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October 8, 2015

horse racing

Dustin Hoffman Taking on TV with 'Luck'

by Allison Waldman, posted Mar 2nd 2010 10:10AM
dustin_hoffman_headshot_meet_the_fockersIn 1965, Dustin Hoffman played Buddy in an episode of CBS's legal drama 'The Defenders.' It didn't cause much of a ripple. He was still an unknown, struggling actor when he landed the role of Benjamin in 'The Graduate,' a role bigger names had all turned down including Charles Grodin, Robert Redford and Warren Beatty. The point is that unlike many young actors, television did not launch the career of two-time Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman.

But Dustin is giving TV another shot. Dustin Hoffman will star in 'Luck,' David Milch's new series for HBO. Michael Mann has also signed up to direct the pilot, and Dennis Farina and John Ortiz have been cast as well. That's a boat-load of talent and a good indication that HBO is high on the project. Presumably, Hoffman, Milch, Mann and company don't come cheap. Milch's previous work for HBO includes 'Deadwood' and 'John in Cincinatti.'

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Dennis Farina to Star in HBO Drama Pilot from Mann and Milch

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 26th 2010 3:02PM
Dennis FarinaDennis Farina is one of those actors that's good in everything he does. Even if something he does isn't that great, he will always be good in it. He's just been cast in the new HBO show 'Luck' that David Milch is producing, and the more I hear about the show the more I like it.

For one, it's a horse racing drama. You don't get many shows on television set around that world, and while I don't bet on horses or go to races it's always great to see a new world depicted on television. Second, the show is being co-produced by 'Miami Vice' veteran Michael Mann. Farina has been working with Mann since 1981's 'Thief' (Farina is an ex-cop and became an actor on that movie), including the lead in the great 80s series 'Crime Story.'

Farina was also great in 'Buddy Faro.' Remember that show? Another cool series gone way too soon.

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Vitamin Water: "Horse Race"

by JJ Hawkins, posted Feb 3rd 2008 9:15PM
There's something ridiculously funny about seeing a 7'1" athlete attempting to perform an act typically performed my much shorter members of society and that's exactly what Shaquille O'Neal did in this amusing commercial.

Watching Shaq on the back of a thoroughbred was particularly hilarious because in reality you'd probably have to have a Clydesdale or maybe a Centaur to be able to hold up his 325 pound body (in mid-gallop no less).

It was also pretty entertaining watching Shaq place his gargantuan hand across the chest of the smaller jockey mimicking his moves in the low post when he's on the verge of throwing down a nasty dunk. Riveting stuff.

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Writer at NBC Sports fired for West Wing plagiarism

by Bob Sassone, posted May 11th 2006 5:28PM
That's an odd headline, eh?

A freelance writer at NBC Sports has been fired for lifting dialogue from the fourth season opener of The West Wing ("20 Hours In America") in a story about a horse trainer in the Kentucky Derby that had rescued three children from a fire. The episode had a storyline about a bombing at a college swim meet, and President Bartlet used the words "ran into the fire" in the same way that this writer in the piece used them.

But it doesn't end there. In the same episode, Bartlet said: "The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels, but every time we think we've measured our capacity to meet a challenge, we look up and we're reminded that that capactiy may be limitless." The Derby piece had this:

"... funny thing about life is that every time we think we've measured our capacity to meet its challenges, we're reminded that that capacity may well be limitless."

Wow, I'm not a horse racing fan, but if I had heard that, I would have immediately recognized it, since I've seen that episode 4 million times.

[via TV Tattle]

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