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October 8, 2015


Spoilers Anonymous

by Keith McDuffee, posted Mar 8th 2006 3:26PM
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Hello. My name is Keith and I'm a spoiler junkie. This is Spoilers Anonymous, a weekly column here at TV Squad where we'll supply you with the dirt on some of the more popular shows on the air. We'll never put spoilers up here on the main page in order to help the reformed stay unspoiled. If you have anything to add to the group, feel free to step up and let yourself be heard, either with our tips form or by emailing us at tvsquad at gmail.com - your anonymity is guaranteed, if you wish to remain as such. (Thanks to Izzy at SpoilerFix.com for helping with this week's entry!)

This week: Lost, Battlestar Galactica, The Sopranos, Grey's Anatomy, Alias, Desperate Housewives, Gilmore Girls, Invasion, Smallville, How I Met Your Mother, Charmed, CSI, Scrubs, and The O.C. Now let's get down to business ... (SPOILERS BELOW)

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Invasion: The Nest

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Feb 16th 2006 9:06PM

InvasionIt's still doing it! Gets better every week! Remember how the last episode ended, with Kira taking an evening stroll into the swamp water? Well she chickened out. Never went for that swim, but this episode opened with her continued desire to find out what happens when you go in the water. Oooh, oooh, pick me! I want to be an alien!

Tom is still giving Kira a hard time and she even asks the one-armed man (ehh... I mean Louis) to check out the water with her but he declines. After all, Tom did say stay away from my daughter or I'll make you cut your other arm off. Well not really... but I assume that's what he'd do. Kira goes swimming anyway. But she didn't see "the lights." Instead she bumped into Derek and Christina - fresh from their escape of Tom's "confused alien youth boot camp."

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What's on tonight: Idol, Bones, Lost, Project Runway

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 15th 2006 3:10PM
  • Sports IllustratedOn FOX at 8pm, Simon, Randy, and Paula narrow the American Idol gang to 24. It's followed by a new Bones.
  • ABC has new eps of George Lopez, Freddie, Lost, and Invasion.
  • CBS has a new Still Standing at 8, followed by a new Yes, Dear, and then repeats of Criminal Minds and CSI: NY.
  • NBC has The Olympics, of course. 
  • UPN has a new South Beach and a repeat Veronica Mars, while the WB has a new One Tree Hill and then a repeat Beauty and the Geek
  • Also at 8: ABC Family has Gwyneth Paltrow in View From The Top and HBO has Resident Evil: Apocalypse.
  • At 9, Lifetime has Heather Graham in the movie Cake.
  • ESPN has basketball at 9: the Washington Wizards vs. the Dallas Mavericks.
  • Also at 9: HGTV has a new ep of Buy Me.   
  • At 10, Bravo has a new Project Runway.
  • Spike has the 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue special at 10.
  • At 10:30, Comedy Central has a new ep of Drawn Together.
  • At 11 and 11:30, you can catch Surface star Jay R. Ferguson on old episodes of Evening Shade. It's on CMT.
  • At 12:30am, Cartoon Network has a new Samuari Champloo.

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Invasion: All God's Creatures

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Feb 9th 2006 10:43AM

Larkin and Russel: InvasionNow this was a jam-packed episode... way too much happened and guaranteed I'm going to forget something important, so bear with me as I try to recall every detail. As I've said before, this show started out slow but damn is it good or what? With some of the fluff episodes that Lost has been pushing out lately (Charlie's crappy episode anyone?), it's making Invasion even more enjoyable because it makes up for the previous hour of disappointment.

This episode can be compared to buying deli meat, specifically one of those vacuum-sealed things that has bologna, salami, and smoked honey ham all in the same package. What I'm trying to say is that it had everything. Who shot Tom? What keeps watching Larkin take a shower from the bathroom window? Who the heck is this Zura guy that Healy kept telling Russel about in the last episode? Where the heck did Louis go? All answered my friends.

