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October 4, 2015

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Happy Good Neighbor Day: Saluting 10 Great TV Neighbors

by Rich Keller, posted Sep 28th 2010 11:20AM
Fred Rogers, Fred and Ethel Mertz and Barney Rubble are just three of the 10 very good television neighbors on out list
Today we celebrate National Good Neighbor Day by thanking those who live around us who watch our kids when we're sick, let us borrow the chainsaw to cut down that dead oak in the front yard, lend us money and comfort when times are bleak and look the other way when they saw our wives kissing the mailman right on the mouth (to keep the marriage strife-free, of course).

In order to honor this exalted day, we have compiled a list of 10 TV neighbors who would literally give you the shirt off their backs -- even if was by burning your shirt off while accidentally lighting your house on fire.

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What's On Tonight: Super Bowl, 'Puppy Bowl,' 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force'

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 7th 2010 12:25PM
Undercover BossHere's tonight's TV line-up (all times Eastern).

  • TV Land has a 'Home Improvement' marathon all night.
  • Discovery has a 'Destroyed in Seconds' marathons all night.
  • TNT has a 'Law & Order' marathon all night.
  • Hallmark continues their 'I Love Lucy' marathon.
  • At 6, CBS has the Super Bowl, followed by the series premiere of 'Undercover Boss.'
  • At 7, FOX has two new episodes of 'Til Death.'
  • Animal Planet has 'Puppy Bowl VI' at 7.
  • ABC Family has 'The Sound of Music' at 7.
  • At 9, PBS has a new 'Masterpiece Classic.'
  • HBO has a new 'Big Love' at 9.
  • WE has a new 'Platinum Weddings' at 9.
  • At 10, TruTV has two new episodes of 'Las Vegas Jailhouse.'
  • IFC has two 'Arrested Development' episodes at 10.
  • Also at 10: WE has a new 'Rich Bride Poor Bride.'
  • At midnight, Cartoon Network has a new 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force.'

Check your local TV listings for more.

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Fat Guys on Sitcoms Are ALWAYS (Pathetically) Trying to Lose Weight

by Patricia Chui, posted Jan 7th 2010 12:34PM
Jason AlexanderJason Alexander was just announced as the new Jenny Craig spokesperson, which is a pretty far cry from his old KFC-touting gig.

Do we want to see Alexander in a bikini? Hell, naw. But if there's any way his new attitude can help reverse the trend of fat guys starring in sitcoms (often with svelte, gorgeous wives -- seriously, what's up with that?), then we're all for it.

Of course, it's not as though those chubsters never tried to shed the pounds ... some more enthusiastically than others. Because you know what's more hilarious than a funny fat guy? A funny fat guy as he pathetically attempts to lose weight. Here's hoping Alexander has more success than these guys did.

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Home Improvement creators hoping to revitalize the family sitcom

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 31st 2009 9:05AM
Home ImprovementMatt Williams has an impressive sitcom pedigree. He created the quintessential '90s sitcom with Roseanne. Then, with Carmen Finestra and David McFadzean alongside, he struck gold again with Tim Allen's Home Improvement. Now they're hoping lightning can strike twice (thrice?) with another take on the traditional family sitcom for ABC.

Once a television staple, the family sitcom has probably never seen leaner days than right now. But with the multi-camera format making a comeback, there's no better time to test the waters. This time, the family will be a sports psychologist who works out of his home, along with his three kids and presumably a wife.

The big difference between this project and Williams' other two successes is the lack of an established comedian at the center of it. One could easily argue that both Roseanne and Home Improvement were just expansions of the stage acts of their respective stars. That was kind of a trend back then. Are you ready for a family sitcom in the vein of these classics, or has their time come and gone?

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Sherri Shepherd's splashdown set for October

by Allison Waldman, posted Aug 14th 2009 1:02PM
sherri_shepherd_bathing_suit_the_viewLast week on The View, Sherri Shepherd showed off her new body, clad in a bathing suit, and now it seems there was more to her remake than just good health and looking better. Shepherd's Lifetime sitcom, Sherri, will premiere on October 5, and you just know it's her intention to score a big time success. Lifetime has had this in the works for months. This is the network's first fully-owned sitcom, so you gotta believe the net has a lot of faith in Sherri.

