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October 7, 2015


The real reason why some Price is Right games are retired

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jan 31st 2010 1:01PM
Do you watch The Price is Right, either because you're sick, unemployed or both, and wonder why what happens to games like "On the Nose," "Poker Game" and "The Phone Home Game"? Ever wonder why some of The Price is Right's pricing games go to that big "Showcase Showdown" in the sky?

Do not question the mighty awesomeness of daytime game show gods! Their reasoning for taking some games before their time are sound and righteous in ways not meant for us mere mortals to understand. Also, some of them had the potential to critically injure or even kill someone on the show. Check out this dangerous attempt to play a game of "Super Ball!".

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Bob Barker almost a no-show at Game Show Awards because of feud with Betty White

by Danny Gallagher, posted May 30th 2009 2:05PM
Price is Right host Bob BarkerIt's hard to imagine that anyone would consider TV's sweet-natured grandma Betty White as their "sworn enemy." Except, of course for maybe Mom from Futurama and the bizarro version of Bea Arthur.

But apparently that's the label that Price is Right host Bob Barker has bestowed upon the Golden Girl. It turns out the two aren't pals or confidants. Buzzer Blog reported that Barker threatened not to show up to GSN's 2009 Game Show Awards where he accepted a lifetime achievement award along with Mark Goodson and Monty Hall if White was there.

It gets weirder. The whole thing was caused by an elephant. This is starting to sound less like Hollywood gossip and more like a job for Mythbusters.

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Help the lady astronaut break up the happy couple

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 21st 2007 4:04PM

Well, this is going to take up a little while this afternoon.

The Game Show Network has a new game on their site called Astronaut Moonstalker, and though it sounds like one of those cheesy movie you always see on The Sci-Fi Channel, it's actually a space game based on the female astronaut who put on a diaper to drive 900 miles and kidnap a romantic rival.

It's a fun, well-designed game. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, you pilot a spacecraft around rocks, monsters, and space debris to land next to the happy couple and break them up (by telling the woman bad things about the guy). You also get bonus points if you collect the red hearts that are floating through space, and your progress is tracked by a "diaper meter." Play the game after the jump (or play the bigger version at the link above).

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Lingo coming back for a sixth season

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 15th 2007 6:09PM

ShandiI've been wondering if this show was even still in production. Every time I turn it on it seems to be an episode that I've already seen, or even if I haven't seen it, it's an episode from a year or two ago. But now GSN has announced that the Chuck Woolery-hosted spelling game show will be back for a sixth season. Shandi Finnessey will be back as his co-host, typing away at the computer and starting each game, and there will be four special episodes where online champions face off against TV champions.

OK, so this game isn't exactly Jeopardy. It might not even be Wheel Of Fortune, but I enjoy it. And as I've said here before, I like it when Shandi says "Lingo balls."

The new season starts on April 2.

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This Sunday on GSN: A Betty White Christmas

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 20th 2005 2:02PM

Betty WhiteYou know, if I was 37 years older, I think I'd have the hots for Betty White. She seems like a cool lady. And if I haven't said too much, please read on.

This Xmas day, GSN is having a marathon of Betty White episodes:

  • noon: What's My Line (1955 - her first game show appearance)
  • 12:30: Password (1963, with her husband, host Allen Ludden)
  • 1:00: Tattletales
  • 1:30: Match Game PM
  • 2:00: Password Plus
  • 2:30: To Tell The Truth
  • 3:00: Family Feud
  • 3:30: Body Language
  • 4:00: Match Game
  • 4:30: Match Game

[via TV Tattle]

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