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October 9, 2015

flavor of love

VH1's reality queen New York wants to do Lifetime movies

by Kristin Sample, posted Aug 3rd 2008 1:09PM
New York is going to HollywoodVH1 posted an interview they did with Tiffany "New York" Pollard a few days ago and, get this, she wants to do Lifetime original movies. God help us all. When asked whether she would rather pursue comedy or drama for her blossoming acting career, she said emphatically, "Drama!" New York wants to play some "cracked out mom" and loves Lifetime originals. She added that she hopes to be a part of one of their movies in the near future.

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A history of reality television (part five): I take this millionaire bachelor to be my geeky newlywed date - VIDEOS

by Richard Keller, posted Jul 9th 2008 6:00PM

The season 1 cast photo of The BachelorFor some, watching relationship-based reality programming is not their idea of a pleasant night in. Why should they watch shows about finding and keeping love when it takes so long to find that right person in real life? Yet, since the mid-'60s, viewers have turned-in to watch others search for their soul mate. Or, at least their soul mate of the hour.

Of course, in the time of the Reality Revolution, the way love was found on television changed a bit. Rather than asking a simple set of questions to a set of bachelors or bachelorettes sitting behind a wall, men and women would compete for the love of a well-to-do bachelor or bachelorette, or a rapper/model, or a washed up 80s hair band star. They would even compete to see if their love could withstand an onslaught of temptation.

Sometimes they would find their one true love on these reality show. Other times they would be tossed away, their hearts broken, like a piece of paper. Along the way they would be love, sex, fights, sex, heartfelt moments, and sex. With reality programming being what it is, the viewers ate it all up.

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Flav lost his virginity at six-years-old?

by Kristin Sample, posted Jul 9th 2008 11:41AM
Flav and his ladiesVH1 is calling this the best interview ever; Flavor Flav of the network's hit franchise Flavor of Love talked to Complex Magazine.

And you won't believe what he said. Here's what you never wanted to know about the rapper-turned-reality-superstar:

1. He made another kid eat dog poop. It was revenge for the kid making Flav eat his own booger.

2. His favorite possession is a Coo-Coo clock from Switzerland. It has a little Flav that comes out and screams "Yeah Boy!" when the big hand strikes three.

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Super Skank Wednesday: The I Love Money casting special

by Kristin Sample, posted Jul 2nd 2008 5:42PM
Hoopz is on I Love Money
Welcome to Super Skank Wednesday. This is where I celebrate the awesomely skanky people on the following shows: I Love Money, Charm School, New York Goes to Hollywood, and The Surreal Life. Basically, I'll discuss the skankalicious shows that make VH1 the network it is today.

There's been a lull in trashtastic programming lately. I'm stuck watching So You Think You Can Dance (some of the those Latin ballroom costumes are a little slutty) and Secret Diary of a Call Girl (scripted skankiness). I long for VH1 to start their summer of skanktacity. We got a little taste last night with the I Love Money casting special. Check out my review after the jump.

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Super Skank Wednesday: Get psyched for I Love Money- VIDEOS

by Kristin Sample, posted Jun 18th 2008 3:04PM
12 Pack Welcome to Super Skank Wednesday. This is where I celebrate the awesomely skanky people on the following shows: I Love Money, Charm School, New York Goes to Hollywood, and The Surreal Life. Basically, I'll discuss the skankalicious shows that make VH1 the network it is today.

After the jump, get ready for I Love Money. I've got some previews for the show and a trip down memory lane paying tribute to I Love Money's cast members. This summer will not disappoint!

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The Hills co-star gets his own series

by Kristin Sample, posted Jun 10th 2008 9:02AM
Brody JennerLauren Conrad is like the Flavor Flav of MTV. That statement probably needs some explanation. Much like Flav's stardom has spawned spin-off after spin-off (with spin-offs of the spin-offs), LC is shining her light on fellow Hills cast members. First, I reported that Whitney Port is getting her own show and now...

The Hills co-star Brody Jenner is getting his own spin-off called Bromance. The show, brainchild of Ryan Seacrest's company (thanks Seacrest), is a competition where regular guys come to Hollywood for a chance to be in...get this...Brody's entourage. MTV Senior VP of Series Development Liz Gateley says, "Brody is the perfect fit for this concept; he is the type of guy everyone wants to hang out with."

But wait, there's more. In each episode's elimination ceremony, the guys will gather in a hot tub for the news. Furthermore, similar to Rock of Love and Flavor of Love, the guys will participate in various competitions (i.e. skydiving and dealing with the paparazzi), go on group dates, and be rewarded with alone time with Brody.

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Super Skank Wednesday: A list for your consideration

by Kristin Sample, posted Jun 4th 2008 12:03PM
Heather ChadwellWelcome to Super Skank Wednesday. This is where I celebrate the awesomely skanky people on the following shows: Flavor of Love, I Love New York (or whatever show Tiffany Pollard is making next), The Surreal Life, Charm School, and Miss Rap Supreme.

After the jump, I have a list for you. I call it, "The 10 Most Fabulous Flavorettes and Rockettes." Not those Rockettes. Not the ones who kick really high and line-up in different formations and perform at Radio City. Bret's Rockettes! Okay, it's a bad name, but what else do I call them (especially when Flav refers to his skanks as "Flavorettes")?