The show is based on Shepherd's stand-up, which is the same formula that worked for Roseanne, Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond), Tim Allen (Home Improvement) and a half-dozen other comics, and the exposure Sherri gets from The View won't hurt at all.

The same demographic that watches The View tunes in to Lifetime shows like Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives. Oh, and don't forget the Lifetime movies. Ladies love Lifetime.

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Seven '90s TV Show Reunions That Need to Happen Right Now

by Kelly Woo, posted Jun 9th 2009 6:00PM

The Zack Attack is back! Alas, it was for one night only.

Last night, Mark-Paul Gosselaar surprised Jimmy Fallon on 'Late Night' by showing up dressed as Zack Morris from 'Saved By the Bell' -- complete with giant mobile phone. Fallon's been obsessed with putting together a 'Saved By the Bell' reunion, and Gosselaar (who now stars in TNT's 'Raising the Bar') gamely agreed to participate -- if Fallon can get everybody else on board.

It got us thinking about which of our favorite '90s sitcoms need to hold reunions, like, yesterday. 'The Today Show' already hosted a 'Cosby Show' reunion, but here are some more meet-back-ups we really, really want to see:

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What did you think of the TV Land Awards? - open thread

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 27th 2009 5:20PM
TV Land logoThe thing that gets me about the TV Land Awards is this: they're celebrating the types of TV shows that TV Land will one day not even show anymore.

But before reality shows and movies take over the network, it's kinda fun to see the casts of Magnum, P.I. (too bad John Hillerman wasn't there) and Home Improvement again (but still no Jonathan Taylor Thomas ... guess that tension is still alive all these years later). Neil Patrick Harris was a good host, and the lineup of old and new stars they had is actually quite impressive.

What did you think of it?

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Five shows I've been watching again lately

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 22nd 2009 10:56AM
Home ImprovementIf you watch a lot of TV like I do, you often go through patterns. You'll drift away from a show for many months or even years, and then you start watching an episode one night and find yourself watching the show on a regular basis again (I'm talking about watching the shows on TV, not DVD). Here are a list of shows that I've found myself watching again recently, usually at 1 in the morning when I should be in bed.

1. Home Improvement. What a good show this was, and the type of show you don't see much of anymore, a sitcom shot on video in front of a live audience (most filmed-before-a-live-audience sitcoms today, like Gary Unmarried and Old Christine, have that film look). I think a lot of people dismiss this show because it was about a guy who was more into cars and tools than reading and emotion, but the show was a lot deeper than that.

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ABC vows to bring funny back

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jan 18th 2009 3:03PM
The network that brought you Family Matters, Cavemen and is still bringing you the parade of unfunny that is According to Jim wants to bring the sitcom back to its rightful throne on the airwaves.

ABC made a solemn vow to bring back more hit, half-hour sitcoms to the airwaves starting with the new TV season, according to Variety.

The network's heads made their announcement at last week's Television Critics Association gathering.

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What's On Tonight: Elf, Suze Orman, Crazy Christmas Lights

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 20th 2008 4:06PM
  • At 8, ABC has I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown.
  • CBS has the movie Elf at 8, then a new 48 Hours Mystery.
  • NBC has a new Crusoe at 8, followed by the WWE Tribute to the Troops.
  • ABC Family has the movie Christmas in Wonderland at 8.
  • TNT has the movie The Wizard of Oz at 8.
  • Also at 8: TLC has Crazy Christmas Lights, then More Crazy Christmas Lights.
  • At 9, FOX has a new America's Most Wanted.
  • CNBC has a new Suze Orman Show at 10.
  • Lifetime has the movie A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride.
  • There's a Christmas episode of iCarly on Nickelodeon at 9.
  • Sci-Fi has the movie Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon at 9.
  • Hallmark has the movie Our First Christmas at 9.
  • At 10, BBC America has a new Graham Norton Show.
  • At 11, Nickelodeon has two Christmas episodes of Home Improvement.
  • At 1am, Cartoon Network has a new Bleach.

Check your local TV listings for more.

