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October 6, 2015

howie mandell

Last night's Tonight Show felt like a series send-off

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jan 13th 2010 8:24AM
Even as a little kid, I remember watching the penultimate episode of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show as Robin Williams launched into an enthusiastic rant about the development of his newborn's genitals. In between battles for control of my ears from my Mom's protective hands, I remember Carson uttering as he tried to gain control of his lungs, "We're out of here tomorrow. What do I care?"

Last night's Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien carried the same air of "Who gives a f#*$&?", even if he'll still have an 11:30 show to do the following night.

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Howie Mandel is replacing David Hasselhoff on America's Got Talent - TCA Report

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 10th 2010 2:14PM
Howie MandelIn amongst the Jay Leno questions at the NBC executive session, Jeff Gaspin was also asked to confirm that David Hasselhoff was indeed leaving America's Got Talent. Gaspin confirmed this, and he also gave this bit of news: Howie Mandel will replace him as a judge. This news has been floating around for a day or so, so this is confirmation from the big cheese himself.

Mandel, of course, is best known nowadays for hosting Deal or No Deal. That show, according to Gaspin, will continue in syndication, but there are no plans to bring back the primetime version anytime soon.

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Howie Mandel improves The Tonight Show, er, The Jay Leno Show

by Danny Gallagher, posted Nov 11th 2009 5:29PM
If you're anything like me (first of all, God help you), then you've noticed that The Jay Leno Show is slowly starting to morph into the old Tonight Show.

Thankfully, Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandel finally put the last nail in The Jay Leno Show's coffin by giving the big faced host his own desk.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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