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October 10, 2015


Can you do a good David Caruso impression?

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 12th 2010 2:00PM
A lot has been written about the rather............dramatic...........way David Caruso talks on CSI: Miami. Now CBS wants you to show them your best Horatio Caine impression! Just upload a video of yourself by February 22 and you could win $5000!

If you need a pointer or two, here's Jim Carrey's take.

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Guy in his kitchen does a better Olbermann than Ben Affleck - VIDEO

by Joel Keller, posted Nov 3rd 2008 1:03PM
Ben Affleck as Keith Olbermann on SNLIf you watched Saturday Night Live this past week (or caught up with the show online), you know that they finally decided to skewer Keith Olbermann and the self-important tone he uses... well, just about everywhere. One major problem: the impression, by guest host Ben Affleck, stunk on ice. In the far-too-long sketch, Affleck spent the entire time trying to get a hold on how Olbermann sounds, alternately making the Countdown host sound like a British lord of the manor and a man with clogged sinuses. It didn't help that the sketch was all over the place, mocking the entire Countdown show rather than one particular segment, Olbermann's oh-so-mockable Special Comments.

But one comedian, Michael Terry, completely nails the Olbermann impression in the video after the jump. In it, he doesn't attempt to ape the entire show; he just makes a Special Comment complaining about how he got cheated on his Subway sandwich. "Double meat, sir, as any Ritalin-addled eight-year old will tell you, means twice the amount of meat." It's hilarious, and it puts Affleck's impression to shame.

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Frank TV impresses 2.9 million

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 24th 2007 10:19AM

Following the strong ratings figures for Tyler Perry's House of Payne, which received that order for 10,000 episodes right off the bat, give or take 9,000, and the solid premiere of The Bill Engvall Show, TBS struck comedy gold again with Frank Caliendo's Frank TV. The late-night sketch/impression show scored an impressive 2.9 million viewers, according to Variety, with a not-surprising-at-all 64% of those in the coveted 18-49 demographic.

Caliendo, whose impressions include George W. Bush, the entire main cast of Seinfeld, Robin Williams and his signature John Madden, plays virtually every character on the show. His Bush is so dead-on, if the strike continues, he can just stand their and make Bush's classic expressions for thirty minutes. His half-smiles, smirks and squinchy eyebrows are enough to bring audiences to tears.

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