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October 4, 2015

gerald mcraney

'Undercovers' Series Finale: The Show Comes to an End -- Sort of (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Dec 30th 2010 1:31AM
'Undercovers' Series Finale:  The Show Comes to an End -- Sort of Every story is a mystery story -- even if the tale itself doesn't involve clues or a crime. Whether it's a sitcom about mismatched roommates, a game show, or a reality show about people living in New Jersey, we still watch every TV program for the same reason: to find out what happens at the end.

It's a natural human desire to learn what happens next. But this might be a problem where 'Undercovers' is concerned. You see, the spy drama has been canceled. Tonight's episode (Wed., 8PM ET on NBC) is the 11th installment of the show. Two episodes remain, but they might never be aired. So, this could be the end.

Every story is a mystery story, but the latest (and maybe last) episode of 'Undercovers' gave us a literal mystery as well. ... What was in the locker?

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Larry Hagman to Guest on 'Desperate Housewives,' Mandy Patinkin Joins 'Homeland' and More

by Chris Harnick, posted Dec 9th 2010 7:00PM
Larry HagmanNostalgic TV fans, look no further than 'Desperate Housewives' to satisfy the urge to see veteran actors ham it up. The latest addition to the ABC soap? Larry Hagman.

The 'Dallas' star, who was last seen on U.S. airwaves in 'Nip/Tuck' back in 2006, will play the new beau of Polly Bergen's character, Stella Wingfield.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hagman will appear in early 2011. Hagman said he's never seen the series. "I can watch a hundred episodes on my iPad," he told the Hollywood Reporter. "I never watch television, so I better get started so I can see what the show's all about."

In other TV news ...

Mandy Patinkin has joined the pilot cast of 'Homeland.' Claire Danes has also secured a role in the Showtime series about the CIA. [Deadline Hollywood]

Ashley Williams has replaced Eliza Dushku in TNT's 'Bird Dog.' Gerald McRaney will play her father and new police partner. [Deadline Hollywood]

Ke$ha and Taio Cruz will perform live on 'Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2011.' The two will perform in Times Square. [ABC]

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Gerald McRaney Joins J.J. Abrams' 'Undercovers'

by Bryan Enk, posted Dec 16th 2009 12:00PM
J.J. Abrams' highly anticipated spy show, 'Undercovers,' has claimed its first cast member.

The Hollywood Reporter brings news that Gerald McRaney has accepted the mission offered to him by NBC. 'Undercovers' will chronicle the adventures of a husband-and-wife spy team, and McRaney will play their boss, a CIA operative who recruited the couple.

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J.J. Abrams casts Major Dad in new action pilot

by Danny Gallagher, posted Dec 16th 2009 10:21AM
J.J. Abrams, a man chemically designed to create television shows, has another pilot in the works and this one will star veteran TV actor Gerald McRaney.

He's been picked for a pilot called Undercovers, a spy action show described as a cross between Mr. and Mrs. Smith and The Bourne Identity.

McRaney will play a CIA boss overseeing a husband and wife spy couple. Abrams wrote the pilot with TV scribe Josh Reims who's also written scripts for ABC's Brothers & Sisters and Dirty Sexy Money. Abrams may also step in the director's chair for the pilot episode commissioned by NBC.

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Gone Too Soon: Jericho

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 5th 2009 11:28AM
The modern poster-child for a show that's "gone too soon" is Jericho. The impassioned fans buried CBS under a ton of nuts, which got the show renewed for a shortened second season. Your mileage of the quality of that season may vary, but the fact remains that the fans did something none of these internet campaigns today will be able to.

What people don't realize is that when Jericho came back for the second run, the ratings weren't any better than when the first season ended. So when they cancel your favorite show and you start mailing in bizarre objects and setting up your web petitions because "it worked for Jericho," remember that the networks remember Jericho as well. They remember that it failed to find a sizable audience twice.

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Jericho, Season One - DVD review

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 11th 2007 3:07PM

Jericho DVDI suppose we're lucky that this is a "season one" DVD and not a "complete series" set. The nut campaign aimed at CBS worked, and the second season of Jericho will start in a few months. It's only going to be seven episodes long, and then they'll look at those ratings and see if it warrants more episodes.

In the meantime, we have this season one set. You either like the show or you don't, which will help you decide whether you will want the DVD or not. And if you buy it, you're interested in the extras, and on this set they're actually pretty good.

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Inside Jericho's resurrection - TCA report

by Michael Maloney, posted Jul 19th 2007 7:32PM
Skeet Ulrich on CBS' JerichoCBS starts off the morning a little later so we can all file our Emmy reports. Thanks!

Unexpected swag courtesy of today's first panel: Jericho -- a one-pound bag of peanuts and a t-shirt from nutsoline.com/jericho, the Internet campaign that helped bring the canceled fan favorite drama back to life for seven episodes next season.

Before the Q&A gets underway, CBS announces "CBS Eye-alert" a multi-platform viewer alert system that will help viewers find their favorite shows. I'm going to write more about this -- as soon as I figure out what it all means.

But, first, Jericho...

