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October 7, 2015


New webisodes based on Ghost Whisperer hit CBS site today - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 30th 2007 6:19PM

ghost whispererGhost Whisper, or as I call it, Can I Sit Through a Show I Hate For No Other Reason Than to Ogle Jennifer Love Hewitt?, now has a spin-off of sorts, an online-only series launching today on CBS' innertube broadband site. The new web series, Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side, focuses on Zach, an earthbound spirit who tries to come to terms with his death with the help of other spirits. Zach will be played by Mark Hapka, and the series will also feature Robin Hines, rapper DNA and Graham McTavish as the ghosts who try to help Zach communicate with the world of the living.

Zach will also appear in the second season finale of Ghost Whisperer. The first webisode is available to watch now, and a new episode will debut every Friday.

Check out a trailer for the new online series after the jump.

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Remaining episodes of 3 lbs on Innertube

by Anna Johns, posted Dec 14th 2006 3:34PM
stanley tucci; 3 lbsFor the very few of you who watched 3 lbs, CBS's short-lived rip-off of House, the remaining three episodes are now available on the network's online video channel, Innertube. 3 lbs was pulled from the air after only three episodes. Starring Stanley Tucci and that guy from Good Morning, Miami, CBS had hoped that the medical drama would pull in the House crowd from Fox. After all, viewers were switching from Grey's Anatomy to ER. But the gamble didn't work. The remaining X episodes are now on Innertube.

As a sidenote, the remaining episodes of Smith are no longer on Innertube. The heist drama, starring Ray Liotta, preceded 3 lbs in the Tuesday night at 10 pm slot. Three episodes of Smith made air before the network yanked it.

[Thanks, Mike!]

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How Smith would have ended

by Anna Johns, posted Nov 28th 2006 11:01AM
ray liotta; smithAll unaired episodes of Smith are now up on CBS' broadband channel, Innertube. The heist drama was canceled in early October, after only three episodes made air. The remaining four episodes are available on Innertube, but there is also a synopsis of how the story arc would have played out and what would have become of the characters had the show remained on the air. After episode 13, it would've been a hell of a cliffhanger.

I've read the synopses and I'll spoil it for you... after the jump:

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Michael Cera coming to CBS

by Brett Love, posted Nov 27th 2006 11:01AM
Michael CeraApparently CBS isn't just screwing around with that Innertube thing on their website. The network has signed Michael Cera (Arrested Development) to do a scripted short-form series. The Good Life will be a mockumentary about two aspiring television producers who are convinced that their show is the next big thing. Unfortunately for them, it's not. Cera will be joined by Clark Duke, who you may remember from CSI, but I doubt it. He played Frat Boy #1 two years ago, if that helps. The pair will also both be in Judd Apatow's next film, Super Bad, next year.

This is a big step for the networks and new media. It's one thing to have a web only reality show, added bonus clips, or to burn off episodes of your failed series online. But it is an entirely different thing to hire known actors to create a series specifically for online distribution. Now let's see NBC answer by finally producing some more Nobody's Watching episodes.

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Final Smith episodes available on Innertube

by Anna Johns, posted Nov 9th 2006 3:37PM
ray liotta; smithThere are seven episodes of Smith up on CBS' broadband channel, Innertube. The series was canceled after only three episodes made air. Presumably, seven episodes are all that were ever made of Smith, an action-drama about a band of robbers, starring Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen. TV Guide said the series was canceled because of meager ratings and an abhorrent price tag of $3 million per episode. I'm not sure whether Smith actually wraps up in the seventh episode- I have the feeling that it'll leave you fans hanging.

I haven't watched all the episodes and don't plan to since I wasn't a fan, but feel free to let us know in comments if it got any better!

[Thanks for the tip, Matt!]

