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August 31, 2015


Stan Lee to make Heroes cameo

by Julia Ward, posted Feb 7th 2007 2:03PM
Stan Lee and Masi OkaMarvel comics icon Stan "The Man" Lee will make a cameo appearance on the Monday, February 19th episode of Heroes. Entitled "Unexpected," Lee will play a bus driver who has an encounter with Hiro Nakamura.

Is it because we have proof positive that Masi Oka was once a nerd supreme - works part-time for George Lucas, on the cover of Time circa 1987 as an Asian-American Whiz Kid - that he gets to have all the geek-out encounters on Heroes? His dad is George Takei. He rides the bus with Stan Lee. Anyone want to start making guesses as to what uber-geek chic run-in Hiro will have next? Frank Miller? Alan Moore? The cast of Firefly? Xeni Jardin? He's got an in with Lucas.

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Heroes: The Fix

by Michael Canfield, posted Jan 30th 2007 6:58AM
Gulp! I'm on Studio 60 tonight!(S01E13) One of the things I enjoy almost every episode is how the the creative team of Heroes manages to juggle so many characters reasonably well. The majority of the dozen-or-so major players in the half-dozen-or-so major plot threads have important and relevant scenes each time out, quite an accomplishment for just under forty-three minutes of television a week. But, nah, I didn't miss the Artist this time out.

Tonight's episode saw a number of broken relationships on the mend. On the way to the mend, anyhow. There is no longer any question that egocentric politician Nathan Petrelli is now more concerned with helping little bro' Pete than he is on his congressional run. He has certainly given up pretending that things like genetic mutations and human nuclear explosions are inconvenient distractions that can be argued away. That's a relief. Skeptical characters in the face of overwhelming evidence that weird crap is happening start to get tedious after a while, and I'm happy Nathan hasn't turned stuck it out as one of these.

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Heroes: Godsend

by Michael Canfield, posted Jan 23rd 2007 7:35AM
The Next Chapter Begins ...
The month off was enough for me to start missing the show. Chapter Twelve opens two weeks after we last saw our heroes. Jessica has spent the intervening time pummeling prison guards from the looks of the fearful battered bunch that enter Niki/Jessica's cell in the opening scene. Not to worry, Jessica is concocting an insanity defense. Maybe "concocting" is too strong a word. Niki does have a really strong insanity defense. She and her husband D.L. have essentially exchanged places. Now she's the perceived dangerous criminal and D.L. is the sole protector of their son Micha.

Hardly anything has gone the heroes' way during the hiatus. Sure, the Artist came out of his time in Odessa cured of heroin addiction, and is now able to paint without it, but most of the others are still suffering in the wake of previous events.

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Superhero smackdown: 24 vs Heroes

by Meredith O'Brien, posted Jan 22nd 2007 1:42PM

Jack Bauer on 24The List vs The Nukes.

The indestructible cheerleader vs the counter terrorism agent who, the last time we saw him, was in a crumpled, crying heap on someone's front lawn.

Which program will prevail when they go head to head tonight at 9 p.m.?

TV Guide is reporting that Heroes creators hope that by developing the right kind of buzz via catchphrases ("Are you on the list?") they can help the rookie show take down Jack Bauer, now in his sixth season.

The Boston Globe's TV critic Matthew Gilbert says that, if he had to choose between Heroes and 24, it'd be Heroes because he says it's "much fresher and more original than 24 which is exciting and addictive but . . . come on, 24 is pretty formulaic at this point."

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Heroes, Prison Break (among others) return this week

by Richard Keller, posted Jan 22nd 2007 9:01AM

Heroes returns with a new episode tonightHiya, kids! Schedule Boy here, nearly fully recovered after a bout of stomach virus that hit the S.B. home. Thanks for all the flowers, candy, and $100 bills.

Anyway, I just stopped by the TV Squad offices (in the palatial studios that once housed the Krofft Supershow) to let you all know about the return of a number of fan favorite shows to the prime time line-up. Most of these have not had a first-run episode since the beginning of December. So, their return is eagerly anticipated (or feared, in some cases).

It begins tonight with the return of Prison Break on FOX, Everybody Hates Chris on the CW, and Heroes on NBC. Out of all three of these Heroes is probably the most anticipated. This has been the surprise hit of the season and has already been renewed for a second by the network. Also returning to the NBC schedule tonight is the love-it-or-hate-it Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. This show seemed to pick up a bit of steam right before it took its holiday break. Here's hoping that it continues in the upcoming weeks.

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Heroes star made cover of Time magazine

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 22nd 2006 1:41PM

Masi OkaThe cover of the August 31, 1987 edition of the magazine, that is. Seems that Masi Oka was one of the smart kids pictured on the cover of that issue of Time, the one titled "Those Asian-American Whiz Kids." Oka is on the left, with the blue shirt and the backpack.

The story came to light on Monday night's episode of Late Night With Conan O'Brien. Oka was a guest on the show, and Conan surprised the Heroes star by showing him a copy of the magazine. The picture was taken by the parent of one of his friends.

As we told you a while back, Oka went on to work for George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic, and actually still works there part time (as far as I know). When he started there out of college, he actually had something in his contract about his movie career.

Anyone have a copy of this issue? Could be a cool collectible. Everyone rush over to ebay starting right....now.

[via TV Tattle]

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George Takei joins cast of Heroes

by Julia Ward, posted Nov 18th 2006 1:29PM
George TakeiIn an utterly brilliant bit of casting news, George Takei, Star Trek's Captain Sulu, will be playing Hiro Nakamura's father on NBC's Heroes. You can expect Hiro's father to be showing up stateside to bring his super son back to Japan. If you've been watching the series, you know that won't go over too well considering that Hiro is on a mission to save New York City from imploding in five weeks, which - counting reruns - should be just in time for sweeps.

Masi Oka, who plays space-and-time-continuum-bending Hiro, told TV Guide, "I just hope I get to say, 'Dad! Sulu is my hero, not you!' The sci-fi fans would love it." I'm not even a huge sci-fi fan, and I love it. What else can you say? George Takei's awesomeness cannot be contained.


George Takei on Howard Stern, new Trek and working with Shatner
George Takei: The TV Squad interview

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I was wrong about Heroes

by Keith McDuffee, posted Oct 25th 2006 11:24AM
heroesBack before Heroes aired for the first time and I'd already seen the first three episodes of the series, I really didn't "get " the show. It just didn't click with me, as though the show lost its way before it even began. I held onto this opinion even with everyone raving about it, including the trades. I just didn't get why people were so hung up on this show. And then I saw the fourth episode last week, and everything changed.

Maybe it's just me, but it's as if the writers stepped it up a notch after the third episode. That ending last week wowed me like I remember being wowed at the end of the first episode, only then the stuff surrounding it wasn't all that spectacular for me.

Anyway, I was wrong. But I'm glad I didn't simply give up on the show and decided to give it past what I saw early. I only wish I could say the same about some of the other new shows this season. I hope Heroes can keep this up, and judging by the episode Monday night, it looks like they are.

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Heroes star still works part-time for George Lucas

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 16th 2006 2:14PM
Masi OkaThey always say "don't give up your day job" when you're trying to be an actor or a writer or an artist, and that goes for the stars of hit TV shows too.

Masi Oka, who plays the teleporting Hiro on the NBC show (just given a full season order by the network) still works three days a week as a research and development technical director for George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic. He's been working the job ever since leaving college, and signed a contract with ILM saying that he would have to work in San Francisco if he didn't get a role on a pilot or a series. He got a role, so he's allowed to stay in Los Angeles and work as an actor while still working part-time.

[via TV Tattle]

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