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October 9, 2015

harry anderson

This Day in Boob Tube History: the debuts of Night Court and Mr. Ed

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 4th 2010 3:10PM
If you didn't hear, Mr. Ed star Connie Hines died recently. As I was looking over her obituary and surfing around to various Mr. Ed sites, I saw that the show premiered on January 4, 1961. I also saw that Night Court also debuted on January 4 (in 1984). To salute both, here are the openings of each show (the Night Court opening is season three, after the death of Selma Diamond and before Marsha Warfield joined).

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30 Rock: The One With The Cast Of Night Court

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 13th 2008 11:31PM
Jennifer Aniston(S03E03) "What if Heroes had this new hero whose power was close-up magic?" - Harry Anderson

Holy crap, how did we miss the news that the cast of Night Court was going to be on tonight's episode of 30 Rock? Maybe all of the talk about Jennifer Aniston being a guest on the show (and Oprah and Steve Martin in the coming weeks) overshadowed that news, or maybe they didn't think it was big enough news to announce. But God I think it's even bigger news! Hey, Aniston is fine, but let me repeat: this episode features a reunion of the cast of Night Court! One NBC sitcom classic meets another.

And the reason they're on the show is even better...

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Back to the Grind for old TV stars

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 31st 2007 3:01PM

night courtCindy Williams and Penny Marshall aren't the only "classic" TV stars slated to pop up on TV Land this coming season: both Loni Anderson (WKRP in Cincinnati) and Harry Anderson (Night Court) are the first to sign on for a new series called Back to the Grind, which is not a revamped version of the MTV dance show The Grind, but rather a reality series in which actors and actresses will actually perform the jobs their characters had on their respective shows.

Seeing Harry Anderson as a judge and Loni Anderson doing whatever it is she did on WKRP could be entertaining, but I also want to see Wayne Rogers remove shrapnel from a young South Korean boy, and I want to see Melissa Sue Anderson stricken with blindness in order to reprise her role as Mary Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie. If we're going to make a show like this, people, let's not mess around.

The series premieres on October 10.

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And I Quote: the best one-liners of the week

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 1st 2006 12:11AM
  • "Never trust a hurricane named after a stripper. Next year, when Hurricane Tiffany comes, we're all out of here." - Night Court's Harry Anderson, New Orleans resident and business owner, about Hurricane Katrina.
  • "Hey, that extra room? If the girlfriend thing doesn't work out, maybe that's where the nurse can live." - Dwight, to Michael, about his new condo, which will take 30 years to pay off, on The Office.
  • "Your last roommate's kidney?" - Chandler, to new roommate Eddie, holding up a small dried piece of fruit and asking him if he knows what it is, on Friends.


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