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 2nd 2008 6:05PM

Mannix DVDHere are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

  • American Gangster - Season 2
  • The Andromeda Strain - Complete Mini-Series
  • CHiPs - Season 2
  • Dante's Cove - Season 3
  • The Dead Zone - Season 6
  • Doctor Who - Beneath The Surface, Doctor Who and the Silurians, The Sea Devils, and Warriors of the Deep
  • Fearless Planet
  • Flavor of Love - Season 3
  • Get Smart - Complete Series (1995 version)
  • I Love New York - Season 2
  • Mannix - Season 1
  • Meerkat Manor - Best Of, Season 2
  • Rescue Me - Season 4
  • Storm Chasers - Perfect Disaster
  • Weeds - Season 3

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Superteaser for VH1's I Love Money

by Kristin Sample, posted May 27th 2008 12:01PM
Heather ChadwellVH1 released a superteaser for their new summer celebreality series I Love Money last Friday. From the looks of the video, I Love Money will be more of the trashiness and scandal we've come to expect from other VH1 shows like Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, I Love New York and Charm School. The cast will be split into two teams (gold and green) and compete for a $250,000 prize a lá the Real World / Road Rules Gauntlet or Inferno shows. However, since this cast is less athletic and more skanky than the RW/RR folks, the actual challenges themselves look like they will be much more entertaining. And of course, you won't be tuning in just for the competitions. According to the superteaser, they'll be hook-ups, secret alliances, a spitting contest (perfect for Pumkin), and even some "true" love.

The superteaser is five minutes long! That's five minutes of skanky goodness for your enjoyment.

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Super Skank Wednesday: A tribute to Flav & more miscellany -- VIDEOS

by Kristin Sample, posted May 21st 2008 12:02PM
The many faces of Heather
Welcome to Super Skank Wednesday. This is where I celebrate the awesomely skanky people on the following shows: Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, I Love New York (or whatever show Tiffany Pollard is making next), The Surreal Life, and Miss Rap Supreme.

After the jump, check out my tribute to Flavor Flav, my thoughts on Miss Rap Supreme and The Bad Girls Club, and other skankalicious goings on. (By the way, I won't be talking about Heather Chadwell. I just thought you guys deserved a treat.)

Happy Super Skank Wednesday!

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Flavor of Love: Three's a charm - VIDEO

by Kristin Sample, posted May 15th 2008 9:01AM
Flavor Flav and his season one cast. Flavor Flav's search for the right woman will end in Paris next week. Sniffle. Hold on while I wipe the single tear from my eye. After three seasons of Flavor of Love, VH1 has announced that next Monday's show will be Flav's last chance at finding love... well, his last chance on a reality dating show where VH1 casts a bunch of skanks for him to choose from. I'm already planning a Super Skank Wednesday tribute to the glorious Flavor of Love, the show that started it all. (Don't ask me to define what exactly it started. Just know that whatever was started, was started by Flavor of Love.)

The season and series finale of Flavor of Love will air on Monday, May 19th at 9:00 p.m. ET / PT. In the words of Flav (a man never at loss for something pithy to say), the finale is sure to be "dramatical."
I put a clip from the finale after the jump for you enjoyment.

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VH1's got a new celebreality show

by Kristin Sample, posted May 5th 2008 8:04PM
I Love Money
Okay, you can commence the happy dance! Contestants from your favorite skanky shows on VH1 coming together for an all-star competition called I Love Money. What will they be competing for? I think you can figure that one out. The show will feature your favorite personalities from Rock of Love, Flavor Of Love, and I Love New York. It's produced by Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego (my personal heroes) who have produced, well, just about every successful show on VH1.

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Flavor Flav stars in first MyNetworkTV sitcom

by Brad Trechak, posted Feb 6th 2008 8:35AM
Flavor of LoveIf you're a relatively new TV network known for scripted dramas, reality shows and theatrical performances, who would you want to star in your first sitcom? If you said "Flavor Flav", then you and MyNetworkTV have a lot in common.

The show will be called Under One Roof and is about a former convict (played by Flav) who moves in with his wealthy, conservative brother and his brother's family. He then starts teaching his nephew to be a gangster rapper. I only wish I was kidding.

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The top 10 bad-ass women of reality TV

by Kristin Sample, posted Oct 8th 2007 3:02PM
Omarosa on VH1's Surreal Life 5, Dirty Laundry EpisodeSo, I was going to do a list about the most villainous women of reality TV but then I thought...wouldn't a list of bad-ass women be way more interesting? Being bad is overrated (almost as overrated as being good). But being bad-ass, now that's a tricky balancing act, one that is way more intriguing.

This list therefore is dedicated to the women of reality TV that make being bad look oh so good. And no, Omarosa Stallworth-whatever is NOT on the list. I'll explain why after the jump.

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Top seven extenders of reality TV fame

by Kristin Sample, posted Oct 1st 2007 11:02AM
Colleen Haskell on Survivor: BorneoColleen Haskell from Survivor BorneoHere are seven people who used their reality TV notoriety to their advantage. They have found success in other TV genres, film, or entrepreneurial pursuits. Some just found more fame in the genre that put them on thee map.

7. Colleen Haskell (Survivor):
Colleen was in the first season of Survivor (Borneo) and while she didn't outwit, outplay and outlast the other cast members, she did make a good run of her fifteen minutes. She finished sixth in her season but was such a genuine and fair player that when her torch was extinguished Richard Hatch called her a "wonderful person." Using her American-apple-pie-pretty-girl-next-door appearance and attitude, she parlayed her reality TV fame into more roles in both television and film. She did a Blistex commercial and had a guest spot on That 70's Show. Most notably, however, she starred alongside Rob Schneider in The Animal (2001). Pretty good for a Catholic school girl from a small town in Maryland.

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