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August 29, 2015

global warming

Rasmussen responds to Fox News' fuzzy math

by Danny Gallagher, posted Dec 10th 2009 5:30PM
Rasmussen Reports
There's a joke that runs around journalism circles that people who seek a career in the printer's ink arts do so because they are horrible at math. Believe me, I'm no exception and I usually understand when a reporter or journalism scribe messes up the numbers in his or her addition. (That's the one with the cross, right?)

But even a third grade remedial math student could figure out what's wrong with the above poll that appeared on a recent episode of Fox & Friends stating the opinion of Rasmussen poll takers on the global warming email scandal. Here's a hint: it's not that they capitalized "Global Warming."

The reporting company not only refuted the faulty statistics but called it a "stupid deception." The actual poll had smaller figures that mirrored the same outcome but also included a fifteen percent "undecided" group the network somehow lumped and inflated into this poll. This kind of thing wouldn't happen if Fox simply allowed their fact checkers to wear sandals to work.

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Will 24's greener measures affect the show?

by Danny Gallagher, posted Mar 18th 2009 11:11AM
Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland, on Fox's 24Fox's charge to make 24 a completely green show is admirable.

It's not only expensive and harder to do than one might think, but it also flies in the face of 24's core audience. Of course, that's not its boldest effect. These days, pissing off the right wing is more "in" than Twittering about your Snuggie.

The boldest move is the effect these new measures could have on the body of the show in ways you may not expect. You might even see Jack Bauer tie a guy to a chair and hook up his nipples to a car battery to get him to admit he doesn't put his plastics and newspapers in separate recycling bins.

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TV Squad Daily with Brigitte - VIDEO

by Brigitte Dale, posted Aug 6th 2007 6:45PM
Hey, Brigitte here with TV Squad Daily. I'll be covering the TV stories I find interesting each day, Monday through Friday, in this video blog.

Today on TV Squad Daily:
  • 24 is going green. Get ready for lots of forced global warming references.
  • Pamela Anderson is moving up in the world and dating a magician.
  • Let's hope your favorite presidential candidate has a personality: Jon Stewart's The Daily Show is the place to be this presidential campaign.
The video's embedded below, or you can subscribe to this podcast via our feed. Plus, you can also download the file directly.

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Robert Redford launches eco-community through Sundance Channel

by Anna Johns, posted Apr 17th 2007 3:20PM
the greenThere's a new series of environmental programming on Sundance Channel called The Green, and it's all about ways that people can reduce their impact on the earth. I caught a preview of one show, called Big Ideas for a Small Planet last weekend on Discovery Channel and found it to be interesting stuff. The episode I saw focused on modular homes that take fewer resources to build than on-site homes. They look pretty rad, too, and kind-of break the mold of the old trailer park home that is not sustainable.

The approach that the producers seem to be taking in this series is not at all preachy or meant to cause you to feel guilt. I was very impressed by the way it focused more on the innovative technology and out-of-the-box thinking by the designers of the eco-friendly modular homes, rather than hammering me with statistics about how many resources our homes consume.

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The Daily Show: February 5, 2007

by Annie Wu, posted Feb 6th 2007 8:52PM
Jon Stewart"Am I Hot Or Not?": The high-pitched voice gave me a good chuckle. I'd like to imagine that Punxsutawney Phil is really thinking all that in his little groundhog head. "I speak the truuuuth!" Oh, and The Daily Show is really pushing those Jimmy Dean Chocolate Chip Pancakes & Sausage On A Stick jokes. I'm starting to wonder if they're getting paid by Jimmy Dean to advertise that "food" by pretending to hate it... when, in fact, it's delicious and addictive. Senior White House Correspondent Dan Bakkedahl also stopped by to say something. My ears tuned out because, as of late, Bakkedahl-talk sounds like Peanuts adults... but less funny.

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My Name Is Earl: Robbed A Stoner Blind

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Nov 17th 2006 12:22AM

The lovely Joy in Claymation(S02E08) This episode gave us a look at the eco-friendly Earl Hickey. Who would have known that he had a burning desire to save the Earth from global warming after spending a week in a dung cottage at the Sunshine Collective?

I know I'm repeating myself, but this show continues to make great use of guest stars, and Christian Slater as Woody IMHO was outstanding here. Of course, one could be cynical and say that he was a good choice to play a stoner based on his past history--the scenes of him stumbling around his house as Earl and Randy slowly rob him of all his possessions were certainly authentic.

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Gore and Bender discuss global warming - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted Jul 1st 2006 6:35PM
benderSorry, I know this has been up on YouTube for awhile, but a few days ago as I was walking to my computer to do a post about it, I tripped on my shoelace and knocked myself unconscious for five days. Yeah, that sounds like a good excuse. Anyway, Al Gore's new movie An Inconvenient Truth is getting a lot of attention, and a video recently surfaced on YouTube featuring Al Gore trying to convince Bender that he should be concerned with global warming. Of course, Bender's a robot, so why the heck should he care about that? It's a funny spot, though the sound track appears to kind of messed up. Of course, our Futurama fans know all about Gore's involvement with the show in the past; his daughter did write for it, after all. See it after the jump:

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The Daily Show: June 28, 2006

by Annie Wu, posted Jun 29th 2006 10:11AM
The Daily Show"Ward of the Word": Goodness, the folks on Capitol Hill just won't let go of the phrase "cut-and-run". Can exit strategies really be broken down to just two verbs and a conjunction? It's gone as far as "cut-and-jog". Coming next: cut-and-skip, cut-and-mosey... Set it and forget it?!

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South Park: Manbearpig

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 27th 2006 11:22AM

cartman south parkGod must really want those kids dead. -- South Park

(S10E06) I'm like, totally cereal, guys.

If nothing else, last night's episode proved that South Park is still an equal opportunity offender. In this episode, Al Gore comes to South Park to warn everyone about Manbearpig (read: global warming), a creature who is half man, half bear, and half pig. Or possibly half man and half bearpig. No one really knows for sure because Gore is apparently the only one who believes he exists.

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