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October 8, 2015

gastric bypass

Carnie Wilson's reality show will be on... GSN?

by Allison Waldman, posted Oct 21st 2009 12:05PM
carnie_wilson_tvReality is not relative when it comes to television. Reality television, my friends, is here to stay. So when I let you know that GSN will air Carnie Wilson: Unstapled, a new reality show starring the former singer from Wilson Phillips and the host of The Newlywed Game, you shouldn't be surprised. At least not about another celebrity reality program. The fact that it's going to be on GSN -- that's the Game Show Network -- however, that's a bit of a shocker.

GSN has fallen in love with Carnie Wilson. Kelly Goode, GSN senior vice president for original programming and development, gushed about CW, saying, "Carnie is incredibly funny and earthy. ... She's a personality the viewers have fallen in love with. And she's a hit on The Newlywed Game.

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Why does Al Roker torture himself?

by Joel Keller, posted May 13th 2006 11:29PM
Al RokerI just got done watching Al Roker's Diner Destinations on the Food Network; in the show, Al visits diners all over the country, including a couple in my diner-heavy home state of New Jersey. During the show, he makes huge burgers, pastichio, and other dishes that would make a cardiologist woozy.

But he doesn't eat any of it. Why? Because Al's had a stomach the size of an egg since he had a gastric bypass operation in 2002; if he did partake in more than a few bites of any of the high-fat meals he cooked on the show, he'd likely get violently ill.

So why does Al continue to do specials like this? I mean, I'm not a skinny guy myself; just the sight of all that yummy greasy food was sending me to the refigerator (don't worry, I got an apple... honest). I can't imagine the willpower he had to exert being around all that stuff in person. Maybe it's the "if I eat this I get sick" incentive, but I can't be sure. One thing I do know, however; if I were Al, I'd stay away from the food and do specials about weather or something.

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