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What's on tonight: new Lost, Bones, Veronica Mars, Idol, Alias marathon

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 8th 2006 3:30PM
  • Drawn TogetherCBS has The Grammy Awards at 8.
  • The Hollywood portion of American Idol begins on FOX at 8, followed by a new Bones at 9.
  • ABC has new eps of George Lopez, Freddie, Lost, and Invasion.
  • NBC has a two hour edition of Biggest Loser, followed by a new Law and Order.
  • The WB has a new One Tree Hill at 8, followed by a repeat Beauty and the Geek
  • New eps of South Beach and Veronica Mars on UPN, starting at 8. 
  • ABC Family has Cruel Intentions (what's so family about that?), while AMC has the Bond flick Licence To Kill.
  • The History Channel has a new Modern Marvels, also at 8.
  • Emeril has a new ep at 8, "Latin Chic."
  • PBS has a new ep of African-American Lives. Check local listings. 
  • At 9, Oxygen has When Harry Met Sally...
  • At 10, Sundance has I'm Losing You, with Rosanna Arquette, Buck Henry, and Amanda Donohoe.
  • Also at 10: HBO has a new Inside The NFL (hey, isn't the season over?)
  • Comedy Central has a new ep of Drawn Together at 10:30.
  • At 11, G4 has a new X-Play, naming the worst video games of 2005.
  • At midnight, TNT has an Alias marathon, starting with the very first episode.

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Invasion: Redemption

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jan 26th 2006 11:10AM

Sheriff Tom UnderlayI really liked this episode. Thus far, this show has lacked a solid flashback episode to shed some light on the backstory of our main characters and that's exactly what we got last night. Up until now, we've had an idea of what went one between Russel, Mariel, and Tom nine years ago after Tom's plane crash - but now we got to see it play out.

Tom and Mariel have been arguing like crazy. Mariel is beyond pissed off because Tom banished Jesse and Rose to Russel's house. But all is forgiven when someone sneaks into their house and puts three bullets in Tom's stomach. Cue flashback.

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Emily is gone, but Jake will return

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 23rd 2006 9:16AM
ABC put a lot of effort into promoting Emily's Reasons Why Not, to turn around and cancel it after one airing (yes, it is officially canceled). Network execs say they pushed the Heather Graham series big time without even seeing a script, and when the final product did air, it wasn't what they wanted at all.

ABC pulled John Stamos' Jake in Progress from its schedule at the same time it pulled Emily, leaving fans to wonder whether that show was over as well. Rest assured, Jake fans, according to the LA Times, it will return to television. The president of ABC prime time entertainment says he really likes Jake in Progress and the show will eventually return.

And, despite poor ratings for Commander in Chief and Invasion, ABC says it still believes in those series.

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Invasion: Power

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jan 19th 2006 12:29PM

InvasionIt seems that most people who don't like this show seem to think that it's awfully slow to reveal what's actually going on. I have to say that I do agree with that. It has been slow in letting us in on the full story, but it's been methodical at least. Plus, you have to admit, whenever they do let something out of the bag, it's usually mind-boggling. Last night was no different. Fairly slow episode, but the last few minutes made it so worth it and gave you plenty to keep up a buzz about it until next Wednesday night.

We left off last week after Tom kidnapped the children. We find out that he took them to some cabin out in the woods for a night of BBQ, relaxation, and karaoke. Kira doesn't seem to think it's odd because Tom barely speaks to her, but Jesse is convinced that Tom had another reason for taking them out to this place. Obviously he was right because at one point during the night, Jesse glances down the hallway and sees Tom walk by dragging a huge black bag - large enough to hold a body.

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Invasion: Us or Them

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jan 13th 2006 9:35PM

Sheriff Tom UnderlayDespite lots of the mediocre reviews this show has received from disgruntled "fans", I still like it. In fact, it gets better with every episode. Each installment has added just a bit more than the last one and the episode from a few nights ago was huge. The "you know what" has hit the fan and it seems Sheriff Tom has finally started to enact whatever plan he has in the works. It seems like he's reaching the point where he either knows precisely what's happened to him and he's embracing it or whatever is inside him is so powerful that he truly has no control. Either way, I'm terrified of his condescendingly "nice" attitude and humungous forehead. I mean, look at that thing.


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Best and Worst of 2005: Toomey's List

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jan 7th 2006 9:35AM

Rescue MeThe Good Stuff

5. Lost: I really don't think this needs an explanation. Fantastic ensemble, great writing, interesting backstory... okay, so I gave an explanation.

4. Rescue Me: I would have never pegged Denis Leary as someone who could piece together a hit drama, but he's done it and season two was outstanding.

3. Entourage: This show gave me more one-liners to endlessly repeat from its second season than some shows give you in their entire run.

2. Nip/Tuck: If you don't watch this show then you're missing out. Seriously.

1. 24: I can't get enough of this show. I fall asleep with the DVDs on. Season 5, just a few more weeks. Deep breaths.


