan is the concept of "death panels." Not sure where or when this first came up, though last night, Stephen Colbert pointed out it was from Sarah Palin's recent Facebook posting that brought it to the public.

The scary part? The reality competition show that Colbert mentions at the end of the clip is something that we'll probably see at some point.

The Colbert Report Mon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Death Panels

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Goode Family producers pledge to return

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Aug 10th 2009 2:01PM
ABC might have killed The Goode Family, but its producers say it will live again.Every time The Goode Family aired on ABC, it felt badly out of place -- right up until its cancellation. Now, its producers are hinting that the show will live again on another network.

ABC canceled Mike Judge's latest animated series last week. It was hardly a shock considering the network moved it around its schedule more than a Three Card Monte dealer shifts the Queen of Hearts. ABC looked for a place to bury the Goodes -- then they killed them.

But, on the show's Facebook page, show-runners John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky claim the show will return on a new network.

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Teens aren't into TV, newspapers, radio, or Twitter (but they love texting)

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 13th 2009 6:27PM
retro tvI'm always cynical about these studies that show what teens aren't into, but this study was actually done by a 15 year-old, so maybe it's a lot closer to the truth.

He's a intern at Morgan Stanley, and he says that teens today aren't really into TV (beyond watching their favorite shows for a season), they'd rather download music than listen to the radio, and they don't read newspapers at all because it's "wicked stupid." OK, they didn't say that, but they find newspapers too long. They also don't like Twitter. They'd rather update their Facebook page (makes sense - Facebook is more passive, like a web site; you have to really be involved with Twitter).

So this poll is only for the teens out there reading this.

How do you watch TV?
I love it and watch it every single day287 (46.4%)
I watch it a lot73 (11.8%)
I only watch my favorite shows and that's it213 (34.4%)
I have one show that I watch and that's all14 (2.3%)
I watch only sports and news10 (1.6%)
I never watch TV22 (3.6%)

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Chelsea Handler talks about Real Housewives, long breasts, and three-way parasailing

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 9th 2009 5:40PM
I love these little mini-essay rants that Chelsea Handler does. It makes me want to watch her show, though I always always always forget that it's on and always miss it. Here she talks about how one of the Chelsea Lately panelists, Heather McDonald, is obsessed with the Real Housewives shows on Bravo. (Video also here.)

Oh, like 92% of everything Handler talks about, this is NSFW.

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CNN's Tony Harris is on Facebook but doesn't want to be

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 1st 2009 12:34PM
Tony HarrisI get antsy watching CNN's Tony Harris do the news. He always has these uncomfortable hiccups in his delivery and he's always looking off camera, as if the next word in the sentence is floating in the air next to him or on the table and he has to look to see what it is so he can continue.

But I find this funny: Harris is on Facebook, but he told CNN viewers yesterday that he has no idea how to log on to it and finds the whole thing "stalkerish." I'm looking for the video and will post it here if I can find it.

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Jon Stewart on CNN's "you report AND decide" format

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 17th 2009 3:07PM
While I think that Twitter and Facebook can be invaluable for news (including what's going on overseas) and just plain fun, Jon Stewart does have a point about how all of the cable news networks (especially CNN) rely way, way too much on Twitter messages and web site posts and opinions from viewers (local news does it too). Seems like they're trying to fill up space and get viewers "involved" instead of, you know, showing some editorial judgment. Honestly, I really don't care what "funnyballs69" thinks about North Korea. Last night Stewart and The Daily Show talked about this a bit. (Video also here.)

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