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October 10, 2015


Sarah Chalke Cast as ABC's 'Freshman'

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 4th 2010 7:09PM
Sarah ChalkeI had no idea that Arianna Huffington was also producing TV shows along with being in charge of a giant blogging empire. But she's one of the people behind the new ABC series 'Freshman,' along with Greg Malins ('How I Met Your Mother'). The comedy will be set in Washington, D.C. and will be about three young politicians. I guess Huffington is going to produce a show about something she's familiar with, politics and Washington, D.C.

One of those three young politicians will be Sarah Chalke, formerly of 'Scrubs.' Can I tell you how embarrassed I was when 'Scrubs' started that I didn't realize that Chalke was the girl who took over in the role of Becky Conner (from Lecy Goranson, now called Alicia Goranson) on 'Roseanne' for a few seasons? Looking back now it's insanely obvious but I didn't make the connection until a few years after 'Scrubs' started.

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Sarah Chalke to Star in 'Freshmen'

by Andrew Scott, posted Feb 3rd 2010 5:45PM
Sarah ChalkeSarah Chalke is going to Washington.

The former 'Scrubs' star has been tapped to star in ABC's 'Freshmen,' the highly-anticipated comedy pilot from Greg Malins and, of all people, blogger Arianna Huffington.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Chalke will play Jane, a "beautiful," "smart" and extremely successful woman who is great at politics but terrible with men. Jane lives with two male roommates in D.C., each of whom are freshman members of Congress. Said roles have yet to be cast.

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Strangers with Candy: Old Habits, New Beginnings

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 2nd 2006 2:00PM

strangers with candyDo not adjust your web browser. You are now entering the Retro Squad, where we are reviewing past episodes of your favorite shows, in order, every week.

(S01E01) It is clear, right from the opening scene of this first episode of Strangers with Candy, that the people behind the show knew exactly which notes they wanted to strike and exactly the kind of world they wanted to create around Jerri Blank, the forty year old self-described 'boozer, user, and loser' who is trying to get back on track by starting high school all over again. The opening sequence -- a school assembly in which a swaggering policeman warns kids against the danger of drugs while somehow making the drugs seem appealing -- has a great meta moment when the educational filmstrip starts, and shows the policeman making the exact same introduction and then showing a film within a film. Tiny surreal moments like this pop up throughout the rest of the show's run, which is just one reason some of us latched onto the series while it remained largely ignored by most television viewers.

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