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October 8, 2015

fringe season finale

'Fringe' Season 3, Episode 22 Recap (Season Finale)

by Mike Moody, posted May 7th 2011 8:05AM
fringe s03e22['Fringe' – 'The Day We Died']

Remember how Peter looked all dazed and confused after he woke up in the future in last week's episode? Well, that's exactly how I looked as this incredibly compelling, if somewhat maddening, 'Fringe' season finale came to a close.

A million questions flooded my mind as the minutes ticked on. Questions like, "Why doesn't Peter remember that he traveled through time?" and "How is it that the machine sent him 15 years into the future?"

I don't think we got one straight answer to any of those questions before the episode was over. 'The Day We Died,' with its sad, stunning ending and its fuzzy "First People" plot resolution, only brought up more questions that won't be answered until season four rolls around.

Befuddlement gave way to genuine suspense as the episode's "End of Days" plot ramped up, and Future Peter, Future Olivia and the Fringe Division called upon an incarcerated Future Walter to help them save the day.

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