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October 10, 2015


FOX gives OK to $10 million JJ Abrams pilot

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 17th 2008 4:28PM

JJ AbramsJJ Abrams, of Lost, Alias, and Felicity fame, has another TV show coming up, this time on FOX.

Fringe will star Kirk Acevedo and Tomas Arana and is about a young female FBI agent who teams up with a scientist to investigate odd phenomena and other sci-fi happenings. Wait, is this X-Files 2?

More interesting than the plot of the show is the price tag for the pilot episode: $10 million. That's just for the pilot episode. I hope it doesn't turn into one of those shows that has a great-looking, expensive pilot episode (*cough* Smith *cough), hooks viewers in, and then the rest of the show falls apart. But I have faith in Abrams. He has a great track record, enthusiasm, and is an actual fan of the genre and not just a producer, so I'll give this a shot.

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Who needs hearts when you have triangles!

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Feb 13th 2007 6:43PM
Grey's Anatomy has a love triangle too. It's that time of year again, where everything around you suddenly takes a heart shape. The stores around you are filled with waves of reds and pinks.

But darn it! Not everything is roses and overpriced candies. (Especially for the fellas who rush to the stores because you're told to.)

We've all been single and we've all been there with breakups... the question is how well do you know your TV Breakups?

Perhaps you're in a tumultuous love triangle and not sure whose valentine is yours? Well some of our favorite characters don't get that right either.

Remember that even if you're with or without a valentine this year, that you can always find your remote control in your arms. (Because you can't snuggle and watch your TV at the same time. Duh.)

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J.J. Abrams signs $60 million deal with Warner Bros., Paramount

by Anna Johns, posted Jul 17th 2006 9:08PM
j.j. abramsGeez. I guess we know who television's "It" man is these days. J.J. Abrams, creator of Felicity, Lost and Alias and director of Mission: Impossible III, signed new television and film production deals with Warner Bros. and Paramount, totalling approximately $60 million. According to E! online, the deals wrap up some intense negotiating where nearly every Hollywood studio was vying to get the Abrams name on its stuff. There's a funny quote from a Warner Bros. exec in the LA Times, saying, "J.J. is such a unique and extraordinary talent, someone whom I've admired for years." I laugh at that because, if he was so talented, why didn't you bozos sign him years ago instead of now when he's hot? Oh, I think I just answered my own question.

J.J.'s television deal with Warner Bros. gives him $4-$6 million a year and pays $2 million of Bad Robot's overhead costs. The movie deal with Paramount gives him $2.5 million a year over five years, plus costs and $5 million for his first movie. Paramount execs call J.J. "the next Steven Spielberg."

No pressure, J.J.

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Keri Russell is new Cover Girl spokesmodel

by Anna Johns, posted Jul 11th 2006 1:48PM
keri russell; cover girlKeri Russell is the new face of Cover Girl. She'll begin appearing in new television advertisements for Cover Girl's Outlast Double Lipshine later this month and she'll make her magazine debut in August. The television ad is a bit unusual for Cover Girl; Keri fights ninjas and looks gorgeous doing it. Apparently since her appearance in Mission Impossible: III, the former Felicity star is now an action hero!

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The WB looks back as it signs off on September 17

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 30th 2006 5:31PM
The WB logoThe WB is scheduled to breathe its last breath on Sunday, September 17. In a look back at its eleven-year run, the netlet will run the pilots of the five shows it considers to be its most important. So, starting at 5 PM, viewers will get to see the pilots of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawson's Creek, Felicity, and Angel. During commercial breaks, the network will air promos from the various campaigns shown over the network's run. Hopefully they'll also bring back Michigan J. Frog, who they summarily dismissed last year; the poor guy deserves some respect.

And, yes, I only named four shows. Felicity airs from 5-6PM, followed by Angel from 6-7PM, Buffy from 7-9PM, and the Creek from 9-10PM. Why not air the pilots for Smallville, Gilmore Girls, or 7th Heaven? Because they're still running, silly; they're all part of The CW's fall lineup. According to this article in Variety (registration required), getting the rights to air these pilots from the studios and their current cable homes was tough, but deals were struck that included date and time promos for the cable reruns and ads for the DVD releases by the studios.

Anyway, it should be a fun day of nostalgia before the CW takes over the next day.

[Thanks to Jeff, Dorv, Scott and Tammy for the tips. ]

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J.J. Abrams' secret weapon: Greg Grunberg

by Bob Sassone, posted May 26th 2006 10:22AM
Greg GrunbergGreg Grunberg seems to be in just about everything that J.J. Abrams does. He was a regular on both Alias and Felicity, the doomed pilot on Lost (what killed him anyway? A monster?), the star of The Catch, the bounty hunter show that never made it to air, and has made cameos in everything from What About Brian? to Mission: Impossible 3.

But Grunberg will next be seen in a non-Abrams project, the new NBC fall show Heroes, where he will be one of six ordinary citizens who find that they suddenly have superpowers (he can also be seen in Jason Bateman's failed show The Jake Effect, which had a marathon on Bravo last night and can be seen on BrilliantButCanceled.com).

If I could have one superpower, it wouldn't be the ability to fly or super strength. I'd have to go with invisibility, because I have a dirty mind.

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