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October 10, 2015

fleetwood mac

Stevie Nicks Discusses Her New Album and Performs on 'The Talk' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Sep 13th 2011 4:45PM
Stevie Nicks performs on 'The Talk'When Stevie Nicks was ready to start making her first album of new material in a decade, 'In Your Dreams,' she called former Eurythmic Dave Stewart to help with the writing and producing. Nicks said Tuesday on 'The Talk' (weekdays, syndicated on CBS) that it was a fruitful relationship, and that they wrote a song together the first day Stewart visited Nicks' house. Nicks also put on a live performance of 'For What It's Worth.'

During the songwriting process, Stewart made it clear to Nicks that if she didn't like a song they wrote, they didn't have to use it, and that his feelings wouldn't be hurt. "He could read my face, and he could see if it was going a little the other way," said Nicks. "He would just go, 'Uh...' and he would just start playing another chord. So off we'd go another way. So I never had a chance to start having that bad experience."

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'American Idol:' Top 3 Perform for a Shot at the Finale Recap

by Hilary Rothing, posted May 19th 2011 12:30AM
Baby, lock them damn doors already and turn the lights down low! It was time to get down to business tonight as the Top 3 tackled a trio of songs, including their own picks as well as selections from the judges and mega-producer Jimmy Iovine.

On the heels of an inspiring hometown visit, yet with two-thirds of the night out of their hands, how did Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart handle the pressure?

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Lady Gaga and Stevie Nicks to Perform on 'American Idol' Season Finale

by Catherine Lawson, posted May 6th 2011 7:05AM
Stevie NicksIt's time to dust off the bustier, slide into some velvet and sew on some sequins! In news that will make music fans from several generations very, very happy indeed, it's been reported that both Lady Gaga and Stevie Nicks will perform on the 'American Idol' season finale later this month.

According to Perez Hilton, the legendary Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter will take to the 'Idol' stage for what promises to be an epic performance.

There's been no word yet if we'll get to see a Stevie-Gaga duet, but it's likely that many minds will be blown by just the possibility of such a spectacular hook-up.

And that's not all Lady Gaga will be doing on 'Idol.' According to host Ryan Seacrest, the 'Born This Way' singer will be next week's mentor.

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'Glee' Season 2, Episode 19 Recap

by Joel Keller, posted May 4th 2011 1:00AM
'Glee' - 'Rumours'
['Glee' - 'Rumours']

Now that 'Glee' has completed almost two seasons, I'm wondering which kind of episode is better: one that centers around one artist or album or one that centers around a theme but uses songs from different artists. Both have their merits, but I'll tell you what: episodes revolving around a single artist or album are a heck of a lot easier to review.

Why? For one, you're not busy searching for song titles and artists. Second, you can see pretty easily if the episode adheres well to the theme set forth by the choice of that artist or album. And this week, the theme of "Rumors" was brought home pretty well by the glee club's cover of most of Fleetwood Mac's landmark album 'Rumours.'

And, in a pleasant turn of events, we not only got some well-done musical numbers, ones that seemed to have some emotion behind them, but we also got stories that seemed to be as coherent as any we've seen in this checkered season.

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'Glee': Hear the 'Rumours' Songs

by Chris Harnick, posted Apr 27th 2011 5:30PM
Glee RumoursYes, the 'Rumours' are true -- 'Glee' is taking on Fleetwood Mac! The Fox hit is paying tribute to the band and covering songs from their classic 'Rumours' album.

Sue Sylvester continues to plot the demise of New Directions, this time taking to the student newspaper to slander the kids. Plus, Kristen Chenoweth returns as April Rhodes to woo Mr. Schuester into getting involved in her one-woman show. The duo sings 'Dreams' together.

During the rest of the episode, look for Artie to take on 'Never Going Back Again,' Quinn and Finn duet on 'I Don't Wanna Know,' Santana gets a solo on 'Songbird,' Rachel sings 'Go Your Own Way' and the entire group does 'Don't Stop.'

Check out the full songs below.

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'Glee': Hear Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Landslide' Cover

by Chris Harnick, posted Feb 25th 2011 4:00PM
'Glee': Hear Gwyneth Paltrow Cover 'Landslide'In this week's installment of Gwyneth Paltrow Can Sing, the 'Country Strong' actress performs Fleetwood Mac's 'Landslide.'

Paltrow returns to 'Glee' in the next new episode, scheduled to air March 8, and promises to sex things up -- she's playing the sexual education teacher!

Besides this Fleetwood Mac classic, Paltrow will sing Prince's 'Kiss' in the episode, titled 'Sexy.' Let's hope there aren't any Mary Todd Lincoln costumes involved this time, because that would be kind of weird.

Listen to the song after the jump. And, for reference, Fleetwood Mac's original and the Dixie Chicks' and Smashing Pumpkins' cover versions are also included below.

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