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Best and Worst of 2005: Annie's List

by Annie Wu, posted Jan 6th 2006 1:08PM
Stephen ColbertThe Best:
1. My Name is Earl: I didn't think this was going to be any good when I first saw the commercials because it looked like another stupid sitcom about -- whoo-hoo -- rednecks. Jason Lee's a cool cat, though, so I tuned in for one episode... Boy, am I glad I saw it! Although Lee doesn't disappoint, Jaime Pressly's performance is absolutely hysterical and often steals the show. Definitely one of my favorite programs of the year.

2. The Daily Show: I've loved it. Sill love it.

3. The Colbert Report: I was a little worried about this show in the beginning, but quickly grew to love it. Stephen Colbert's got a good thing going on right now and I'm definitely looking forward to more.

4. Lost: I love it when a show/film has a strong ensemble cast. That plus deep, conflicted backstory and tremendous writing is must-see TV for me.

5. Project Runway: Okay, they're only a few episodes in, but Project Runway never fails to deliver. Classiest reality show, hands-down.

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Invasion: Origin of Species

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Dec 1st 2005 11:31PM

InvasionIt's been a few episodes since anyone here has looked at this generally mediocre show. I've watched every episode so far because I'm a glutton for anything on the TV that moves and speaks, but I figured I'd give it a crack this week. That being said, this was probably the best episode of the season and if from here on out the episodes maintain this momentum, then Invasion is going to move up my list rather quickly.

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Watercooler Talk: Anyone still watching Invasion?

by Deidre Woollard, posted Nov 19th 2005 2:33PM
invasionI noticed we've been a little lax on our Invasion coverage lately. I am not going to recap; instead, I'd like to ask what you think is happening. The basic premise is that this show is like Invasion of the Body Snatchers right? Or at least that was my original thought but lately it seems to be a bit different. This week's episode, with Mariel's discovery of her own rotting corpse in the water was particularly interesting. If she's an alien, why is she so conflicted and confused? And if her husband, the deliciously creepy sheriff, was aware of this why did he seem so shaken? Originally it seemed like he was a malevolent mastermind but now he seems more and more clueless as to what is happening in the town. Is he even an alien or just some kind of alien helper? I like that this show, like Lost, has a lot of unanswered questions but I wonder if there's a bit of intentional muddying of the waters going on. Certainly the fake blog set up by "Dave" is no help. The Invasion Forum reposted an interview from the Boston Globe with Shaun Cassidy (yes, that Shaun Cassidy) the show producer and while he didn't reveal anything too important I thought this quote was key: "Their blended family is kind of a metaphor for the bigger invasion of a species. [Pause.] If it is another species. " Are you still watching and if so, what do you think, is it aliens?

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Invasion: The Hunt

by Tom Biro, posted Oct 28th 2005 9:49AM
underlayThis week, Russell decides it's a good idea, for some reason, to go out and hunt his "fish." In deference to his wife Larkin, he brings along Dave and Jesse, and it's probably in his best interests in the long run, considering that just about anyone that's come across the "fish" while alone has had a not-so-great experience. Of course, after the recent foray onto a military base by Larkin, she's now alone with Rose in an already-damaged house, with some people keeping an eye on her every move.

But before all that, Kira and Jesse are seen walking down the street carrying a huge cooler full of ice back to the Underlay residence. When Kira's man Derek comes flying up the road in his pickup, she strangely decides to get in his ride, inexplicably leaving Jesse to lug this wickedly full cooler home on his own. I'm guessing it gets there somehow. It's at this juncture that we see one of the more interesting conflicts that has happened this season - one between two of the "invaded" - Tom Underlay and Derek Culie.

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Invasion: Unnatural Selection

by Tom Biro, posted Oct 21st 2005 9:21AM
marielAs if this show wasn't strange enough as far as what the regular characters are doing, we open this week's episode with Rose sitting down by the water (who can keep track as to whether it's a pond, lake, river, or big puddle at this point) building a fort, only to have one of the "lights" swim up on her, and you get to see it from its perspective, which was kind of curious. Rose doesn't seem to get an actual look at the creature, but she obviously saw that it was there. Once she's grabbed by Russell and told she isn't supposed to be playing there any more, Larkin is alerted to the fact that the lights in the water have now been a part of incidents featuring three family members - Rose, Dave, and Jesse. That doesn't go over well, and she storms off, leaving to visit her ex-boyfriend who just so happens to work on a local military installation. And so it goes.

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