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September 4, 2015

hallmark channel

Carrie Fisher Books Modern Day 'Christmas Carol' and More Casting News

by Chris Harnick, posted Dec 6th 2011 5:30PM
Carrie Fisher Hallmark MovieCarrie Fisher, Carson Kressley and Emmanuelle Vaugier will star in Hallmark Channel's 'Caroling,' a new take on the Charles Dickens classic, 'A Christmas Carol.'

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie will air during the holiday season of 2012. The movie follows Vaugier's character, Carol Huffman, a successful Chicago book publisher.

In the flick, the ruthless businesswoman's colleague, played by Kressley, organizes a secret revolt against her. Fisher will play the deceased founder of the publishing house who takes Carol on a journey through the past, present and future.

Olivia Cheng and Tygh Runyan also star.

In other casting news ...

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Where to Watch Classic TV (Besides TV Land)

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 16th 2011 2:30PM
TV LandWith its new slate of original programming, there's just not enough room in the schedule for TV Land to air many classic TV shows anymore.

At least that's the word from executive vice president Jaci Cohen. Or to quote her directly, "There are still only 24 hours in a day." TV Land viewers have been posting complaints/suggestions on the network's Facebook page, many irritated that classic sitcoms are being pushed aside in favor of reality shows like 'High School Reunion' and 'She's Got the Look.' While it's true that TV Land is investing in some original, old fashioned comedies -- like 'Hot in Cleveland' and 'Retired at 35' -- it's been moving away from the classics for some time now.

But there's still hope! We live in a world of 9,000 cable channels, and here are five places where you can get your classic TV fix.

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Shannen Doherty on Being a Bad Girl and Her New Hallmark Channel Movie

by Gabrielle Dunn, posted Oct 22nd 2010 12:00PM
Growing the Big OneShannen Doherty is used to playing the "bad girl."

But in her new movie, 'Growing the Big One' which premieres at 9PM ET, Oct. 23 on The Hallmark Channel, Doherty tackles a different kind of role, "the city girl who moves to the country."

She plays Emma, a young woman who inherits her deeply-in-debt family farm and decides to enter a pumpkin-growing contest in hopes of saving it with the winnings.

"I liked it because it's a lighter role for me," she told TV Squad. "I'm usually playing these darker roles, but I liked this one because it's lighter and fluffier. I'm an aunt and it's nice to finally do something that my brother's whole family can sit around and watch their aunt."

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Jennifer Love Hewitt and Betty White Team Up for Hallmark Channel Movie

by Gary Susman, posted Aug 13th 2010 2:30PM
Betty WhiteTV's Betty White-a-Palooza continues with yet another high profile gig for the 88-year-old tube icon. This time, it's a serious dramatic role, in a made-for-TV movie costarring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Variety reports that White and Hewitt will star in a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie for CBS called 'The Lost Valentine.' Apparently, there are no hard feelings between Hewitt, who's also executive producing, and CBS, which dropped her show 'The Ghost Whisperer' in May after five seasons.

'Valentine,' based on the novel by James Michael Pratt, will star Hewitt as a reporter who profiles a woman (played by White) whose husband was declared missing in action during World War II. (And who better to locate a presumably long-dead lost love than Hewitt?)

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Sean Patrick Flanery and Brigid Brannagh to Star in Hallmark Channel's 'Mystery Girl'

by Ryan McKee, posted Aug 9th 2010 12:40AM
'The Hollywood Reporter' brings news today that the Hallmark Channel original movie 'Mystery Girl' will star a 'Boondock Saint' and an 'Army Wife'. Sean Patrick Flanery will play Ben, a lonely guy trying to find his dream girl on the Internet. We've all been there, right guys? Instead, he accidentally begins messaging with Charley, played by Brigid Brannagh, a single mom who just can't catch a break with men.

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Hallmark Creates Fall "How-to" Block of Martha Stewart-Produced Shows

by Rich Keller, posted Jun 7th 2010 4:00PM
'The Martha Stewart Show' will head a new block of Martha-produced The Hallmark Channel is making a drastic change to its afternoon programming block come September and it's all due to Martha Stewart.

After acquiring broadcast rights to 'The Martha Stewart Show,' which premieres Sept. 13 at 10AM ET, the network has decided to surround the program with other shows produced by Stewart's Living Omnimedia. The result, according to Deadline Hollywood, is a mid-morning/afternoon block of "how-to" shows.

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Martha Stewart: The Cable TV Network?

by Kim Potts, posted Mar 30th 2010 9:30AM
Oprah will soon have her own TV network (called OWN), and domestic doyenne Martha Stewart may not be far behind.

With her syndicated 'Martha Stewart Show' already moving to the Hallmark Channel in September, Stewart and Crown Media, the parent company of the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel, are in preliminary talks to launch a new Martha-themed cable network.

The new network would tentatively be called Hallmark Home, though, given Hallmark's recent deal to pepper its line-up with Stewart-produced fare, the lifestyle guru already has a huge cable presence.

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News from Oprah and Martha

by Brad Trechak, posted Jan 26th 2010 1:00PM
Oprah WinfreyWe have two pieces of news from the talk show world today. First, Oprah Winfrey's upcoming OWN network now has a tagline. The tagline is "it's your life ... own it". This tagline is probably better than the proposed one "I have more money than all of you combined and will use it to conquer the world ... MWA HA HA".

