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October 8, 2015


America's Got Talent: Audition show 7

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Jul 15th 2009 12:15AM
America's Got Talent(S04E07) "You didn't even give me a chance!" - Contestant David Glass after being Xed three times and booed by the crowd

The judges may not have given David Glass a chance -- they were right not to do so -- but they did give a free pass to another contestant who didn't have the goods to go on to Las Vegas. Even if the producers will never admit to it, you must agree that it looks like producers have the judges vote through a certain number of bad and wacky acts so that viewers tune in for Vegas Week to see if the judges will be crazy enough to vote those to the Top 20.

Tonight's episode gave us another reason why America's Got Talent should not let individual singers audition since a lot go move on to the later rounds, making it look like another version of American Idol. This week, they not only let through a few singers, they also let through Idol's season one contestant Kelli Glover.

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Funny videos: Paul, Will, MacGyver and a Human Giant - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted May 5th 2007 8:02AM

GoebelHello, everyone. Are you enjoying your Saturday? That's great. Here's some funny videos I found:

First of all, our own Paul Goebel is doing a series of funny vlogs for NBC's DotComedy as The Remote Controller. He's already predicted the demise of FOX's Drive before anyone else. Will he use his Nostradamus-like skills to make even more chilling predictions? Who knows?

Have you been watching Human Giant on MTV? You should, it's a damn funny show. Check out this sketch of one of the most intense job interview you'll ever witness. It'll make you "put on your marshmallow pants and hit the boo-hoo button."

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Super Bowl viewers threatened by Prince's gigantic...

by Julia Ward, posted Feb 7th 2007 10:25AM
Prince Super Bowl PhallusAmerica - always threatened by the black man's sexuality. The debate hasn't gone there yet, but just you wait. An AP story was released yesterday that strings together multiple reports of viewers who were shocked, shocked to see Prince's "demonic guitar phallus," as it was described by Stephen Colbert, projected in shadow against a large sheet of fabric during the Super Bowl halftime show.

These same viewers also giggle at the word "dooty," think a man using a microphone resembles an act of fellatio and that, from the air, Dolphin Stadium looks like a vagina. Folks, you can't rock out without your cock out so get over it already. You're just lucky this was Prince circa 2007 and not Prince circa 1984 when the guitar he took on tour would ejaculate water at the climax of "Let's Go Crazy." He kept his ass covered. What more do you want?

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Elvis' Ed Sullivan appearances coming to DVD

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 7th 2006 10:02AM
elvisElvis Presley made three appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show in the late 1950s. It was on his third and last appearance that he was filmed only from the waist up to obscure his gyrating dance moves, gyrations that no doubt would have hypnotized every teenage girl in America and turned them all into mindless slut zombies willing to do Elvis' bidding whenever he so desired. Thankfully, CBS stopped that particular catastrophe from ever happening. The complete episodes featuring Elvis and containing the original commercial breaks will be included in a new DVD box set titled, Elvis Presley: The Sullivan Shows. The set will be released on November 21.

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Monk: Mr. Monk Goes to a Rock Concert

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 26th 2006 10:56AM

monk(S05E08) This episode opens behind the scenes at a rock festival. A roadie is upset with a rock musician for stealing one of his songs and putting it on an album. Luckily (well, actually unluckily) for Stork, the roadie, he mailed the sheet music to himself so as to have proof that he wrote the song. The musician, Kris Kedder, knocks Stork unconscious with a beer bottle.

Back in Monkland, Monk and Natalie are trying to get Stottlemeyer to compensate them for a dry cleaning bill from a suit that was soiled while Monk was investigating another case. Stottlemeyer tells them Disher handles such things, but Disher is home sick. While they're arguing, Stottlemeyer gets a call that his son has skipped school to attend a rock concert.

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Tom Goes to the Mayor: Bass Fest

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 9th 2006 7:59PM

tom goes to the mayor(S02E02) This episode will air Sunday night on Adult Swim, but you can catch it over at the Adult Swim Fix site now. This episode begins with Tom visiting the town "darn" (he doesn't like to say "dam") while on a field trip with his adult school class. Sean Hayes from Will and Grace does a hilarious turn as a tour guide.

It turns out the dam is also home to Bass Fest (that's "bass" as in the musical instrument, not the fish). I'm actually a bass player myself, so I have to admit all the bass references cracked me up, especially when bass player Wizzard (Bob Odenkirk) announces on TV that he'll be playing a G three octaves lower than anyone has ever played. Tom tries to protest the festival, however, when he discovers that the low frequencies could rupture the dam. He takes his position in his "protest canoe" above the dam, and begs Wizzard to stop playing when leaks start appearing and water begins to pour out of the dam. The Mayor insists it's not the bass playing but Tom's "heavy canoe" that's causing the dam to give.

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Good-bye City, hello country for John Corbett

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 16th 2006 8:53AM
john corbett musicEven when he played Aidan on Sex and the City, John Corbett has always been a little bit country. That's why he gave up acting in 2005, headed to Nashville, and grew out his chops. He spent the last year writing and composing songs for a country album with guitarist/friend Tara Novick. Now he has a self-titled album and a video, which you can see on AOL. The video is for a song called Good to Go, and it features your usual country stuff: hay bales, horses, tractors, and dirt. Oh yeah, and it also has a few cameos by Bo Derek, John's real-life girlfriend. You can hear samples of all the songs on his debut album over at his official website. Corbett isn't signed on with a record label because he didn't like their recommendation of waiting a year to create a "marketing strategy" for his album. It's his first album, but it's also a life-long dream for him, so he probably wanted to start the country music part of his life as soon as possible. Even if you don't like the style of music, you've got to admire the guy for walking away from it all to pursue his dream.

[Via Pop Candy]

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