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October 4, 2015

global language monitor

Top most influential word? ObamaVision

by Brad Trechak, posted Sep 24th 2009 12:36PM
ObamaVisionA U.S. tracking group, the Global Language Monitor, has compiled their sixth annual list of Top 10 Telewords (that is, the words or phrases that were the most influential on television). Topping the list off was "ObamaVision". Despite Obama's recent appearance on the show, I don't think David Letterman's writing staff had anything to do with this one.

The next three words were "Financial Meltdown", "Michael Jackson" and "Susan Boyle". I wonder if that means that the three words are interrelated. Could Susan Boyle have been responsible for MJ's death and the Financial Meltdown? Um ... probably not. Okay, let's move on.

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Two Colbert-isms are the most buzzworthy words on TV

by Joel Keller, posted Aug 28th 2006 1:02PM
Colbert and WikialityWhen The Colbert Report premiered in November October, I don't think anyone expected the cultural impact the show would have. But, judging by the year Stephen Colbert has had, from being the featured speaker at the White House Correspondents dinner all the way to last night's hilarious presenting performance at the Emmys, it's safe to say that he's becoming as big a star as his boss and creative benefactor, Jon Stewart.

So it's no surprise that the folks at Global Language Monitor have found that not one, but two terms introduced on the Report have become the most buzzworthy TV terms in 2006, so buzzworthy that they've infiltrated the English language. One of them is a layup: "truthiness." But it seems like, in the span of less than a month, the term "Wikiality" has also become extremely buzzworthy. Also on the list of buzzworthy terms: "Dr. McDreamy," "Katie," "Katrina," and "Bush's War."

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