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October 8, 2015

hugh laruie

Hugh Laurie going off before he became House

by Danny Gallagher, posted Dec 7th 2009 7:45PM
A rather amusing video popped up on the Internet's neverending series of tubes earlier this week: one of Hugh Laurie's early acting gigs as a rather rude person.

Laurie plays the world's worst customer service clerk in this instructional video opposite Jennifer Saunders, star of Absolutely Fabulous and one-half of the comedy duo French & Saunders, called How to Lose Customers produced by John Cleese's Video Arts company. Laurie not only becomes the rudest clerk since the dark days of Service Merchandise, but Saunders becomes one of the few people to successfully put the overbearing House in his rightful place.

[via Fark]

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Ask TV Squad: Why aren't we reviewing Saturday Night Live?

by Joel Keller, posted Nov 3rd 2006 4:02PM
SNL LogoOne of our regular commenters, Jim, asked us a good question the other day, in response to Rich's post that answered other questions: "I want to know why you've stopped posting reviews of Saturday Night Live."

Others have asked us this question from time to time since the season started. And the short answer is that Jonathan couldn't do it anymore and no one else volunteered. But the long answer is: no one volunteered because they didn't want to write the same review every week.

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