In other news, Martha Stewart is following in the steps of Oprah and leaving daytime syndication for a cable deal. Her new show is slated to run on the Hallmark Channel and the network will also run Martha-owned programming after her own show. This can be taken as a sign of the diminishing power of network television as well as the increasing power of Martha Stewart.

The question we must really ask is: if Martha and Oprah combined into one entity that consumed all of daytime television, what would that entity be called? Marah? Optha? The All-Consuming Beast?

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'Martha Stewart' to Redecorate on Hallmark Channel

by Andrew Scott, posted Jan 26th 2010 12:48PM
Martha StewartMartha Stewart is about to have her very own Hallmark moment.

According to Media Decoder, the daytime host has announced plans to move 'The Martha Stewart' show from syndication to the Hallmark Channel, where it will begin airing original episodes in September.

As part of the move, 'Martha Stewart,' which premiered in 2005, will air from 10-11AM across the country, and will follow with original programming from 11AM-12:30PM. What said programming will be has yet to be revealed; however, it will be produced by Stewart's company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Also on Stewart's plate: holiday and interview specials that will air exclusively in prime time.

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Stop asking Eriq LaSalle about ER

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 11th 2008 9:19AM
LaSalle ERRemember what a jerk Eriq LaSalle was as Dr. Peter Benton on ER? You know, a real hard-ass. Well, it turns out his dynamic performance as that character may be because he wasn't acting. At the Hallmark Channel press tour, LaSalle got ticked off when asked about ER.

He was meeting the press to answer questions about his TV movie, Relative Stranger, which will air next January. When LaSalle noticed that there were a plethora of questions about ER -- for him and co-stars Michael Michele and Michael Beach, both of whom had also been on NBC's long-running medical drama -- Eriq flared.

"Okay, I mean look, it was a defining moment, you know, for a lot of us as artists. You know, it was a show that was a little bit ahead of its time. We had a great time doing it. I don't know what else to say. I talked about the show so much. I prefer to talk about Relative Stranger."

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Hallmark plans 30 movies ... about love, of course

by Jane Boursaw, posted Jul 8th 2008 12:23PM
Jacqueline Bisset / An Old-Fashioned ThanksgivingThere's a long-running joke around our house about the Hallmark channel. Whenever anyone surfs by it long enough to hear a wispy theme song, someone will invariably drop to their knees, lightly press the back of their hand to their forehead, and feign a woman in emotional turmoil. Let's face it, that pretty much describes a lot of Hallmark movies.

So when I read in Variety that Hallmark has 30 movies in the pipeline -- and would be announcing them at the Television Critics Association confab (I guess that's what they call it when it's not the real deal?) -- I knew that a good portion of them would probably have the word "love" in the title.

Yep, sure enough. They've picked up the rights to the next two installments in the Love Comes Softly franchise, based on Janette Oke's series of eight novels set in the Old West.

The seventh title, Love Takes Wing, is in production and will air in the first quarter of 2009, starring Cloris Leachman and Hayley Duff. The final title, Love Finds a Home, is still in the script stage and hasn't been cast.

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I'm worried about Jane Doe

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 28th 2008 3:00PM

Lea ThompsonSo what did you do yesterday? I spent the entire Sunday watching detective movies on The Hallmark Channel. Of course, when I say "detective movies" it sounds like I was watching old film noir flicks from the 40s and 50s. Actually, I was watching Murder, She Wrote, Perry Mason movies, and Matlock.

Yes, I have the social life of a 70 year-old woman.

I've always been a sucker for these shows, going back to the NBC Mystery Movie and Columbo and McMillan and Wife. Those shows were probably better produced and written than the stuff you see on Hallmark Channel, but I think the new shows are quite entertaining and fun, and it's good to see favorite familiar faces on TV again: the McBride movies with John Larroquette, the Murder 101 movies with Dick Van Dyke, and the TV movie series I'd like to talk about, Jane Doe.

To put it simply, I'm worried about Jane Doe.

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Hallmark buys I Love Lucy, Cheers, 7th Heaven

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 28th 2007 2:02PM

I Love LucyLooks like the Hallmark Channel is making a bid to play with the bigger networks.

The cable network has gone on a Christmas shopping spree and bought several shows from CBS Television Distribution, including I Love Lucy, Cheers, 7th Heaven, 12 holiday movies, and more episodes of Touched By An Angel and Matlock. 7th Heaven starts in January, Cheers later next year, and then I Love Lucy will start in early 2009.

This is good news for fans who like the channel but are overdosing on reruns of Murder, She Wrote and those mystery movies that star John Larroquette and Lea Thompson.

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The Hallmark Channel gets March of the Penguins

by Anna Johns, posted Jun 6th 2006 11:04AM
march of the penguinsOne of these things is not like the other. I read this story and that's the song that got stuck in my head. The Hallmark Channel just bought the rights to air 29 feature films on its network. Soon, films like Miss Congeniality, Troy, The In-Laws, and New York Minute will pick up where Little House on the Prairie and Moment of Truth movies left off. The one movie that really stands out from the others is March of the Penguins. It actually makes a little bit of sense that it's on the Hallmark Channel, because the movie ends up being very emotional and about life's struggles and the saving grace of family. I just expected it to be on Discovery.

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