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October 7, 2015

friends with benefits

Riley Falls for an Amish Guy on Rumspringa on 'Friends with Benefits' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 12th 2011 12:41AM
'Friends with Benefits'NBC wrapped the inaugural run of 'Friends With Benefits' (Fri., 8PM ET on NBC) this past Friday with a special guest appearance from 'Greek's Cappie. But Scott Michael Foster wasn't the same party-loving frat boy we came to know and love there ... at least, he wasn't when Riley tracked him down after their fling.

But that's because old Cappie, now Daniel, was a fine, upstanding member of an Amish community. Riley was simply one of the best parts of his Rumspringa. While it's generally not as crazy as depicted on television, this is a time of adolescence for many young Amish that can be a bit more lax on the rules.

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Fitz and Aaron Find Common Ground After Mugging on 'Friends With Benefits' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Aug 22nd 2011 6:15PM
Fitz and Aaron get mugged on 'Friends With Benefits'Getting mugged at gunpoint doesn't have to be all bad. It can bring friends closer together, as it did for Fitz and Aaron on Friday's 'Friends With Benefits' (Fridays, 8PM and 8:30PM on NBC). The two haven't exactly gotten along, partly because of Aaron's money.

In fact, Fitz was talking to Aaron about that exact subject on the subway, perhaps the wrong venue for the discussion, when he attracted the wrong kind of attention. "I can't compete with you, Aaron," said Fritz. "Your limos and floor seats, your giant Rolex, your designer jeans, your cashmere sweater that's as soft as the day is long." He even tried to force Aaron to admit he had two grand in cash on him, when the man slowly creeping up behind them flashed his gun and obliged Aaron to answer the question.

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Nice Guys Lose, Sleazebags Rule on 'Friends With Benefits' Premiere (VIDEO)

by Mike Moody, posted Aug 8th 2011 10:30AM
friends with benefits nbcSo what do women really want? Don't ask Aaron, the nice guy who finished last on the pilot episode of 'Friends With Benefits' (Fri., 8PM ET on NBC).

The new summer relationship comedy got off to a strange start as Aaron presented his dream girl with some lovely flowers, his undying devotion and a white horse.

But Aaron didn't end up getting the girl. Why not? Because he's too good to her.

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Justin Timberlake Faces Off Against Regis in Ping-Pong (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 20th 2011 3:15PM
Justin Timberlake and Regis Philbin on 'Live With Regis and Kelly' Dozens of Americans undoubtedly woke up Wednesday morning with one very important, oddly specific question on their minds: Who would win a ping-pong match between Justin Timberlake and Regis Philbin? As if by prophecy, that question was answered on 'Live With Regis and Kelly' (weekdays, syndicated), as Justin Timberlake dueled Regis in a game of table tennis.

Philbin initiated the challenge. "Everything you touch is a homerun," he said to Timberlake. The singing, the acting, everything." Timberlake feigned offense. "I won't stand to be insulted on national television," he said. Philbin then said someone told him Timberlake was a good ping pong player. "It happens to be one of the best sports I can do," Philbin said.

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Timberlake and Kunis Talk 'Friends With Benefits,' Embracing Marine Balls (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 18th 2011 2:30PM
Mila Kunis and Justine Timberlake talk 'Friends With Benefits' and Marines Balls on 'Today'Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are co-starring in the new film 'Friends With Benefits,' and have recently made headlines by accepting invitations to be guests at Marine Balls. As you might imagine, there was no way to avoid double entendre when both of those stories came up during their interview Monday on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC).

'Today' anchor Lester Holt, a self-identified married and out-of-touch man, started the interview by asking the pair to explain the meaning of the phrase "friends with benefits." Timberlake joked that he thought it was about borrowing money or sugar. "I'm thinking it's about two people who want to have a regular friendship but to get together for sex," Holt said. Ding ding!

Holt also asked about the invitations extended to both Kunis and Timberlake to attend a Marine Ball. Kunis explained they'd actually be attending two separate balls. "Marines have a lot of balls," she said. Holt suggested the traditional Marine battle cry "Semper Fi" could be replaced by "Marines got balls."

