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August 28, 2015

intellectual property

Fox issues cease-and-desist order to Swiss Family Guy Robinson

by Julia Ward, posted Feb 5th 2007 5:32PM
Froud Swiss Family Guy RobinsonBack in July, Richard gave you the scoop on comedian Brian Froud's theater show Swiss Family Guy Robinson. Froud's one-man act is essentially a staged mash-up of Johann Rudolf Wyss' 1812 novel and Seth MacFarlane's animated series. Froud's show was a hit at Toronto's Fringe Festival, but his chances of ever staging the show again are slim to none. Fox has slapped Froud with a cease-and-desist order for unauthorized use of Family Guy characters.

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Bones the show vs. Bones the band

by Julia Ward, posted Nov 11th 2006 11:44AM
David BoreanazBaton Rouge-based indie rock band Bones was in for a scary surprise when they went to check their MySpace page only to find the face of David Boreanaz, star of the televised series Bones, staring back at them. All 2,000 of the band Bones' friends, blog postings and MP3s had disappeared into the ether care of the Fox network.

Fox, which is owned by the same parent company that owns MySpace, struck a deal which allowed them to take over any page in the MySpace system that they felt was capitalizing on their intellectual property. You know, like, the word "bones." Once news of the URL takeover went public, everyone's friend Tom gave the band back its MySpace page saying, "I heard about what happened with your URL. I gave it back to ya...Sorry about that! As we grow in size, sometimes people make decisions I don't know about. This was obviously the wrong decision. The Bones URL is yours once again."

If you're band is named House or Prison Break, I'd check your MySpace page real quick.

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