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October 6, 2015

fremantle media

New Let's Make A Deal starts filming next week

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 8th 2009 1:01PM
Let's Make A Deal
At first I thought that a new Let's Make A Deal wouldn't go over well in these oh-so-hip, ironic times. Who wants to go on television in front of millions of people dressed like a hot dog or a robot and embarrass themselves? And then I remembered that people go on TV nowadays to eat bugs, frolic naked in hot tubs, and showcase their children to the world, so dressing up like food products and fire hydrants will probably seem quaint now.

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Fremantle Media thinks parkour is the next big thing for television

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 28th 2009 5:05PM
ParkourAt first, I want to sit here and laugh at the idea that Fremantle Media thinks they can develop a TV series with parkour. It's just people running and jumping across the landscape. How's that a sport? And most of the coolest videos feature the idiots who think they can do it and fail beautifully.

But I also laughed at the idea of bringing poker to television; it's just people sitting around playing cards. The lesson I've learned is that people will watch anything. And parkour is something. And it can look cool when done right, and even cooler when done wrong.

But Fremantle Media (American Idol) is hooking up with Motion, Inc. thinking they can develop league competitions and turn it into a global entertainment brand. Which makes me think of wrestling or The X-Games. Hell, parkour would fit in very well there. I don't deny that it takes an incredible athleticism to perform parkour, but I can't see myself sitting down and enjoying a competition for an hour or more. But then again, I can't watch poker either, so it'll probably be as huge as they think.

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Bob Barker removed from Price Is Right lawsuit (for now)

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 6th 2008 5:42PM
The Price is Right logoThere seems to be an inordinate amount of lawsuits involving The Price Is Right: sexual harassment, wrongful termination, etc. Now one of those lawsuits is going forward but with one key member no longer involved.

A judge in Los Angeles has dismissed allegations against Bob Barker in the lawsuit involving a former production assistant who says she was demoted because she testified in one of the other cases. The reason for the dismissal? Barker wasn't her boss. The judge also dismissed claims that the woman made against Fremantle Media, but those could be reinstated later if the judge is convinced by her attorney that they should be.

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Big changes coming to The Price is Right?

by Joel Keller, posted Jul 8th 2008 11:19AM
TPiRDrew Carey and company recently wrapped up shooting Season 36 of The Price is Right -- Drew had pizzas delivered to the studio from his favorite place in Cleveland -- but when the crew comes back to tape Season 37 in a few weeks, they're going to be faced with a number of changes.

The first change is that Roger Dobkowitz, who's been the producer of the show since it started its run, won't be there. According to Golden-Road.net, a TPiR message board, Fremantle Media let Dobkowitz go after Season 36 wrapped up; a replacement has yet to be named.

But there may be other changes afoot, namely with the look and format of the show, whose ratings declined 15% in the first season after Bob Barker's retirement. Rumors are swirling that the changes will include new pricing games and a video wall, all the way up to a rumor -- published on a TVGuide.com fan blog but later pulled -- that the show will be completely overhauled to make it look more like Fremantle's money-making machine, American Idol (or their new money-making machine, Million Dollar Password).

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FOX orders pilot for dumbest game show ever - VIDEO

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 13th 2008 2:21PM
Hole in the WallOne of my regular blog haunts is the game show news site BuzzerBlog, and when I logged into it today and saw this post, I couldn't believe my eyes: FOX and Fremantle Media are apparently putting together an American version of the popular Japanese game show Hole in the Wall. I was so flabbergasted that I had to see who else reported on it; sure enough, it was right there in Variety for all to see.

If you're not sure what Hole in the Wall is, take a look at the video after the jump. Basically, it's a game of human Tetris: contestants have to bend themselves into the shape of a cutout on a fast-approaching wall. If they do it in time, they go through the wall. If they don't, the wall pushes them into a pool of water. That's it. That's the whole game.

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Is a new Match Game on the way?

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 31st 2008 9:31AM
Match Game DVDInteresting story in The Hollywood Reporter today: Fremantle Media, who owns American Idol, The Price is Right, and a number of popular game shows, is looking to revive Match Game.

That's right folks: in this era where no section of TV history is left unscathed, everyone's favorite shag-carpeted, wokka-wokka game show from the seventies might be coming to a TV near you soon. Fremantle is currently talking with cable networks about a revival of the show and is also looking for an executive producer, and will hire talent after the EP is brought on board.

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Mario Vazquez named in Idol sexual harrassment lawsuit

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Mar 13th 2007 12:46PM
Mario VasquezIs it ever quiet in Idol-Scandalville? We just got rid of Antonella and her wet T-shirts, and now Mario Vazquez resurfaces from Season Four at the front and center of the latest Idol controversy.

As you may or may not recall, Mario quit in the middle of Season Four's competition for vague "personal reasons." It now looks like those "personal reasons" may have involved Mario's unwanted sexual advances and a former Idol employee.

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Dave Price to take over for Bob Barker?

by Joel Keller, posted Nov 2nd 2006 3:46PM
Dave PriceEver since The Price is Right's Bob Barker announced his retirement, game show fans have been bandying about names of possible replacements. The names most commonly mentioned are Todd Newton, who hosts the TPiR road show, Marc Summers of FoodTV's Unwrapped (and the late, lamented Nick game show Double Dare), and Rich Fields, the show's current announcer. But an unexpected name is coming out of left field, and may be a strong contender: Dave Price.

The Early Show's weatherman and all-around goofball recently signed a new deal with CBS, and according to an article in the New York Daily News, that contract also calls for him to do "entertainment-based projects" for the network. In addition, the story reports that he was at the offices of TPiR producer Fremantle Media doing a mock run-through of the show for a small audience (who responded to a Craigslist ad, for crissakes). CBS is saying that it's too early to even talk about a replacement for Barker.

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