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Meet the Papdits

by Julia Ward, posted Nov 8th 2006 12:01PM
The PapditsNo doubt capitalizing on Borat fever, CBS' broadband channel Innertube is broadcasting the full-length pilot episode of The Papdits created by Da Ali G Show writer and producer Ant Hines. The show's Borat-type premise follows the misadventures of a family from Kashmir as they interact with Americans while looking for the perfect place to settle and make their fortune. Their journey begins in Arkansas.

The show, again like Borat, is a comedy/reality hybrid. You've got mockumentary, talking head shots like The Office, but also scenes in which the actors are improvising off of unwitting American dupes. The Papdits perpetuate that uncomfortable, cringe-inducing humor we've all come to know and love.

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Internet series finds air time on CBS

by Anna Johns, posted Oct 24th 2006 1:25PM
cbs logoAn original series created for CBS' internet broadband channel will get to air on the network. The series, Inturn, will air in a special compilation episode on November 24th featuring highlights from the entire reality. Inturn was about eight struggling actors who competed for a role on the soap opera, As the World Turns. All 24 episodes of Inturn have already been broadcast on Innertube, CBS' broadband channel.

Did anybody watch this series?

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CBS stars get animated

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 6th 2006 2:01PM

animate thisCBS' Innertube broadband site has an occasionally interesting series called Animate This! in which stars from different series tell stories about being in the industry which are then animated for comic effect. Some of the stories, such as Jennifer Love Hewitt's recollection of singing as a young child at a Texas fair, aren't that interesting, while others, such as Jeff Probst story of scuba diving while taping Survivor and ending up away from the boat with producer Mark Burnett and circled by a shark like the movie Open Water, are somewhat more gripping. The series is animated by Renegade Animation, the same studio that does Hi HI Puffy Ami Yumi on Cartoon Network.

[via Cold, Hard Flash]

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CBS to stream prime-time shows on Innertube

by Joel Keller, posted Aug 16th 2006 11:29AM
innertube logoWhen CBS announced the creation of their online video site innertube, the network mentioned that they'd eventually start streaming their prime-time content, but they didn't say which shows would go online, besides the new drama Jericho. Yesterday, CBS revealed the returning shows that will be streamed for free: Survivor, NCIS, Numb3rs, and all three CSIs will stream, with a few breaks for fifteen-second spots. Every show will begin streaming the day after the show airs and stay online for four weeks, except for Jericho and Survivor, which will remain up until the end of the season.

So this means that two of the four major networks are now streaming prime-time shows for free; ABC announced their expanded roster of shows earlier this month. NBC? Fox? You going to join us in the 21st century?

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CBS preparing to launch online dating show

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 8th 2006 9:05AM
cbsAs of right now a launch date is unknown, but CBS will be producing a reality dating series for innertube, its broadband site that launched in May. The new original series will be called Hook Me Up and will follow four people as they're wooed by five other people over a series of dates. People watching the show can vote on who gets to stay and who gets kicked off the show. So really, I guess "original" isn't the best word to describe it since it sounds like about fifty other shows out there. Oh yeah, and "secrets" will be revealed on each show. Unless one of the "secrets" is that the show is a joke and they're actually going to try a concept that isn't tired and overdone, I doubt I'll be tuning in.

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CBS launches online channel Innertube

by Joel Keller, posted May 4th 2006 3:41PM
CBS InnertubeToday, CBS launched their online content delivery site, creatively called innertube (yes, the "i" is small). According to this press release, innertube will contain not only free ad-supported replays of CBS network shows, it will also contain original content, which by the looks of the lineup, looks mostly reality-based right now. The three shows that are up for viewing today are: Beyond Survivor, a behind-the-scenes look at the venerable reality series; Survivor Live, a call-in show that was already streaming on CBS.com; and Geek to Chic, which is a medical procedural show.

(Just kidding. It's a college-based makeover show.)

At some point, CBS will also stream programming culled from their back catalog of shows, which is good news for the two or three people who miss Major Dad.

[via The Futon Critic]

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