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September 3, 2015


Is Apple looking to take a bite out of TV next?

by Danny Gallagher, posted Aug 25th 2009 2:33PM
Apple logoApple has left some fairly noticeable heel marks on the free throw lines of the computer, digital music and the cell phone industry.

So what technology business does Steve Jobs have next on his "To Dominate" list? Why TV, of course. What did you think I was going to say? Toasters? Did you not read the name of this blog?

A financial analyst with the Piper Jaffray investment banking firm speculated that the company is eying at taking a stab at TV technology by releasing its own high definition television by 2011.

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Alienware unveils Hanger18 HD media server

by Brad Linder, posted Sep 6th 2007 6:30PM
Alienware HD media serverIf Alienware's $2000 Hangar18 media center left you wanting more, the high end gaming and HTPC computer maker has got something for you.

Alienware took the wraps off of its new HD Media Server system at the CEDIA tech show in Denver today. This rack-mountable system comes packed with up to four terabytes of storage, 1080p output via HDMI, 7.1 channel audio, Blu-Ray and CableCard support.

No pricing or availability has been announced, but Alienware is gearing this system toward high-end home media center installers. So even though at first blush it doesn't look like much more than a rack-mountable Hanger18 media center with a bit more storage potential, we suspect it's going to set you back significantly more than $2000.

[via Engadget]

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HiPe upgrades its horribly named eMage-N media center line

by Brad Linder, posted Sep 4th 2007 6:00PM
HiPe eMage-NHome theater PC makers HiPe are updating their eMage-N line of high definition media centers. No, they're not changing the silly name, just offering up a few more features.

For example, you can now get native HDMI output, and a combo Blu-Ray/HD-DVD player.

HiPe is also offering a wireless LTB Q-bean microphone headset for issuing voice commands to your PC. HiPe's eMage-N HD systems start at $1199, but the sky is the limit with options including DVD changers, LCD/Plasma televisions, 12.1 inch touchscreens for the computer case, and up to 15 terabytes of storage space.

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Asus launching media PC with 500W amp

by Brad Linder, posted Mar 21st 2007 5:00PM
Asus A33There are really only three things you need in a PC to call it a PVR: a hard drive, an operating system (preferably with an electronic program guide), and a TV tuner (or in the case of IPTV, some other method for capturing live television broadcasts).

But why stop there? All the cool kids these days have remote controls, support for internet video, music, and even the ability to schedule recordings from a cellphone.

While a good sound card is always a plus, Asus is going one step further and building a 500W amplifier into its A33 line of media center PCs. The machines will be capable of pumping out 7.1 channel audio. It also has an HDMI input and 2 HDMI outputs.

The Asus A33 will ship with either Windows Vista Home Premium or Linux with a version of Digeo's Moxi PVR software. It'll set you back about €1500 or $2000, and should be available by this summer.

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MyTellyHD linux media center

by Brad Linder, posted Feb 13th 2007 4:02PM
MyTellyHDInteract-TV is launching the latest in its line of Linux-based media servers. The MyTellyHD is a low-profile media center that includes 720p Component output and upscaling of video and DVD content.

I'm not convinced it's wise to put HD in the product's name if you're only going to include 720p capability and no HDMI. Sure, it's still technically HD, but if you're selling a Linux based product, odds are your target market is computer geeks or A/V geeks, and either way you're likely to find folks who are less than thrilled with the resolution.

That said, the price is right, with MyTellyHD units starting at $899. That gets you a 160GB hard drive, a DVD burner, 6 channel audio, composite, S-Video, and component outputs, and an assortment of Firewire, USB, and other I/O ports. An optional 400GB hard drive upgrade is available for another $169.

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