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Skeet Ulrich thanks fans for Jericho renewal

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 15th 2007 3:01PM

Skeet UlrichShort but good interview with Jericho star Skeet Ulrich over at TVGuide.com. He talks about how surprised he was by the intensity of the fan support the show received after it was canceled. He says his mom first alerted him to the campaign (everyone say it at once: awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!).

He says the "nuts" line was actually the hardest line he had to deliver all season, because "it's such a non-sequitur," so he finds it funny that it was that line that inspired fans.

He also reveals that Gerald McRaney was ready to leave the show. In fact, he was frustrated throughout the season because he wanted more to do.

[via Pop Candy]

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Jericho cancellation the fault of CBS?

by Paul Goebel, posted May 23rd 2007 1:23PM

Johnston Green RIPThere has been an awful lot of talk about CBS canceling Jericho. Over at Observer-reporter.com, they've taken a hard line and decided the fault lays squarely at the feet of the network itself.

Jericho was one of the few new dramas that finished out the season. Heavy duty serials like The Nine, Vanished and Kidnapped were all cut short before reaching their finale. I, myself, was a fan of Jericho, but even I knew it's chances of renewal were slim. Personally, I feel that if the show had revealed some of it's secrets a little earlier, more viewers may have stuck around.

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Jericho: Why We Fight (season finale)

by Paul Goebel, posted May 10th 2007 7:19AM

(S01E22) First off, I have to say I love a good flashback. The way tonight's show blended the flashbacks with the current scenes was really well done. For a show that has really become very basic, the level of artistry is very high.

Well, Heather is alive and she's in Nebraska. I've been to Nebraska and, quite frankly, she was better off dead (that's a joke, son). It was great that Heather was able to alert the military to what's happening between Jericho & New Bern but relief is clearly going to come at a price and Robert Hawkins' name is on that price tag. I loved that shot of Heather looking at the flag, that very disturbing looking flag.

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Jericho: Coalition of the Willing

by Paul Goebel, posted May 3rd 2007 7:35AM

James Remar(S01E21) Maybe I missed something but where is the freaking tank?

As the messenger from New Bern came into town, all I could think was that it's nice to see the kid from Deliverance still getting work. Sadly he brought along some real bad weather.

After watching Dale's performance tonight, I have developed a new opinion of him. He may be nuts but he's got balls of steel. It's clear that if Jericho can survive this battle, he will emerge as one of the most powerful men in town. The scene between Dale & Johnston was awesome because it showed the true nuances of the ex-mayors ability to govern. A truly great leader gets you to do things because you want to.

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Jericho: One if by Land

by Paul Goebel, posted Apr 26th 2007 6:08AM

Lennie James(S01E20) As the episode began, with Jake & Erik both behind bars, it looked like this might be Erik's big chance to grow a pair. It was nice to see the Green boys working together and standing up to the New Bernians, who it turns out are a bigger threat than Ravenwood.

I can't say I was surprised to see Maggie return but it made me really concerned for her safety. As we've seen, when a lady gets involved with Jake, things rarely turn out well for them. I guess she should consider herself lucky that she was only shot in the leg.

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Deadwood movies won't air until 2008 at the earliest

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 20th 2007 8:05AM

DeadwoodYou know, it's been so long since I've seen the last episode of Deadwood that I'll have to go back and watch it again to prepare for the two movies that will end the western saga. I think the last scene showed Gerald McRaney on his way out of town, probably heading to Jericho, Kansas.

But there's no rush. According to this story at the Chicago Tribune, not only are the two movies not going to air until 2008 at the earliest, but (according to cast member W. Earl Brown), the stars of the show haven't even signed contracts to appear in the TV flicks. But creator David Milch said a couple of months that he is "committed" to finishing the movies.

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Rumors galore: Veronica Mars canceled, Jericho renewed

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 17th 2007 3:41PM

Veronica MarsThose are the latest rumors spreading around the internets and the industry, that The CW has all but canceled the cult favorite Veronica Mars and that CBS is going to give a surprising second season renewal to Jericho, which looked like it might be dead in the water.

USA Today is reporting that a really good source is saying that Veronica Mars is "all but dead." Critic Robert Bianco says that fellow writer Gary Levin says the show is gone and he's "almost always right about these things." I think any buzz that the show might have had a year or so ago is now dead and a renewal is unlikely. (Isabelle talked about this last month, too.)

As for Jericho, SyFyPortal says that not only will CBS renew the drama, but it will move it to a new night in the fall to get it away from American Idol. Time will tell. The networks reveal their new schedules next month.

[via TV Tattle]

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Jericho: A.K.A.

by Paul Goebel, posted Apr 12th 2007 7:09AM

Pamela Reed(S01E18) Beef Stew. That's what I call an episode like tonights. Plenty of great information to sink your teeth into. Let's get right to it.

Most of the episode was spent with Hawkins filling JackJake in on what happened. Amazingly, he had all the answers. Who dropped the bombs, why they did it, how he was involved. He revealed it all, much to Jake's shock and awe. I'm glad that we finally got some answers. Personally, I can never understand why people don't just ask, "What is going on here?" Cough, Lost, cough.

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