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October 9, 2015


Adult Swim now on seven nights a week

by Adam Finley, posted Jul 4th 2007 1:42PM

astro boyGreat news for Adult Swim fans who wanted an extra night to watch episodes of Family Guy and Futurama for the three-hundredth time: the late night block of (im)mature cartoons now airs on Friday evenings, which means you'll never be without it again, shivering cold and alone in the corner praying for tomorrow to come so you can watch all your favorite shows again.

Basically, there won't be anything new on Fridays, just the usual repeats and anime. Saturdays will still be anime night (with episodes of Astro Boy starting July 14) and Sundays, as always, will be home to original series and premieres. Look for the final two episodes of Harvey Birdman July 15 and 22, new Robot Chicken and Frisky Dingo in August, and the premiere of Lucy, Daughter of the Devil in September.

Check out the schedule grid here.

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NBC gives Las Vegas a fifth season

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 27th 2007 7:23PM
Las Vegas cast
Las Vegas
is one of those shows that I've always thought was in the same category as Wings and Just Shoot Me!, one of those nice little shows that never generates any buzz, but does just well enough in its timeslot to keep getting renewed. If you're around on a Friday night and there's nothing to watch, it's always good to stumble across the show; the beautiful triumvirate of Cox, Marcil, and Sims is always nice to look at, and they make good use of celebrity guest shots. Most of all, the show stars James Caan; 35 years after The Godfather, the man is still compelling to watch, even if he only seems half-interested in being on the show most of the time.

Anyway, the crew at the Montecito is going to get another year to distract us from our lonely Fridays, as NBC has decided to pick Las Vegas up for a fifth season, according to TV Week. "The cast and producers have consistently given us what we want from Las Vegas - pure entertainment," said NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reillym "and we're looking forward to another fun ride next season with the show." Ah the beauty of low expectations: the show is averaging a 2.8 rating for the season.

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SNL considers putting rehearsal on the web

by Anna Johns, posted Nov 30th 2006 1:06PM
saturday night live logoSaturday Night Live may put its Friday night rehearsals on the internet. Right now, the rehearsals can only be seen by NBC employees on closed-circuit television at Rockefeller Center. This revelation came from NBC Universal chief digital officer George Kliavkoff when he spoke at a conference in Los Angeles yesterday. Kliavkoff said of the Friday dress rehearsal, "Sometimes it's more interesting than the show." He says he was only joking, but there may also be a little truth to what he said. Not sure how SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels feels about Kliavkoff spilling the beans about something he is simply mulling over.

While you'd think I would be on behind-the-scenes overload for sketch comedy shows, since I watch both 30 Rock and Studio 60, I'd actually be curious to see the Friday rehearsals. It would be interesting to see which sketches make it and what changes are made to them before the live show. I guess the down side would be that SNL is giving away its sketches ahead of time. We could view the Friday rehearsal and decide whether SNL is even worth watching the next night. Although, at this point, I just always assume it's not worth watching.

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Dateline gets three nights, bumps Friday Night Lights

by Anna Johns, posted Nov 25th 2006 12:26PM
friday night lightsEven though it totally slashed its staff, NBC is upping its order of Dateline to three nights per week. Most notably, it's going to air in the slot where Friday Night Lights currently sits on Tuesday nights. Now, FNL fans probably shouldn't worry! Even though its ratings haven't been outstanding, NBC did order a full season of the teen football drama and promises it is committed to the series. The network just hasn't announced where Friday Night Lights will land, but previous speculation puts it on Sunday nights.. Dateline will also air on Saturdays and Sundays, once the NFL season is over. The new schedule begins Dec. 26th.

According to the New York Times, NBC is planning to shuffle its schedule for the New Year. The network has said that it wants cheap shows (reality shows, news, and game shows) in its 8 pm time slots and dramas and comedies at later hours.

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AOL tries to capture the YouTube magic with revamped site

by Joel Keller, posted Jul 31st 2006 1:01PM
AOL logoAccording to this Washington Post article, our corporate benefactors over at AOL have decided to retool their video site to put more emphasis on user-uploaded videos. Of course, they're doing this in an effort to capture a piece of the massive success experienced by YouTube and Google Video over the last year or so. The new video site is set to launch on Friday, and will have a seach function similar to that of the other sites; there will also be 45 on-demand video channels, including exclusive programming from cable channels like Comedy Central, the History Channel, and Nickelodeon. According to TV Week, the site will also have an iTunes-style paid video download component.

I wonder how many people are actually going to upload videos to the AOL site. AOL has a huge built-in audience, but many of them still use dial-up, which will make it hard for them to download videos. So that means our corporate parents are going to have to market this to non-customers somehow, which will be tough. I admire that their trying to modernize their content, but it makes me wonder if they're just reacting to a trend rather than blazing their own trail.

[via Lost Remote and Bloglines]

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Malcolm returning to Sundays

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 15th 2006 10:02AM
At one point last year, I remember being surprised to hear that Malcolm in the Middle was still on television. I watched it when it first launched on FOX on Sunday nights and I loved it. But, then it disappeared to Friday nights and, quite frankly, I forgot all about it. Well, it turns out the show is still on the air and it's actually in the middle of its fifth season! Since FOX moved Malcolm to Fridays, its numbers have dwindled down to about 3.5 million viewers, giving it the unfortunate title of being the least-watched show on FOX. Malcolm arrives in its new time slot starting on January 29 at 7 pm EST. Let's hope the Sunday night slot will give Malcolm new life! I know I'll be watching.

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