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September 4, 2015


This ad warns kids that playing with fireworks will make them the butt of jokes

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 29th 2009 2:24PM
So playing around with fireworks can be dangerous, and this Dutch ad shows that not only might you get severely injured, it might be in a way you never even imagined.

Having a face like that would cause so many problems I can't even begin to list them all.

[via Adfreak]

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Wipeout contestant dies

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 12th 2009 3:31PM
WipeoutI remember when Wipeout premiered on ABC there was a lot of talk about what sort of contract the contestants had to sign because there was a very good chance that someone could get seriously injured getting punched in the face or sliding off of giant balls and ramps. Turns out they have to sign a pretty extensive contract.

And now comes word that a contestant that was taping an appearance on the show has died.

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Tom DeLay to quit Dancing with the Stars tonight

by Michael Pascua, posted Oct 6th 2009 6:30PM
Tom DeLay and Cheryl Burke
People Magazine has gotten the news that Tom DeLay will officially be dropping out of Dancing with the Stars tonight. His double stress fractures were finally too much to bear. I have sneaking suspicion that Tom got enough votes to survive into next week and was strongly advised to quit.

Quitting is the classiest thing for Tom DeLay to do at the moment. He probably wouldn't survive another week and Cheryl would have to tip-toe around choreography next week. This also gives yet another a second chance for Debi Mazar and Michael Irvin to prove themselves.

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Here's the commercial where Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 26th 2009 5:22PM
Back in 1984, Michael Jackson was filming a TV commercial for Pepsi and got severely injured when his hair caught fire from a special effects explosion. I'm assuming that the finished commercial has a body double during that scene (or they used footage from another take), though Michael can be seen in other parts of the commercial with his brothers. Some people close to Jackson say that he started taking painkillers after this incident. (Here's footage of Jackson after it happened.)

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So You Think You Can Dance: Injured finalist replaced - TCA Report

by Joel Keller, posted Jul 14th 2008 1:17PM
SYTYCD logoInteresting news coming from the first FOX press conference of the day here in Beverly Hills: top 10 finalist Jessica King has had to bow out of So You Think You Can Dance due to an unspecified injury. Comfort Fedoke, who was recently eliminated, will replace her.

Creator Nigel Lythgoe told the gathered writers and critics that, for legal reasons, he can't specify what Jessica's injury was, how she got hurt, or when. He told reporters, though, that Jessica will discuss the injury on this week's show.

He also tried to imitate Comfort's Southern accent, repeating what she said when she heard she was returning, but he didn't quite make it. More on the SYTYCD press conference later today.

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Ellen's seriously injured, but the show goes on

by Anna Johns, posted May 1st 2007 8:02AM
ellen degeneresEllen DeGeneres is one hell of a trooper. Or she's crazy. You decide.

DeGeneres seriously injured her back over the weekend and is under doctor's orders not to get out of bed. So... she's going to conduct interviews from a hospital bed on her set. Her first guest is Ryan Seacrest and that bedridden interview will air today. She's also expected to explain what happened to her.

Not sure if it's because we're in sweeps, because Ellen loves her show, or because she's trying to outdo the recent Rosie O'Donnell/Elisabeth Hasselbeck news, but she's not letting anything sideline her. Take that, Regis!

*UPDATE: Ellen says she hurt her back while trying to pick up her dog. Isn't it crazy how something so simple can lead to major pain? People has photos of the bed-ridden host.

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Barbaro movie in the works for HBO

by Julia Ward, posted Mar 5th 2007 3:34PM
BarbaroThe New York Post is reporting that HBO has quietly begun production on a feature-length documentary about Barbaro, the horse that captured the public's imagination after winning the Kentucky Derby in 2006 and suffering a disastrous injury during the running of Preakness two weeks later. Barbaro was euthanized on January 29th of this year.

During the eight months that passed between Preakness and Barbaro's eventual death, he became the center of immense media and public attention. Somewhere along the way, Barbaro, like Seabiscuit before him, became more than a horse. He became a symbol - albeit a contested one. To the thousands who sent him "get well" letters and holy objects to speed his recovery, he was the picture of strength and perservance. To some on-lookers, his story was an intolerable mixture of media overkill and misplaced senimentality. To others, he represented the excesses of breeding animals for sport. Regardless of what you think of Barbaro and his fans, a film was inevitable. Expect to see HBO's Barbaro documentary in June, during Triple Crown season.

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Bob Woodruff faces the press for first time since attack

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 26th 2007 6:43PM
Bob WoodruffLast month, I wrote about a special that ABC's Bob Woodruff, who was injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq in January of 2006, was putting together. The special was to discuss his recovery and interview eyewitnesses to the attack, and the military medical personnel who helped get him to safety. That special airs tomorrow night at 10 PM on his home network.

