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October 13, 2015


The five greatest TV dads -- Part II

by Richard Keller, posted Jun 17th 2007 10:15AM

Missing from last year's list, Keith Mars is tops in this year's greatest dadsWhen I posted my list of the top 5 best TV dads last Father's Day many of you commented that I missed a few really good patriarchs. This included Keith Mars, Keith Mars, Keith Mars, and, oh yeah, Keith Mars. So, there was no doubt in my mind that a new list of TV dads needed to be compiled for this Father's Day. I mean, you dads out there need something else as a gift other than the glow-in-the-dark tie your kids purchased at the dollar store. So, without fanfare, here are five more of the greatest TV dads. And, guess who's first?

Keith Mars (Veronica Mars): Commenters have mentioned that Veronica's dad, Keith (played by Enrico Colantoni), was one of the most real and believable fathers on television. He was also very loving and supportive of Veronica in her side hobby of solving crimes, big and small. If the series had gone to a fourth season with (as rumors stated) Veronica leaving her friends and family in Neptune behind in order to become an FBI agent, the presence of Keith Mars would have been sorely missed.

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Warner Brothers remakes sitcoms for Russian TV

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 3rd 2006 8:25PM

Russian FlagImagine a house with three single men in their thirties taking care of one of three little girls. Now imagine all of them speaking Russian. That's the scenario taking place on Russian TV, where old American sitcoms like Full House are being remade into new Russian-language versions. Other sitcoms that are being remade, according to this article, are Suddenly Susan, Step by Step, and Perfect Strangers (yes, Perfect Strangers. Balki is now Andrei, and he comes from a remote former Soviet Republic to move into the Moscow flat of his cousin Ivan).

If you think, though, that a local Moscow-based producer bought the rights to these series, think again. The remakes are being produced by Warner Brothers, the original U.S. producer of each show. Either WB is hurting for money or they really think foreign markets are about to explode. What's next? A Chinese version of Urkel?

[Thanks to Reb and Dinges for the tips.]

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More work for Full House's Jodie Sweetin

by Anna Johns, posted Jul 13th 2006 6:57PM
jodie sweetinThings are really looking up for Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie on Full House so many years ago. Shortly after revealing that she was overcoming an addiction to methamphetamines, she was hired by Fuse music television to host a show about stripping. Fuse is keeping her around. She's set to start filming a series about malls for the music channel, called Get Malled, beginning on Monday in Philadelphia. The series also includes guest appearances by Justin Long ("I'm a Mac") and Jesse Metcalfe of Desperate Housewives. After the series, Sweetin says she has two movies lined up, although nothing is listed on her IMDB bio.

[Via TV Tattle]

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Ladies and gentlemen, the Full House career pyramid

by Richard Keller, posted Jun 9th 2006 9:33AM

The Full House career pyramidReady for a chuckle? In honor of former Full House sweetheart, and recent meth user, Jodie Sweeten's return to television as host of the game show Pants-Off Dance-Off (catchy), our dear, dear friends at Best Week Ever.tv have produced an excellent guide to the careers of the former stars of the ABC sitcom after the series ended.

Named the Full House Career Pyramid, it charts the career successes of the former cast members. At the very top is John Stamos, Why him rather than the irascible Olsen Twins? Well, according to Best Week Ever, he's friggin John Stamos, that's why! At the bottom is Andrea Barber, who played the grating Kimmy Gibler on the show. According to Best Week Ever, she has been placed at the bottom because, well, she's probably dead (She's not, I swear! She's currently married with one child and living in Denmark.)

To peruse the pyramid, and see where life has taken our friends, click on this link.

[Thank you to Piper Weiss for the tip]

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A late night thank you to Nick at Nite and Hallmark Channel

by Richard Keller, posted Apr 4th 2006 4:05PM

The cure for sleepless newborn nightsAs my newborn son (part of a twin set; the other is a girl) rests in my arms, I just want to take this moment to thank two cable channels for being there for us as we struggled through the sleepless first night home:  Nick@Nite  and The Hallmark Channel.

Yes, I said the Hallmark Channel!

The Hallmark Channel was on during the 11 P.M. till 1 A.M. shift with four episodes of M.A.S.H . When I was younger I never liked the early episodes with Frank Burns, Colonel Blake, and Trapper John. Now I like those more, as well as the first two seasons where Colonel Potter and B.J. Hunnicutt joined the cast (these are the episodes The Hallmark Channel is showing now). Once Frank Burns left and Charles Winchester joined the 4077th the show got a bit too preachy for me, and Col. Potter began to spout too many southern cliches.

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New TV on DVD releases today

by Keith McDuffee, posted Apr 4th 2006 9:39AM
Every Tuesday here on TV Squad , we will highlight the week's TV-on-DVD releases. Some noteworthy releases today, April 4, 2006:

  • garbage pail kid 3rd Rock from the Sun - Best Episodes In The Universe, Really
  • The Adventures of the Little Prince - The Perfect Planet; The Star Gazer
  • The A-Team - Season 4
  • Dawson's Creek - The Complete 6th Season
  • Full House - The Complete 3rd Season
  • Garbage Pail Kids - The Complete Series
  • Knight Rider - Season 4
  • Magnum, P.I. - Season Four
  • Multiple Shows - Star Trek: Time Travel Fan Collective
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Volume 4
  • Tripping the Rift - Season 2

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Bob Saget gets dirty

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 11th 2005 6:30PM

When Bob Saget came into the mainstream via hit shows like Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos he was slammed as being the poster boy for bland, safe humor, personifying the kind of man you could invite to dinner at grandma's house and not worry he might offend her. Some of us, however, knew better. We knew him from his earlier stand-up days when his act was so vulgar, so subversive, that watching it in the wake of a Full House marathon was like watching Jesus himself suddenly pull off his mask to reveal that, yes, he was in fact Satan. Nowadays Saget is getting some notoriety for doing what he always did best, appearing in decidedly "non-Full House" roles in movies and TV, including Entourage and Half Baked. Now that Full House, or as I like to call it, "Bob Saget's eight-year vacation from himself" is behind him, it's time we all got to know the real Bob.

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