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October 3, 2015

gale harold

What's going on with Vanished?

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 27th 2006 3:05PM
Eddie CibrianThe last time we left Vanished (well, actually, the last time you left it, since I didn't watch it), star Gale Harold had been killed off after the actor had been fired from the show (according to USA Today). The show will return next week, in the network-is-going-to-cancel-it-anyway slot of Fridays at 9pm. The new star is Eddie Cibrian.

FOX asked the show's executive producer Josh Berman to wrap up the storyline in 13 episodes, the same thing that NBC asked the makers of Kidnapped to do (that show has been shoved over to Saturday nights). There's no such like for fans of CBS' Smith, which was simply canceled. (Actually, I thought Vanished was simply canceled too, but I guess it has come back to life, if temporarily.)

I wonder when the networks will start toying with the idea of giving shorter seasons to a show and giving viewers the confidence of investing in a show, especially one with an ongoing, season long mystery?

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Why did Vanished kill off its main character?

by Anna Johns, posted Oct 6th 2006 11:34AM
vanishedThis week, the low-rated Fox drama Vanished made a surprise move by killing off its lead character, Det. Kelton (played by Gale Harold). It was only seven episodes into its first season. Why would they do that? Was it because ratings were so low? Or, because of reports that Harold was reportedly a bit of a prima donna on set? The producer, Josh Berman, says no and no.

In an interview with TV Guide's Ausiello, Berman says it was their way of "thinking outside the box", a directive from Fox when they started the show. He said he and the writers realized that Kelton was getting closer than they planned to solving the mystery of the missing Sara Collins, so it was time for him to die. Berman also says that Harold was pumped about his character's death and even suggested the scene where his estranged wife gives back his wedding ring as a way to wrap up that subplot. The new lead detective on the show is Det. Danny Lucas, played by Eddie Cibrian. Berman also said a lot of the mystery about Collins' disappearance will be wrapped up by the 13th episode, as the show has not yet received an order for a full season. If it does, Berman has plans for new plot lines.

Now it's time for the Vanished fans to chime in: Was killing off Det. Kelton a good or a bad move?

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Vanished -- an early look

by Richard Keller, posted Aug 20th 2006 10:29AM

The cast of Vanished

How do you describe Fox's new criminal drama Vanished? Well, combine the premise of Without a Trace with the technology shown on CSI, expand one episode to cover an entire season, and have all of the suspects become main characters on the show. Oh, and thrown in so many twist and turns that your head begins to spin.

You can also describe Vanished this way . . . a pretty decent show.

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