In advance of that special, Woodruff spoke to reporters about the bombing and his recovery. He described what he saw and felt right before the explosion, and what he said to cameraman Doug Vogt -- who was also severely injured -- right afterwards. He talked about being in a coma for 36 days, and having to put his memory back together as he recovered. "I couldn't remember my two young daughters - not their names but their existence," he told the reporters. He did say he may not ever be 100% recovered from his injuries, but "maybe if I get somewhere in the 90s, that would be pretty damned good."

Woodruff will be interviewed by Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America tomorrow morning, and Oprah Winfrey will also interview him on her show tomorrow.

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Woman files lawsuit against Dog the bounty hunter

by Adam Finley, posted Feb 4th 2007 12:01PM

dog the bounty hunterWhile awaiting an extradition ruling by a Mexican judge in connection with his arrest of Andrew Luster in 2003, Duane "Dog" Chapman (a.k.a. Dog the bounty hunter) has had another lawsuit filed against him, this time by a woman who claims she was injured by Dog and his crew while they were apprehending her boyfriend.

Audrey Emery says she was thrown down a flight of stairs and suffered a broken back after Dog and his team broke into her apartment to capture suspect Stuart Calistro. Chapman and his wife Beth have released a statement saying they always work within the boundaries of the law and that as Dog has become more famous they've been slapped with more and more "frivolous lawsuits."

As much as I'd like to play "armchair lawyer" here, I really don't know what to think of this. I obviously wasn't there when all of this went down, but it seems that in Dog's line of work in which you're working with the law rather than for the law, there's always going to be the question as to whether or not you've crossed the line and did more than you should have.

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Pumpkin catapult injures child from Little People, Big World

by Anna Johns, posted Oct 30th 2006 11:02AM
roloff familyEightNine-year old Jacob Roloff is in serious condition at a Portland, Ore. hospital following an accident with a pumpkin catapult on the family farm. Jacob is the youngest of the Roloff family, which owns a farm in Hillsboro, Oregon and also stars in the TLC show, Little People, Big World. Jacob's father, Matt Roloff, says Jacob and a farm employee were using the catapult when it triggered at the wrong time. Both were rushed to a local hospital.

**Update: Matt Roloff details the accident here. It sounds like everybody's going to be okay.

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Hatcher cuts eye on set of Desperate Housewives

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 26th 2006 6:36PM
teri hatcherWell, she didn't cut it on purpose, although that would have made a more interesting story. I'm always interested in people who jab their eyes with shards of glass on purpose, but in this instance it was simply a matter of a light bulb exploding on the set of Desperate Housewives and glass getting into Teri Hatcher's eye and scratching her cornea. This could have been serious, of course, but she's apparently in good condition after visiting an eye doctor, save for the eye patch she has to wear. Not many people know this, but exploding light bulbs actually kill twenty million people every year. It is second only to being hit in the head by a potato while riding a bicycle. Really, check any medical journal.

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Injured ABC journalists return to USA -- UPDATE

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 1st 2006 8:56AM
World News Tonight anchorman Bob Woodruff and cameraman Doug Vogt arrived in the United States last night and are being treated at National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. ABC says it considered moving the men to a private hospital but decided against it since the military doctors have experience treating victims of bombings. The picture at the right is of soldiers loading Woodruff on transport that would take him to a C-17 military plane in Germany. You can see from all the medical instruments, his injuries are very serious. Woodruff's family reports that he was hit in the face and brain with shrapnel when the Iraqi military vehicle he and Vogt were riding in hit a roadside bomb just outside Baghdad, Iraq over the weekend. Vogt, on the other hand, is reportedly in much better condition. He was laughing and making jokes while at the hospital in Germany, whereas Woodruff could barely open his eyes.

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The Office: The Injury

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Jan 13th 2006 3:34PM

As we well know by now, Michael Scott can be as obnoxious as the next guy (or woman) sitting in the cubicle across from you. However, as a regional manager for Dunder Mifflin, his obnoxiousness is amplified many times over. This week we see that Michael is not exactly the toughest guy when it comes to dealing with pain, although burning his foot on a George Foreman Grill while waiting for his six strips of bacon to cook is kind of a stupid way to hurt yourself.

Michael calls the office and begs for someone to pick him up and take him to work, but no one is exactly jumping at the chance. Finally, Dwight (who else) volunteers to get him, but while leaving the office parking lot, he bangs into a pole and it appears he has hurt himself as well, but he soliders on.

We then see Michael enter the office on crutches with a makeshift bubble wrap around his burned foot. Although he is doing his best to garner sympathy from the staff, he is not very successful. We also notice that Dwight is acting a bit strange, which is a stretch because we all know he is a bit off-kilter to begin with. In fact, Dwight is being personable, and downright nice. Pam is pleasantly surprised, but Jim is not sure to what make of this development.


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