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'Friends With Benefits' Gets Premiere Date, Danny Glover Joins 'Touch' & More TV News

by Jean Bentley, posted Jun 9th 2011 4:00PM
Friends With BenefitsAfter being shelved for many months, NBC's 'Friends With Benefits' finally has a premiere date.

The rom-com series starring Danneel Ackles, Ryan Hansen and more (not to be confused with the Justin Timberlake/Mila Kunis movie opening later this month, which is not to be confused with the Ashton Kutcher/Natalie Portman movie from earlier this year) will debut on the network June 25.

According to Deadline, NBC will air back-to-back episodes on Saturday nights from 8-9PM. Ouch.

In other TV news ...

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Jimmy Smits, Kathy Bates Series Picked Up by NBC; 'Mercy,' 'Trauma' Canceled

by Andrew Scott, posted May 14th 2010 3:25PM
Jimmy SmitsOn the heels of 'Law & Order's' cancellation, NBC announced today that it has picked up four new series for next season -- three dramas and one comedy -- and will be parting ways with newbie medical dramas 'Mercy' and 'Trauma.'

Among the dramas headed to the Peacock net is 'The Cape,' starring 'ER's' David Lyons as a policeman who is framed for a series of murders and is forced to go into hiding. Determined to be reunited with his family, Lyons' character becomes his son's favorite superhero ('The Cape') and quickly "takes the law into his own hands."

Meanwhile, 'West Wing' alum Jimmy Smits will return to the network in the drama 'Outlaw,' about a Supreme Court justice who quits his job to go work for the little man.

Rounding out the list of dramas is the latest legal series from David E. Kelley ('The Practice'; 'Ally McBeal'), 'Harry's Law.' The show stars Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates as a lawyer who unexpectedly starts her own firm with characters portrayed by Brittany Snow and Ben Chaplin.

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TV Casting: Lorraine Bracco to Guest on 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent'

by Andrew Scott, posted Mar 31st 2010 12:15PM
Lorraine BraccoLorraine Bracco ('The Sopranos') has reportedly booked a guest spot on 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent.' In the episode airing this summer, the Oscar and Emmy nominee will play a "woman who cares for foster children." Last night, 'Criminal Intent' had its ninth-season premiere on USA. [TV Guide]

More casting news after the jump.

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'(500) Days of Summer' Scribes Land NBC Sitcom

by Danny Gallagher, posted Feb 18th 2010 9:02PM
Here's one summer that just got a little more mileage.

Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber, the writers behind the indie romantic comedy hit '500 Days of Summer,' scored a piece of NBC's primetime schedule. Their single camera comedy concept is called 'Friends with Benefits,' which sounds like a 'Friends' rehash but with way more schtupping.

And since it's a smart concept by a couple of equally smart writers on NBC, expect it to be replaced by an all new Jay Leno show by the end of the year.

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Is 'Friends With Benefits' the New 'Friends'?

by Scott Harris, posted Feb 17th 2010 4:00PM
For years, NBC has been looking for the new 'Friends.' Now they may have finally found it. With benefits.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, NBC has ordered a pilot for 'Friends With Benefits,' a new single-camera sitcom from '24' executive producer Brian Grazer (pictured) that had previously been in development for ABC. They passed on the project, however, allowing NBC to scoop up the co-production from 20th TV and Imagine TV.

'Friends With Benefits' is described as a comedy that "explores modern-day romance through the eyes of five friends, each looking for 'the one' but in the meantime settling for 'friends with benefits.'" The series will be written the '(500) Days of Summer' team of Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber, with the pilot scheduled to be helmed by 'Wedding Crashers' director David Dobkin.

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TBS Cancels 'The Bill Engvall Show' & More TV News

by Andrew Scott, posted Sep 25th 2009 11:58AM
The Bill Engvall Show cancelledTBS pulls the plug on 'The Bill Engvall Show,' Vincent D'Onofrio departs 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent,' Heidi Montag books 'The View' and more of today's top TV headlines.

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