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October 7, 2015


Army Wives: Mothers and Wives

by Allison Waldman, posted Aug 18th 2008 11:42AM
Kim D Army"No matter how horrible the loss, I couldn't push away the people who still needed me." -- Claudia Joy's advice to Denise

(S02E11) Beneath the surface, there were emotional land mines all around the friends at Fort Marshall in this episode. There were also some interesting revelations. It started with the arrival, out of the blue, of Charlotte, Claudia Joy's mom. Played by Marsha Mason, famous for The Goodbye Girl, Charlotte has always been hard on her daughter.

Fortunately, the way it was written and the way she played it, she wasn't there just to scrutinize her daughter's housekeeping. It was surprising to hear that she hadn't even called Claudia Joy since Amanda's death. Could there be a more clear indication that there's a gap between mother and daughter?

There was a lot of subtext, things unsaid between them, and that made their scenes all the better. Her visit was more about what's wrong in her life and therefore how it'll impact on Claudia Joy and Michael's. Watch for Mother to move in for a while.

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Army Wives: Duplicity

by Allison Waldman, posted Aug 11th 2008 8:29AM
Wendy in uniform(S02E10) Well, you have to give it to Army Wives for pushing the envelope a bit with this episode, although just barely. More on that after the jump, but suffice to say it definitely was a twist I didn't think they'd try.

The duplicity in the title was all through the storylines. As I suggested last week, Joan has been ordered to bed rest or risk losing the baby, leaving Evan in charge. You know, this guy hasn't learned a thing in his tenure with Joan. He's still a jerk. I didn't blame Joan for getting frustrated with him; he was taking advantage of her being bedridden. Thanks to Trevor, Joan was able to get the upper hand, but I doubt that Evan's going to take the dressing down in front of General Holden with grace. He's going to be trouble.

Trevor's lying to Roxie and maybe himself. I would really hope that we don't see a Trevor hooked on pain meds in the future, but it looks like that's the direction we're headed, especially now that he won't be returning to Iraq for a while.

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My Name is Earl: GED

by Brad Linder, posted Apr 26th 2007 9:49PM
My Name is Earl: GED(S02E20) Our protagonist Earl has gone and crossed another item off his list -- after adding it to the list in the beginning of the episode.

When I was reading the description of this episode, I was a little dubious. What does Earl getting his GED have to do with righting the wrongs on his list. But Earl's friends made a pretty compelling case that Earl should be on the list for ruining his own life. That, and as Randy points out, things go much more smoothly when Earl's on the list -- they don't have to waste time tracking somebody down and explaining the list.

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King of the Hill: Edu-macating Lucky (finale)

by Adam Finley, posted May 14th 2006 11:21PM

king of the hill(S10E15) Since this season ended with Luanne getting pregnant, I assume we'll be seeing a new addition to the cast of King of the Hill come next season.

Other than Luanne's announcement that she's pregnant with Lucky's (played by Tom Petty) child, the rest of the episode was rather low key. Peggy, always a tad naive, believes Luann could realize her true potential and really make something of her life if she just applied herself and didn't keep falling for dumb rednecks like Lucky. Hank isn't especially fond of Lucky at first, either, but eventually he realizes that despite his exterior, Lucky does actually have a sense of right and wrong, even if his morals are wrapped up in an odd "code of honor" which makes him return shaving cream he borrowed from Hank in a baggy. Also, Lucky feels he can't marry Luanne without his GED. Unfortunately, Peggy sabotages his chance by teaching him the wrong stuff.

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