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What's On Tonight: Survivor, College Football, Thanksgiving Episodes

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 27th 2008 4:05PM
  • Anderson CooperAt 8, CBS has a new Survivor.
  • ABC has A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving again at 8.
  • TBS has four Friends Thanksgiving episodes starting at 8.
  • Cartoon Network has a new Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends movie at 8.
  • Also at 8: ESPN has College Football, Texas A&M vs. Texas.
  • At 9, CNN has CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute.
  • HGTV has a new Rate My Space at 9.
  • Nickelodeon has two Thanksgiving episodes of Home Improvement at 9.
  • Spike has a new TNA Impact! at 9.
  • Hallmark has the movie An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving at 9.
  • At 10, HGTV has a new House Hunters.
  • MTV has a new Paris Hilton's My New BFF at 10.
  • Current TV has the special Thanksgiving Countdown: 25 Pods We're Thankful For at 10.
  • At 11, Lifetime has a two-part Will & Grace Thanksgiving episode, then a Frasier Thanksgiving episode.

Check your local TV listings for more.

After the jump, the late night talk show listings.

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TBS loves Engvall

by Allison Waldman, posted Sep 11th 2008 3:00PM
Bill Engvall ShowWhere are the family comedies these days? They're a rare commodity on the big three plus Fox, and even if you include the animated clans on The Family Guy and The Simpsons and American Dad, you can count the family-type comedy shows on one hand.

However, TBS has a throwback family comedy, one in The Cosby Show mode, and they're sticking with it. TBS's The Bill Engvall Show has just been given a third season renewal. The sitcom will be back in the summer 2009 with ten new episodes.

I've watched The Bill Engvall Show and enjoyed it. It's meant to evoke Cosby, but I also found a lot of Everybody Loves Raymond and Home Improvement in it as well, and that's a good thing. Engvall's a funny guy, and he's greatly aided in the show by sitcom vet Nancy Travis as his smart, attractive spouse.

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No Emmy nomination for Rebecca Romijn and here's why

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 27th 2008 9:44AM
Rebecca Romijn - UBThe Emmy nominations won't be announced until July 17, but we can tell you right now without a doubt that Ugly Betty's Rebecca Romijn will not be among the outstanding supporting actress in a comedy category at the Emmys. No, we're not psychic. It's just that her spokesman has confirmed that her name was never actually submitted. DOH! And why was that, you wonder. No good reason, said her rep, "It was an oversight."

According to L.A. Times' Tom O'Neil, this isn't really that far-fetched an occurrence. Tim Allen, at the height of his Home Improvement success, missed a chance for an Emmy nomination when somebody fumbled the ball. The next year, his paperwork was hand-delivered, accompanied by the University of Southern California marching band.

Romijn's omission -- on the surface -- looks like a mistake. Yes, it's true that her status on the show is going from series regular to recurring, but I don't believe she purposely kept her name out of the running to in some way act out in protest against the show. It makes no sense? How is she hurting Ugly Betty by not getting an Emmy nomination? No, this was a screw up, nothing more.

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 9th 2008 6:03PM

Hawaii Five-0Here are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

  • Army Wives - Season 1
  • Bleach - Season 1 (Uncut)
  • The Boondocks - Season 2
  • Broken Trail - Complete Miniseries
  • Comedy Central Home Grown
  • Da Vinci's Inquest - Season 3
  • The Dukes of Hazzard - Movie Collection
  • Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes - Season 1
  • The Fugitive - Season 2, Vol. 1
  • Hawaii Five-0 - Season 4
  • Home Improvement - Season 8
  • The Incredible Hulk - When Monsters Meet
  • Into Alaska - Collection 1
  • John Adams - Complete Miniseries
  • McLeod's Daughters - Season 6
  • My Boys - Season 1
  • The Odd Couple - Season 4
  • 7th Heaven - Season 6
  • Soap - Complete Series
  • TekWar - TekWar
  • What's Happening - Complete Series

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Even more spinoffs I would like to see

by Paul Goebel, posted May 25th 2008 9:00AM

Lennie JamesWhen one of our favorite TV shows goes off the air, it can be devastating. However, many times, the cancellation is the birth of a spinoff. Sometimes it can be a great thing (Frasier) and sometimes not so much (AfterM*A*S*H).

Here are some of this month's spinoff ideas that I would love to see.

Mr. Hawkins Goes to Texas
After the conspiracy of the Cheyenne government was revealed on Jericho, Robert Hawkins (Lennie James) thought the hard part was behind him. He had no idea what was in store. As America tries to form a new governing body, they are desperate for honest men to help lead the way. With help from Mimi Clark (Alicia Coppolla), his personal assistant, Hawkins fights government bureaucracy with the same zeal that he fought domestic terrorism.


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