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October 13, 2015

felix gaeta

New Battlestar Galactica webisode, poster now online

by Mike Moody, posted Dec 12th 2008 5:27PM
battlestar galactica season 4.5 poster starbuckPity Felix Gaeta. First, he was almost shot out of an airlock. Then he lost a leg. Now, it looks like he's in for one long, terrible day in "The Face of the Enemy," the 10-part Battlestar Galactia webisode series that premiered today on SciFi.com.

Click through for more, somewhat spoilery, info about the first chapter of "Enemy," written by Jane Espenson and Seamus Kevin Fahey. You'll also find the full webisode schedule and a larger version of the new Season 4.5 poster featuring Starbuck's, er, chest after the jump.

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Five possibilities for the final Cylon

by Anna Johns, posted May 9th 2008 1:02PM
kara thrace; starbuckI was in the shower thinking about Battlestar Galactica the other day. The thought occupying my mind was: Who is the final Cylon? That is the big mystery this season, after all.

The writers of BSG have a huge challenge in choosing the final Cylon. They already shocked us with the season finale last year when we learned that Tigh, Chief, Torre and Sam are Cylons. Who could possibly be more shocking than that? The final Cylon can't be some character who suddenly appears this season and has a major role, just so he/she can be the final Cylon. I truly doubt it's either Pres. Roslin or Adm. Adama because that might be too over-the-top and therefore unbelievable. Of course, the writers could easily take us there over the season and make it shocking, yet believable. (These BSG writers really do rock, don't they?)

So, I thought about it. And here are the five characters who would make a shocking final Cylon:

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